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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Wi-Fi 64GB $519.20, 128GB $599.20 Delivered @ Samsung Education Store and EPP Store


Recently released Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e discounted 20% off from RRP in the Samsung Education Store
64GB RRP $649.00, Now $519.20
128GB RRP $749.00, Now $599.20

4G Variant:
64GB RRP $849.00, Now $679.20
128GB RRP $949.00, Now $759.20

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  • ahhh dammit, looking to get a tablet for mothers day but my budget is $450 max :(

    • You could get her an iPad 9.7 with ShopBack Cashback for just over $460.

    • Xiaomi

    • I bought the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) for $347 at Officeworks for couch surfing and kids.

      It works pretty good in that the screen looks nice and the sound through speakers is good. Software is pretty barebones (that's good) and it's snappy to run. Has expandable storage.

      Don't buy an ipad at the moment.. check out MacRumours buying guide. They are past a refresh date.

      At the end of the day, most Android tablets are a let down because it's a phone os.

      • Could you link an article about macrumors? I only find comparison between ipad

        • The macrumours buying guide compares Apple products only but demonstrates which models are likely to be superseded in the short term.

  • heard wifi issues on these.

  • Interested but just googled to get more info on tablet and most links relate to serious wifi problem with this unit.

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      Apparently it can be fixed with not holding your hand over the corner where the wifi antenna is. Not a perfect solution, but at least if you know about it, it becomes a problem you can live with.

      And hey, if this minor flaw will cause these units to be heavily discounted, this thing could be a steal!

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        So.. you're holding it wrong?

        • I'm sure that is what Samsung will say!

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    • S4 has higher end processor (835) and works with an s-pen where this one won't

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        interesting, how can a previous generation have a faster chip than the newest generation?

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          Because this is the S5e. It is the mid-spec Samsung tablet. Supposedly a proper S5 might come out later in the year.

          So glad I bought the S4 256gb variant when they were on sale two months ago and people were laughing and telling me to wait for the S5e!

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          Tab S4 comes with Snapdragon 835 (same as in Galaxy S8)
          Tab S5e has a Snapdragon 670 (which are mostly used in mid range smart phones normally between AU$300 - $700)

          Snapdragon 835 is about 30% faster (approx.) than Snapdragon 670 in both CPU and GPU.

          IMO a Snapdragon 670 tablet is totally fine, especially for users who only do reading or watch videos, but it's not worth $520.

    • Because the S5e is a joke product.

  • I've watched most independent reviews for Tab S5e on youtube, and I think this tablet is not recommended for most people.
    Beside the Wifi problem, the small RAM and limited CPU power make it tough even for tasks now, let alone in 1-2 years time.

    • CPU is fine. A lot of budget to mid tier phones use the same CPU no problem.

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    I bought one of these from good guys 4 days ago….spewing :(

    • how much did u pay??

      • $580, during the %10 off ebay deal!

        • har har! 😂😄

          I remember buying the Samsung Tab S1 for $325 when it first came out using the good guys 20% off promo

          • @Homr: I must say, it is an awesome tablet, upgraded from tab 2 and couldnt be happier…other than the price haha

  • Ok that is not too bad, I was thinking they would launch this at 700! Really wish they had included S-Pen support. Would have been the perfect tablet for me!

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      Whats a good tablet for a mum and dad who is currently using a galaxy tab s1?

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        It's definitely this, if you can grab the education discount and grab this for 519, I don't think anything will come close in the price range. At least not anything local. If you don't mind buying from Ali Express etc, the best tablet out there is the Mi Pad 4 Plus. Insane battery life with decent performance and great build quality for 500 ish. I have the Mi Pad 4 non plus and love it, really close to grabbing a Mi Pad 4 Plus to replace my current 10 inch table (that i use for Uni) because of bad battery life on my Alldocube X.

        The 5e is insanely light and thin, has to feel amazing in hand and will probably not strain your parents with long sessions of use, however the wifi issue that has been discussed above and is currently being debated on tech sites does seem like a genuine concern. Not to sure where I stand with that.

        519 is actually great value here, I might just get one.

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          The light and thin does sound good selling point to me since my mum as carpal tunnel. However I do like the price of the mi pad 4 at around $320ish, might do more research on that. Thanks alot for your comments.

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            @Homr: Yeah the regular Mi Pad 4 is excellent value at 250 - 300, however do make sure you have a look at the Plus version if your parents want a 10 inch screen as the regular Mi Pad 4 has an 8 inch screen. Both are great tablets!

            • @Zylam Marex: The price shoots up to $480 for the mi plus :(

              • @Homr: Yeah they are more expensive, I think it's because they only come in LTE variants.

              • @Homr: Hey buddy, there is also a Tab A 10.1! It's around 280 on the education store! Perhaps have a look at that for your parents!

  • Don't have en address anymore but really want to buy one of these. Any way to get these easily? Thanks!

    • Shame, seems like my daughters email account doesn't work…Hmm.

  • Looks like 128gb models are out of stock. Do Samsung usually refresh stock offerings for these discount offers?

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