Best High-End WQHD LCD Monitor in 2019

Note: This was originally a WSIB poll for 2019. However due to COVID-19 and it's negative impacts on the consumer goods market, we will be delaying the 2020 WSIB polls. For now, you can still make new suggestions and vote / retract poll votes

Just noticed that Hardware unboxed released a review on the budget Kogan 34" 1440p ultrawide gaming LCD..

Hardware unboxed is generally one of better tech channels on Youtube, if you've ever watched Linus Tech Tips you'll probably have been recommended either Gamer's Nexus (another good channel) and Hardware Unboxed.

For those that don't have enough time to watch the video, the summary is:

Positives: Low price, good VA response time, ~125% SRGB, good contrast ratio and decent colour reproduction. Also known to be using a Samsung ltm340yp03

Negatives: Crappy monitor stand with poor build quality. Sits too low on the desk with no height adjustment. Poor cable management. OSD Menu is navigated using buttons rather than a joystick.

The monitor is pretty cheap when on sale - going for less than $600 according to deal posts but usually priced at $650.

Alternatives to the Kogan is the Samsung LC34F791, also 100hz with VA panel, which normally goes for $899 but when on sale it goes for $750. It also has a much nicer stand, and has some built in (though wimpy) speakers.

And for those who are rolling in cash, the Acer Predator X34p goes for a little under $1100 on a good day and it's a 120hz IPS display. It's arch nemesis is the Alienware AW3418DW, though I'm not sure most people can afford it's $2000 price tag.

What's your thought on the best bang for your buck big-screen WQHD monitor?

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  • I am waiting for the Australian release of LG 34GK950F-B - 34" WQHD (3440 x 1440) Nano IPS at 144Hz.

  • It's between the Kogan and Samsung monitor for sure. The latter 2 could be the best things in existence, but when you're talking about an extra $400 - $1,400 extra there's no way in hell they're good value, lol.

    I'd vote for the Kogan one. I've yet to see people complaining about awful quality, and the stand is easily replaceable (apparently the monitor has a vesa mount). Add on 100hz (lesser then the more expensive monitors, but still pretty excellent for the price) and the pannel apparently being pretty great (at least for the price) it's excellent value.

    But buy off Ebay, check our good buds Dick Smiths store for the best value you can get (at something like $560 I think). That way you don't have to worry about their (apparently) pretty mediocre support.

    That said, I'm not blaming yahs for not trusting Kogan. Apparently they're generally pretty poor - just doesn't appear to be the case with this monitor.

    • No idea if the title has changed or I just miss read - but when talking about which one's the objective best then the Kogan definitely loses.

    • i felt a bit dirty spending $539 on the kogan, in light of the 4k 55" prices it just feels like a rip.. that being said, pretty happy with it despite the dead/stuck pixel, if it was dead center i might of had an issue with it but the damn pixels are so small im not so sure

      no issue with the stand, completely functional and solid

      no issue with the refresh rate either, you'd have a crazy expensive gpu to take advantage of the higher rates, no point in going with a kogan if thats your deal

  • Suggested Acer XR342CKP

    I've been looking at upgrading recently and came across the Acer XR342CKP available for $949 at Umart, which seems to be the same as the X34P but only goes to 100Hz and Freesync vs G-Sync (which IMO seems like the more flexible adaptive sync option).

    Torn between this and the X34P for $1049 at Scorptec. Or waiting for the LG 34GK950F-B Aus release.

  • I'm reviving this thread as I'm hunting for exactly the same WQHD monitors. I too had my eye on that Kogan - especially when I saw from the review it was G-Sync compatible! Having a simple 1050Ti & no variable refresh rate experience, this seems a really good deal.

    Now to wait for sales - I could've sworn I saw the Kogan at $500 in the last month…

    (Side note - Dick Smith & Kogan on eBay both don't allow change of mind returns, where their websites DO.)

    • Just looking to let you know that if you were still looking, the Kogan monitor is at $509 again and there seems to be free shipping.

