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Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds for $275.88 Delivered @ avgreatbuys eBay


This isn't exactly the best price historically, but still a pretty decent deal if you don't want to wait till year end to grab a pair of these.

Reviews of the buds are generally more positive, though it really differs from person to person.

Also plenty of reviews on the OZBargain site from expired posts:

Original PMUM20 20% off Selected Seller on eBay Deal Post

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    More white noise.


    Thanks! I’ve been waiting for these to go back on sale after my last pair were destroyed when my partner (who was trying them) slept through the fire alarm.

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        Probably destroyed in the fire that caused the fire alarm.


          Seems like a fairly good reason not to use these.

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            @dust: I wonder if the partner survived.


            @dust: I’d say there’s something wrong with your fire alarm or it’s placement if you are sleeping through it with these. They’ll reduce ambient noise but they won’t block alarms such as fire, that should be just outside the room, if not in the room itself.


      slept through the fire alarm.


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      Details please… Possibly even a ms paint diagram?


      Cool story bro,
      did you get the idea from the jokes about not hearing smoke detectors every time these are posted?
      They do not block ambient noise, they are not noise cancelling they simply add white noise into the ear.


    From the description:

    Store Policy

    We are not able to accept returns for compatibility or change of mind.

    That's concerning to me, putting me off trying it.


    hmm I wanted noise making headphones. I guess I will pass

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    I'm tempted to give them a go but I can't even keep small, soft earplugs in during sleeping. I wake up in the morning and they're usually on the other side of the bedroom. I'm thinking that these sleepbuds may be also as irritating?


      I wake up in the morning and they're usually on the other side of the bedroom.

      You may have bigger problems than just needing to block out noise!!! :)

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        Haha, I think that anything in my ear just irritates me and I pull them out while sleeping. I have considered these but I’m fairly confident that it will be the same affair.


    2 corks cost less