Who Prefers Button Fly than Zip Fly? but Why?

I can't for the life of me figured the < profanity > why button zip is ever invented; they're fiddly and harder to unbuttoned especially when you're hands are cold because you need to $h1t or pee so badly due to some bad curry from last night.

I'm sure some fashionable folks here can enlighten me on why do you prefer button over zip? My gut feel there won't be many of you guys/girls out there.

Have you ever pissed yourself in the chinos?


  • Fairly certain button fly was invented because zippers didn't exist at the time. Personally I prefer button flys but they're very hard to find these days as I believe zippers are cheaper. Buttons are a little slower to do up but just as fast as a zipper to undo with the right technique. Unlike zippers buttons don't break, jam or catch anything. If I had a choice it'd be buttons all the way.

    • Levi 501's used to be button fly, have they changed?

      (Am I showing my age again?)

      • I have a feeling they may have but I gave up on Levi as a brand a long time ago. Their jeans were only lasting 6 months at best and at $120 a pop for 501s. The denim is just paper thin and poor quality now. Long gone are the days of them lasting for years.

        • Yeah I think I got my current pair 15-20 years back and they're still in good nik.

        • Confirm 501 still has button fly. Which jeans you think is quality? Thanks.

          • @Montyjpm: I haven't been able to find any that I consider quality but even the $20 Kirkland ones from Costco last longer than Levi do now. Carhartt seems OK but hard to get and I still don't think they'd last more than 2 years tops, Wrangler better than Levi but still only last maybe a year. Currently trying a pair of 5.11 but initial impression is same thin denim as others so not expecting much.

            Haven't tried any of the real fashion brands as I wouldn't expect them to last either.

          • @Montyjpm: Pretty much any of the raw denim brands. There whole gimmick is quality materials even listing type of stitching, flys, buttons, weight of denim. Make of it what you will but my entry level JBC hold up way better than cheap denim.

            • @abuch47: The problem with those brands is they're 100% aimed at fashion. They're still using light weight denim, pre aging them which reduces their life and then they sell them for $200+ which is a lot given if I have a bad day and need to get stuck in and get dirty I could ruin a pair of jeans in a day. It's rare but happened before and work won't foot the bill.

              All I want an old school pair of jeans, unaged in heavy weight denim that's not got a fashion price tag attached. Doesn't seem to exist though. I know a lot of people will say wear "work wear" but it's also become thin poorly made rubbish that doesn't last.

              • @apsilon: Heaps of the more expensive raw denim brands have heavy weight denim. Look into levis they might still have some as their range is uuuuuge! and they are fairly cheap.

                My JBC were just over $100, naked were $200 but they were a fancy denim. Don't actually have any raw or selvedge indigo yet.

                • @abuch47: Ksubis raw denim are also great and they age/fade so well, they're often on sale at General Pants if anyone is interested.

              • @apsilon: Varusteleka was selling old school denim Jean's…..

                Also prison blues denim are supposed to be old school style

                • @yarbles: Had a look at Varusteleka. 13oz denim same as 99% of the others and I'd have to pay $160 + shipping to find out if they're any good. Thanks for the suggestion though.

                  Prison denim I doubt exists other than in marketing terms. I doubt prisons have used denim wear in decades.

                  I did find a pair that looked promising, 22oz raw denim but the $800 price was a definite no.

          • @Montyjpm: I have some Lucky ones which seem pretty good quality so far. I always found that jeans failed in spots where the fabric was pulled (eg between the legs if you have any sag). The recent move to denim with stretch has made jeans more durable in my experience.

        • just paper thin and poor quality now

          That's more because of fashion, people wear clothes for looks not longevity, also thin is generally more comfortable

          I've worn old jeans… yeh nah… same with moleskin RM Williams… just too thick

          My current go to pants all have elastic in it, this includes denium…

          Uniqlo underwear is a hit with men, despite being so thin

        • I think quality dropped when they moved production to China. Vintage American made Levis are big in the secondhand market in Japan.

          • @Cheaplikethebird: Quality dropped but it has nothing to do with where it's manufactured.

            It was a choice by the industry to make clothes that are intended to fall apart after six months so the consumer parts with more money.

            If you thought everything looked the same that is because almost all brand clothing designs are created by one business alone, nothing to do with any brand you think you're buying.

            • @Diji1: LOL ok mate, I take it you work in the garment industry and are privvy to these backroom deals then? The idea that all the players in the industry got together and collectively decided to reduce quality to screw over the consumer is retarded. Companies started cutting costs across the board, they moved production overseas and cut costs on materials, every company followed suit to remain competitive.

              You must buy all your clothes from Big W and Target because fashion has never been more diverse in the history of clothing than it is right now (thanks the internet) and there are clothes at all levels of the quality/price scale. Sure one company might own a large share of clothing production facilities in the world but for your conspiracy to work this evil globo clothing corp would have to have influence to the point of controlling the output of 20-something garment designers in millions of different clothing companies.