      • I'm not sure if I should be concerned for my wallet, or my safety if my wife catches me buying it…

        If it's a good bargain (it is!) Then you should definitely post it as a separate deal!

        Edit: looks to not be free shipping, it'd cost me $22. Might be less to urban locations though

        • Might have been limited time/one shipping vendor, not totally sure there. I'm very rural so was running off a past deal/the "free shipping" email I got sent.

          Might have to post it and the other few deals…eh, I'll get on it.

          Enjoy it if you pick it up.

  • Hi all. Looking at upgrading my monitor myself and considering trying an Ultrawide – probably the Acer x34p or Alienware AW3418DW. Running a 1080Ti. Pity the LG 34GK950F isn't available here, though not sure I want an LG product anyway. Considering how much cheaper the x34p's are now, is there any reason to get the Alienware? (other than 3 year warranty/Dell returns). Alienware doesn't have gamma control either, not sure if that's still an issue or can be fixed in nvidia control panel? What about ability to overclock them to 120hz - I'm assuming same luck of the draw with both? I understand it's not a guarantee and may just end up flickering. And possible scanlines with G-sync enabled on either monitor? Wouldn't mind spending a bit more on the Alienware if it is better (+better warranty/returns), and gamma issue doesn't impact it significantly.. I've read that some people can't fix it and end up returning it because of this…. might just have to wait for a good sale on it if it is the better buy though.

    Also, where's best to buy monitors in SA, in regards with return policies/replacements if something isn't right? Harvey Norman? Or is it just a matter of Acer vs Dell with returns. (I guess Dell directly if buying AW3418DW?)

    Saw this on one of the older ozbargain deals thread -

    rhimes on 21/05/2019 – 17:03
    @cyrax83: Alienware actually uses a slightly newer revision that does 120hz better (vs. 100hz) AFAIK. otherwise, same panel.

    Don't know if there's any truth to this? Or just same chance with overclock? I do like the idea of the RGB backlighting on the Alienware actually, to give some ambient light behind, rather than in front on the Acer x34p. Just not sure about the gamma issue and price of Alienware.

    So what's the latest verdict between these two? I'm guessing there's no new 34" IPS Ultrawides coming out soon either?


    • There's a new Alienware model which is true native 120hz, not OC'ed 120hz like the old model and the X34P. However, it's about double the price as it's a new model. The old model, which is around $1200RRP, does not use a newer revision and I would say the X34P is better value unless you need advanced replacement with Dell.

  • I've got the Kogan, got it for less than $500 and its great. Works really well for games and productivity. Stand alone, the colours and resolution look fantastic (and I'm really picky about pixels, a 1080p monitor is like looking through a screen door for me), but when I open my Macbook Pro 15 Retina next to it, there is no comparison. As long as I keep my macbook closed and just use my PC, I'm as happy as a pig in mud.

  • Surprised no one has talked about the MSI MAG341CQ, it's well reviewed and for around $640 at its cheapest, it's pretty good value.

  • Suggested MSI Optix MAG341CQ

    added to the suggestion.

  • Can we get an update on this list?

    • For now, I will unexpire the poll and make it so that the poll will continue as usual. You can still vote on things and suggest new options.

  • I can vouch for the Kogan one, bought it a little over 2 weeks ago at $499 (free shipping too with Kogan first trial), just in time for work from home.
    I was going to get a new pc to go with it however decided to wait for the next gen cpu and gpu.

    Currently using my old Alienware (a petty 970m) with it. Can’t take advantage of the adaptive sync yet and no way my laptop can truly utilise this monitor, however for productivity it has been amazing.

    At a comparable price, I’d say it is hard to find something with 34” WQHD, curved and 100Hz.

    The stand is sturdy, height doesn’t bother me too much as it sits on a stand on my desk. Although for aesthetic reason I’ve had my eyes on a VESA desk stand which is height adjustable.

    Only minor complaint I can think of is the white panel at the bottom - doesn’t bother me as much but my partner found it very distracting