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Samsung Galaxy S10 Dual Sim G973FD 128GB White/Black $914.4 Delivered (Grey Import) @ mymobile_store eBay


Decent price for those without access to Samsung Enhanced Partnerships.

Looks to be a grey import with 1 yr warranty.

white ($917.1): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-S10-Dual-Sim-G973...

Original PSYCHED 10% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

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  • This or P30?

    • Definitely this - P30 is too cut down from the P30 Pro while the S10 is more or less identical to the S10+ save for slightly smaller screen and 3400mah instead of 4100mah battery.

      P30 loses over P30 Pro the cameras, curved screen, wireless charging and fast charging.

      • P30 Pro is more comparable to the S10. S10e and the non-Pro P30 are the cheapo versions.
        Out of S10 and P30 Pro, the P30 Pro has significantly better low-light camera functionality, and a much better optical zoom.
        I'd probably choose the S10 for the UI and familiarity.

    • Samsung Dex is better than Huawai desktop mode.

  • What is everything thinking - will the price come down even more as we get further away from the release date?

    • +1

      I'm still waiting until I can either get a second-hand S10+ for ~$900 or a new S10 snapdragon version (G9730) for ~$900. If only eBay did 10% off sitewide again, I would buy this from T-Dimension: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/293016509856?ssPageName=STRK:MESI...

      • Any idea the reputation of this store?

        • Of T-Dimension? I've bought a few phones from them in the past and they have been excellent, including fast shipping. I've bought from mymobile this time, though.

          • @xyron: Thanks for the info! Which model you got?

  • +1

    Can we get a clarification on warranty? My take is if you purchase from the AUS ebay seller there is no warranty at all other than DOA. However if the seller is the HK ebay there is a seller provided 12 month warranty.

    SELLER: MYMOBILE PTY LTD (AUSTRALIA) All items sold and supplied by MyMobile Pty Ltd (AUS) include manufacturer warranty. The duration, terms and conditions of this warranty is as specified by the manufacturer. Warranty is not provided by the seller.

    SELLER: MYMOBILE HK (HONG KONG) MyMobile HK as the seller provides the warranty on all their products, as the majority of electronics manufacturers do not offer an international warranty. To assist Australian customers, MyMobile HK have enlisted the services of the Brisbane based MyMobile Group repair centre to perform warranty repairs, rather than the need for customers to return products back to their Hong Kong office.

  • Just got an s10e, and its super great. They are going $<700 on gumtree if you look hard enough. Flat screen isn't a neg over curved, coming from s8 user. Would urge you to consider it, the smaller size isn't bad either. Thats local stock and everything

    • MYMOBILE is also selling the s10e dual sim model around ~$800 with the discount

    • +1

      Wish Aussie one had dual SIM

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