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Mens Opal Scuffs - Black - $29.75 Delivered (Was $70) @ Ugg Australia


(Women's model also on sale) UGG Australia's mothers day deal was posted yesterday but I thought I would highlight this deal. These slippers were marked down to half price but the Mothers Day code still works on them plus they have free delivery. $30 for some quality Australian made sheepskin slippers with free delivery is a steal IMO.

EDIT: Women's model also on sale for the same price.

Mod edit 8pm: Price lowered from $29.75 with MUMS code to $24.50 with CUSTOMER30 code (thanks happening).

Updated again 8am: CUSTOMER30 has been pulled. Back to just MUMS.

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  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    thanks, just got myself and my wife a pair, getting ready for winter

  • +10

    Thanks OP, just ordered.

    Double check size guides before ordering as they are US sizes on the pull down menu (even though Australian site)!

    • +2

      Few Au sites state that Australia uses US shoe sizes. Few say UK. It is so confusing.

      • +2

        There is actually an Australian sizing system that is entirely separate from UK/US. Since online shopping has boomed in the last decade though AUS sizing is being used less and less because people are becoming accustomed to ordering their shoes in US sizes.

        • Well, that changes everything. But in all honesty, I think we will be fine to follow UK or US and not create another sizing system. it simply does not add any value. I prefer UK sizing though.

          • +2

            @EnALup: Nah you get better deals and better shipping from US sites. Let's go with theirs.

    • Good pickup.

      IIRC, just add 1/2 size to your usual (UK) size to convert to US.

      Scratch that.
      The size conversion is shown on the site.

  • These or Moccasins?

  • Great, I been waiting for something like this. Thanks op

  • would you go a size up in these?

    • +1

      Just check against brand of shoe you commonly wear. For me it was Adidas and still size 10

  • Mens but Mother's day?

    • +2

      The women’s model is also on sale. I should probably update the post.

    • +2

      Men can be women.

  • +2

    You could also get one of these to wear for that final Game of Thrones episode.

    • Damn that’s actually a tempting idea…

      • +1

        Get two. One for your sister.

  • Thanks, ordered a pair as was actually looking to get a pair. Bloody slate flooring lol

  • +4

    Must be worn with socks and best if sporting a mullet

  • Ugh-leh!

  • Got a pair too. Thanks!

  • Cheers OP. Heading to NZ for the winter so grabbed a pair :D

  • Will I get zapped by static wearing these?

  • Great Find. Cheers. Got some 13s which usually cost the same as the actual sheep they are made from. $30 is a steal.

  • Thanks OP, bought one. Yes, it's US sizes, so ordered a size bigger.

  • -1

    Use CUSTOMER10 for an extra 10% off

    • +1

      It doesn't stack. You can use MUMS for 15% or CUSTOMER10 for 10%

      • My bad. Thx for pointing that out.

        • All good, I saw the CUSTOMER10 code pop up too and tried it out hoping it would work.

  • Thanks OP. Got 2 pairs for mum and dad :)

  • Thanks OP, just got myself and wife a pair!

  • Thanks OP. bought one…

  • link doesn't work

  • Are they leather aka sheep skin or only sheep wool?

    • +2

      “ALL of our Opal Ugg products are 100% Australian made, here at our factory in Laverton North, Melbourne, that’s our guarantee to you. Our boots are made of high-grade Genuine Australian double-face merino, sourced sustainably from local farms and processed ecologically at our own Roman Tannery, right here in Melbourne, Australia.


      100% Australian Made Sheepskin Slipper
      100% Australian Merino Sheepskin
      Sustainably sourced and ecologically processed
      Easy to slide on”

      From what I know these guys are one of the more premium Ugg brands in Aus. If someone asks for ugg recommendations online they tend to be referred to either these, Mortels, or EMUs.

    • You should read the description.

      • I did read the description but wasnt sure how do you sustainably source sheep skin. Merino is the wool from the sheep. Couldn't get myself to buy one. Thanks all.

        • +1

          Fair enough. I would hope sustainability refers to their farming practices but there’s no regulations around the word so it doesn’t hold a lot of value for me. My thoughts are that buying a product made from natural materials that’s will last is better for the environment and, by extension, animals than regularly buying products products made with synthetic materials that wear out quickly and cause a lot of pollution during their production. I also feel a lot more comfortable buying something from a company that abides by Australian environmental regulations and labour laws. I still respect your decision.

    • +9

      No, that UGG brand just managed to score the trademark in the US. They’re not the original, they were being made in Australia long before that’s company was set up in California by an Australian surfer in the 70s. The brand was then sold to Deckers, an American company, in the 90s. So not original, not Australian owned, probably made in China. In my mind that brand only matters if you buy into marketing. I’d much prefer to buy from this company.

    • +7

      @yl001 WRONG! = USA brand. Even on their own FAQ it states they were founded in California in 1978 (by an Australian who knew of Ugg Boots back home). They trademarked the UGG brand name, which is Australian. OP's "UGG Australia" is Australian owned and made since 1981.

      "Ugg Australia® was established in 1981, we have been proudly crafting an Australian icon for almost 4 decades.

      Today, we’re the ONLY Australian sheepskin footwear manufacturer with our own tannery right here in Melbourne! We believe customers have the right to know where their products come from. We cut, stitch and glue every pair of sheepskin boot here in Melbourne, Australia. We are proud of our land, our products, and our name!"

      Only one of them is truly Australian.

  • Just grabbed a pair for myself.
    Thank you

  • Cheers op

  • Got a hole in my current pair of slippers so thanks for the post op

  • +1

    Got a pair browsing OzB in the toilet. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    These are fire. 🔥🔥🔥

  • got it! thanks

  • Thank you. Price now showing as $35 though.

    • Apply the "MUMS" code (done automatically at Checkout).

    • That's what the code is for

    • yeah :)

  • Thanks OP! Got a pair:)

  • Nice. Got 2 for the parents.

  • Just got a pair hopefully they arrive before sunday

  • +2

    Nice Australian owned and made Ugg shoes.

    ALL of our Opal Ugg products are 100% Australian made, here at our factory in Laverton North, Melbourne, that’s our guarantee to you. Our boots are made of high-grade Genuine Australian double-face merino, sourced sustainably from local farms and processed ecologically at our own Roman Tannery, right here in Melbourne, Australia.

    This product can vary in colour as it is handcrafted and is made from natural materials.


    100% Australian Made Sheepskin Slipper
    100% Australian Merino Sheepskin
    Sustainably sourced and ecologically processed
    Easy to slide on
    Country of Origin: Australia

  • +2

    Got 4! I hope they are good quality. Thanks OP.

    • Nice! I just had a look and at Target you're still looking at $20 for the same style but made in China with cheap synthetic wool. You can't lose at this price.

      • +2

        I saw the K-mart ones a few days ago. They are really bad quality. You can easily slip in those. They will come in handy around the house during the winter.

  • Hope i didnt get scammed payment to "LUDA PRODUCTION PTY LTD"

    • +2

      There are so many sheepskin boots out there claiming to be 100% Australian Made. How can you tell one authentic boot from the rest? What to ask your retailer when buying your sheepskin products. Where are your skins from? Where are they processed? Are the boots hand cut, hand stitched, hand glued in Australia? Ask for address of manufacturer and tannery.

      Our Factory Luda Productions/ Ugg Australia®
      215 Albion St, Brunswick VIC 3056
      (03) 9386 5544

      Our Tannery Roman Tannery/ Ugg Australia®
      31 Gilberston Rd, Laverton North Vic 3026
      (03) 9931 0557

      All our products are 100% Australian made in a Brunswick factory, in Melbourne and ecologically processed at Roman Tannery, also in Melbourne.

      • Yes Aussie owned support it.

        Just don’t start off with Holden.. tthose ones sold by Chinese souvenir ugg shops are the USA ugg. Even I got confused with it’s name dam fake ugg should rebrand it taking out trademark.

        How dare they stick fake Australia made tag it’s false advert, don’t know how many times they been sued.
        Australian Consumer Law

        Deckers use the brand name UGG Australia, but the boots are manufactured in China. Under the Australian Consumer Law, it is unlawful to make misleading statements about a product, including misleading customers about the origin of the product.
        Senator Xenophon and Australian Leather is wanting Australia’s consumer watchdog, the ACCC, to investigate Deckers use of the term ‘UGG Australia’ which causes consumers to believe that the boots are manufactured in Australia.
        However, Deckers boots do have the label ‘Made in China’ which means that they do disclose the fact that the Ugg boots are not made in Australia. Senator Xenophon and Australian Leather would need to show the ACCC that consumers are led to believe that the boots are manufactured in Australia (not China), beyond the fact that the brand is called ‘UGG Australia’.

        • A lot of decker's boots are now made in Vietnam now.
          Manufacturing costs in China are going up!

  • Cheers OP got 2 pairs just in time for winter!

  • +1

    Cheers OP, Fingers Crossed they arrive before Mothersday.

  • +3

    I will be wearing these to the supermarket this winter.

    • +1

      Can't wait to spot another person in these at the shops.


      Then we nod and go our separate ways… only to meet again at the half price freezer section.

  • goes without saying that this isn't the official ugg store but I ordered one anyways

    • +2

      I know you’re not having a go but there is no official UGG store, unless you think a Chinese made product from a foreign owned company copying an Australian design is somehow official. The only thing that makes them official was a court case in the US and their marketing budget. Only people who buy into that are foreigners who buy UGGs as status symbols which we in Aus find hilarious because they’re the hallmark footwear of our native species, the bogan.

  • -1

    No-one mentioned cash back. 8ish % at cash reward. 4ish % at shopback.
    Code not listed, but worth a try, who knows ^^

    • +1

      Wrong site mate…

  • -3

    Got it for $24.50. Thanks OP

    • how?

      • +18

        managed to work this out, use CUSTOMER30 instead of MUMS

        • +1

          Damn! Would have saved $20

        • thanks happening - that worked!

  • Thanks OP, got one

  • +1

    Thanks. $49 for 2 pairs :)

  • Thank you!

  • This is great, for years been contemplating the Target or Big W ones. Now I know I will have even better quality ones.

    • no one has vouched for the quality on these yet and reviews online aren't that great so wouldn't assume anything!

      • In hindsight wool>polyester. But u are right, i will report back until i gottem, or maybe we got got.

  • Thanks ..bought one pair for the winters, @ 24.50$ .

  • picked up 2, cheers op!

  • Cheers OP. Picked up 2 for $49

  • Omg what. Price drop?! Bloody oath

  • Far out lost $10

  • Absolute bargain.
    Hopefully they honour the discovered coupon code, for all who used it. Doesn't seem to be listed as a current promo

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