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Kogan 34" WQHD Curved 21:9 Ultrawide 100hz FreeSync Monitor (3440x1440) $549 (WAS $649) + Delivery (Free with Shipster) @ Kogan


Saw this on sales on kogan website, i bought this on pre-sale at $589, after pre-sale it was $649 and now down to $549.
I know is not big brand but is very good for my use, light gaming and office works. Play Fallout 4 and Tera without problem.
Didn't notice any ghosting for me but i guess this is just personal experience.

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  • bang buck display

  • Unreal price if the display is decent for joining the ultrawide master race, problem is having to buy an overpriced AMD Vega graphics card to run it well. If you could hustle a good deal on a 2nd hand R9 Fury X though you'd be good to go ^^

    • I've been running a 1080ti on a freesync monitor for over a year now and it's been awesome. No tearing (that I've noticed) I've done the windmill test and still looks perfect. I've also been using the fast sync setting on the NVIDIA drivers.

  • Anyone know how text will look when this is connected to a 2017 MBP 15"?

    Will it be usable and reasonably sharp or blurry?

    • It'll look fine provided you don't force it to display a non-native resolution?

      • provided you don't force it to display a non-native resolution?

        Why would you assume that? (Is this a questions above or… what?)

        Also, I've been trying to figure out if my 2013 MBP 15" could handle that. Specs say "suppports full native resolution on the built-in display and up to 2560 by 1600 pixels on up to two external displays, at millions of colors".

        • I'm not assuming it, I just don't really understand their question. There's no reason why it would display blurry text otherwise.

          • @FTTNope: aah.. I should have clarified that I am talking in terms of going from a sharp retina screen of the MBP and a 4K monitor (I use a LG 27UD88-W atm) to a non-4K Ultrawide montior.

            • @sridhar: Go to Harvey Norman if you have one locally, they usually have a 34" 3440x1440 screen of some description on the shelf.
              I really don't think you'll have an issue unless you're uncomfortably close.

  • So tempted. Torn between this and waiting for a similar offering at 144hz (with the obvious $$$ increase).

    • No 3440 x 1440 at 144Hz exists. There are however 4K UHD 144Hz exists which the cheapest cost $2k (Wasabi Mango) and the branded ones cost two legs.

      • Thanks! Great information.

        • Also you need to SLI RTX 2080 Ti to use the $3.3k Gsync 4K 144Hz monitor so that's a $7.2k on top of the rest of the PC. There is a released FreeSync one that cost "only" $2.5k but I doubt 2 X Vega 64 can do the whole 144Hz.

          Also the Gsync module on these is a full fledged HTPC so better get CLC or massive Noctua heatsink to cool them. Apparently the pre-built Asus one runs relatively hot and noisy.

    • There's an LG Nano-IPS Freesync 144Hz WQHD monitor coming December-January. The 120Hz(using older G-Sync module, new one is ~$500+ by itself..) G-Sync version is coming next month so we could at least get a sense of the panel quality.

      950F and 950G respectively.

      Edit Comparing US and Aus RRP on a couple monitors on LGs site and extrapolating from the US price of the 950F, the US $1200rrp comes to ~$2k here. Well shit.

  • VA panel if anyone wanted to know.

  • So tempted. I wish those $50 off kogan vouchers were still a thing, $500 would look even nicer


    Much nicer resolution than the 1080 vertical equivalents.

    Hard to fault with that price.

  • Has anyone here compared this to a 32" 16:9?

  • video review of korean version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAqEhOMX_2U

  • Same monitor panel (Samsung ltm340yp03) as the microboard m340clz, Asus mx34vq, crossover 34u100 and Aftershock prism x340. Excellent panel, overcock stable at 105hz 1440p and it's able to go to 144hz 1080p albeit frame skipping.

    The 16ms response time listed by Kogan is from 20% grey to 80% grey to 20% grey, this is not the usual gtg that other manufacturers advertise.

    the 20% grey to 80% grey (gtg) or inversed 80-20 is the one usually advertised by other manufacturers;
    the gtg of this panel is 8ms.

    On the highest response time setting it's 2.5ms gtg with 10ms black to white to black.

    For comparison Alienware ips aw3418dw 120hz gsync($1600) the 20-80% gtg is 4.9ms with 10.4ms for black to white to black.
    and highest response time setting gtg is at 1.7ms and 9.5ms for black to white to black.

    For the sake of pricing and what you get this screen is very good with no~very minimal backlight bleed compared with IPS panels and SRGB color accurate vs TN.

    should you get this monitor? if your current monitor is a TN panel that is less than 4ms response time you will see a lot of ghosting/blurs. You wont however notice any blurring if your current monitor is a 5ms TN or any VA or any IPS panel or if you game on a TV.

    Color accuracy this screen is ~125% SRGB true 8-bit which is good for professional design work. you can use the ICC from tftcentral for the microboard M340CLZ.
    set the brightness to 13, contrast to 50, Red at 49, Green at 51 and Blue at 49, response time on low. (you can tweak the brightness to your liking, just dont change anything else)

    • wow, great info. will try out the M340CLZ profile on the monitor. Why response time to low?

      I didn't notice any ghosting/blur on this monitor, could be because i came from a 10 years old monitor.
      No issues for me playing Fallout 4.

      • Low makes the monitor response time at ~6ms and removes the slight trailing blur, off just makes it sit at 8ms. middle and high creates an inverse ghosting effect where you see a blue or white ghosting trail as the monitor tries to over compensate the colors.

        • I tried the profile over weekend. Only able to adjust the setting if on standard profile. for some reason, felt is not sharp on the text. Might have to play with the calibration again.

          • @winderic: Are you on Windows? Did you try going through the cleartype wizard thing?

            Just set mine up, got a bright pixel near the centre of the screen :/
            Also appears to have a bit more grain than the IPS I came from and ones at work. Not sure if it's the antiglare or a VA subpixel thing.

            Borrowed an i1 Pro2 from the office, so lets see what I can do with the colours :p

  • Does anyone know why Shipster isn't working with this deal? I get to all the way through to Paypal and it's still telling me full price inc shipping.

    • i think shipster only work if shipping below $20, have you check what's your shipping cost?
      Others can confirm if this is right.

      • Yes it's right, but there is a hack just double state your post code once in the address column then again in the post code column with your closest metro City. It should come in less than $20 and still get delivered to you as the first post code on the package will be the one considered not the second ;-) good luck