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[Xbox] Xbox Live Gold+Game Pass Bundle for $1/Month. Plus Convert Remaining Xbox Gold & Game Pass Months (up to 36 Months)


An amazing deal if you can get it.

This deal just been widened to include the Delta ring.

This is a complicated deal. I suggest reading everything here, as well as comments below before attempting to claim this.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a new subscription service combining both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

A limited number of Xbox Insiders on the Delta ring are invited to test Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a special introductory price of $1, with any outstanding months of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass on their account converted into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a 1 to 1 ratio.

When upgrading to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the remaining time on your Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions will be converted to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate time at a 1 to 1 ratio each based on days remaining, up to a maximum of 36 months. For example, if you have 12 months of Xbox Live Gold time remaining, and 12 months of Xbox Game Pass time remaining, this will be converted to 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate when you upgrade.

Main Points. Read Carefully!

  • Microsoft recently released Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions (basically Xbox Live Gold + Game Pass bundled together). This is what this deal will convert your subscription to.
  • You are required to join the Xbox Insider Delta program, accepting its terms & conditions, and updating your console. Your console will receive system updates more frequently as part of the program, and the Xbox will likely be more buggy.
  • You will NOT be eligible to redeem Xbox Live or Game Pass tokens (for a limited time, as this functionality is not available yet). Redeem these before activating this deal.
  • Maximum of 36 months (combined Game Pass & Xbox Live Gold) is available for conversion to Game Pass Ultimate, any extra months will be forfeited.

Note: there is some eligibility criteria to join the Xbox Insiders Delta program. So check this. You need at least 1 month of tenure PLUS 20 XP insider points (Level 2). It’s not possible to meet this criteria today, but it’s worthwhile signing up for the Insiders program and accumulating XP in anticipation for further widening of this deal or future deals.

When you meet the eligibility criteria, follow these steps to obtain the deal:

  • On your console, download the Xbox Insider App
  • Launch the app, and enrol your console into the Delta Preview Ring (the Beta and Alpha Skip Ahead rings also work)
  • Update your console (go to Settings > System > Updates. Then Update Console).
  • Open the Xbox Insider App again. Navigate to Insider Content. Then select "Xbox Game Pass Ultimate"
  • Sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1/month
  • Enjoy!

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  • great idea why pay for 2 services when it can be combined into one
    hopefully MS will release to mainstream sooner than later

  • Hmmm should we buy gold first and then convert to this program to get gamepass for free for same period?

    • Now you're thinking. But you also get Xbox Live+Game Pass for $1/month with this deal… I assume that price will expire once Xbox Pass Ultimate is officially launched.

      • Once you sign up to preview program you can continue to convert gold membership or game pass membership codes into Ultimate. i.e. I converted my membership last week. If I redeem a 12 month gold subscription code today, that will automatically be converted to ultimate. That offer will end at some point though.

        If you're in the alpha ring and have gold or game pass at the moment, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't sign up for this.

        Edit: just noticed a known issue listed in the Insider app. Adding codes after joining may result in an error. The current workaround is to "redeem codes before signing up". lol, I'm sure it'll be fixed shortly though. The T&Cs say your codes will be redeemed so you can always talk to MS support if needed.

      • Yeah I think the advantage of this is based upon how much gold you have stacked up or are willing to add before you join. Yeah when it launches it's basically $16 no one is gonna pay that a month so we are all going to be basically cancelling just before renewal. Personally I got 14 months game pass for three dollars because I bought the three months just before I activated

  • Thanks for the heads up. I'm in Alpha Skip-Ahead and the offer was there.

  • Would you suggest topping up Xbox live gold before doing the above steps?

  • -3 votes

    Good deal. I have had game pass free for the last two months, I just keep using the 2 week free trial then when it charges me at the end of the trial I request a refund through the Microsoft website, they refund it and provide one week extra gamepass for free, I assume they do this in case the refund takes a while and someone would like to repurchase gamepass but doesn't have the money to do so. Then when that free week is done I start the two week free trial again. I am curious to know if anyone has the option to repeat the 2 week trial without ever having paid for gamepass?

  • Mine did not work. There was no option to upgrade in the settings.

    • Same here

    • