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Exped Megamat 10 Duo (Double) Sleeping Mat $299 Delivered @ Snowys


This is one of the best double camping mats available! Still folds and rolls up small enough to be able to pop in the car (unlike some of the "4WD style" mats that take up half your boot), and it's thick enough to insulate from the cold and be comparable in comfort to your home mattress.

Seems to go on sale about once a year… so grab one now.

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  • I've got the single sized one - best mat ever. Definitely better than those cheaper thinner ones or even the bulkier 4WD types

  • Wow sent them an email an hour ago about price matching this for $406 and then BOOM, prayers answered.

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    Exped mats are the best!!

  • Been cheaper at Snowys https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/336409

    Would this fit in the back of a dual cab?

    • As per item description, packed dimensions are 70x30x30

      • I mean when unrolled and inflated. It looks like it is 1.3m width, just not near my car to measure between wheel wells.

        • Sorry that was very obvious on second reading. This sale lasts 2 weeks so wait till you're home IMO, but as an example a Ford Ranger is only 1139 between wheels. Just squish it in she'll be right.

  • Ozbargain you have a real way of channeling into my mind. I normally borrow a Pajero for camp trips so I can fit a rolled up futon mattress in the back, but an air bed is all that I can manage into my sedan. After backyard camping on Sunday night I literally said to the mrs "I'm sick of this damn thing and want to invest in a quality self inflator that will roll up slim" and here we are. 70cm x 30cm is pretty perfect for packed size - anyone have any comment on whether this is truly its dimensions? Reviews on the listing are absolutely glowing so I really think I'm going to have to jump on this.

  • Awesome price for an excellent mat.

  • My wife and I have two of the single Expend Megamats which we strap together. They're absolutely excellent.

  • Hoping they'll put the singles on special too. Would like to get 2 and put them together

    • If you do, grab the coupling straps as well. Holds them together really nicely and you don't feel them either since they're so flat.

  • https://www.snowys.com.au/megamat-single-camp-mat is another one. Snowys compare it to the ExPed megamat and say just as good if I remember rightly. Would love to know the longevity on both of these or is someone has tried both. $249 sounds a little better than $299 if same quality

    Actually it was the singles I was looking at. $150 for the Zempire Megamat and if Snowys have the Exped singles on special again (Last time they were $250)

    • I bought the Zempire (double) Megamat at January 2018 because I needed one and couldn't wait for a sale on the ExPed. It's been faultless so far and I'm very happy with it.

      That said, personally for $50 extra I would get the ExPed given the chance. If money is tight or the single doesn't go on sale the Zempire seems like a solid choice.

  • I'd rather go with two EPE sefl-inflating ones - https://www.snowys.com.au/sim-camper-f100-self-inflating-mat

  • Everyone here seems to be in the know. Maybe you can help.

    I paid $150 for a Mannagum XL Mega Plus Deluxe but it was faulty. They refunded. Now I am struggling to find one at all, let alone without paying $$$.

    Specifically I needed this one due to the dimensions (it's to fit a daybed, approx. 200cm by 100cm)

  • Love to a deal on the single

  • Back to $439

    Bugger. Was just about to get one tonight.