            • @Diji1: It's just one conspiracy theory after another from OzBargain's resident Greens shrill.

              Pity your Tin Foil Hat didn't fall apart after six months.

    • Button flies are quick to unbutton if you start from the waistband (eg if you're taking your pants off). If you just want to undo the fly on it's own then they are slow (like if you're a man undoing the fly at a urinal).

      If I was a woman then button flies would be fine - as I wouldn't have much reason to undo only the fly.

    • I havent bought a pair of pants since 2011, do they not sell button flies anymore, or do you all shop at kiddy stores?!

      I'd say it depends on the type of pants, but buttons on anything not too dressy or fancy (pants)

    • buttons don't break?

  • Another long night? 🍾🍷🍺

    Have you ever pissed yourself in the chinos?

    Simple keep off the piss…


  • Button fly. For the…slow…reveal…

  • I've always found the more expensive the jeans I have bought the more likely it was to come with buttons.
    That said if you've ever had your junk badly caught you would prefer buttons.

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    With denim jeans having a tighter/slimmer fit as current trend you will find zips are used for that cleaner look.

    When the baggy pants look was trendy there were more button fronts to compliment that look.

    Source: I just made that up

  • I can’t answer this, I don’t wear pants

  • Neither, I'd like to keep it opened so it has some air flows through it.

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    button vs zip? irrelevant! elastic waste ftw!

  • Maybe for small guys you can p*ss hands free?!

    I tried a pair once (very discounted price my size) and only wore it at home with all of the fly buttons undone :)

  • Longevity mate. Zippers are more durable and can withstand heavy washing and hard usage. I've had to replace pant buttons many a times.

  • Two things
    1- you can't get your bell end caught in a button
    2- if you can't undo one button and pull your pants down a tad to piss, then your jeans are too tight

  • I think Kriss Kross agreed with OP.

  • Agree zip better than buttons. However, the critical information in your post is that you're eating bad curry regularly enough for it to be your primary use case for preferring zippers.

    WHY OH WHY do people keep eating bad, diarrhoea inducing food? Every damn office I've ever worked in has had diarrhoea splatter in at least one of the cubicles, every single day, even in small offices. Why do you do that to yourselves and to others??

  • I must be missing something here, but how does one get their junk caught in the zipper? I mean, assuming you are wearing undies or boxers, that will be pretty much preventing it from happening, no??

  • buttons are for chicks

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    Slightly off-topic, but if you ever have a bad case of penile zipper entrapment, I highly recommend dousing the member with mineral oil ( be generous!) , sit back and wait for 15-20 minutes and the issue should resolve itself. Don't use brute force, that rarely ends well. Don't ask🤦‍♂️

  • prefer buttons, dont crinkle up like a zip does when you sit down.
    last jeans I had with buttons were wranglers, but dont make that style anymore afaik, and mine have all ripped.

    • mate, on contrary, I'm seeing lots of buttons pants … more and more in the market … the likes of G-Star Raw et al.

      • sorry, was talking about the specific style of wranglers that were my favourite (wrangler cigarette to be specific). I am sure there are lots of other jeans with a button fly, I am just yet to find a new fav. did have some g-star jeans with button fly too

  • Boys wear Zip fly.
    Men wear Button fly.
    Legends wear Lungi.

  • i like both. never had an issue with unbuttoning like u’ve mentioned though.

    • and from practicality point of view, you're implying they're the same?

      Scenario 1

      You wear one with zip, go to toilet, times on, unzip, do whatever you need to do (i don't need to know), zip up, times off.

      Scenario 2

      You wear one with button, go to toilet, times on, unbutton, do whatever you need to do (i don't need to know), button up, times off.

      Compare elapsed time; assume whatever you need to do is the same activity as per scenario 1 and 2 hence the duration of it is the same; for Apple-to-Apple comparison.

      • practical experience, i didn’t feel any discomfort or inconvenience with either buttoned or zipped jeans. I wish there were more options from buttoned type from levis as lately its almost always zipped you find these days… from a style point of view i kind of liked the buttoned (although i don’t own any now due to lack of availability)

  • 501 Button-Fly for life. Find button fly more comfortable.
    No issues buttoning or unbuttoning, never pissed on myself while trying to button or unbutton.
    At this stage of life I am still very much in control of my bladder and bowels.

    Do you have Koumpounophobia?

    • Find button fly more comfortable.


      Find button fly more comfortable.

      understood that you feel that button is more comfortable than zip but in your opinion, is it considerably faster to unbutton/button vs unzip/zip?

      • Much faster, once worn in with the right angles you can pull a couple of buttons open without having to touch the buttons and bam you're ready to pee until your bladder is content.

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    I think it is There's something about Mary

  • How does this become a highlighted topic? First world problem indeed

  • Definitely prefer zips over buttons. Button flies are a nuisance.

  • Lol, you're a douche bag 🤣

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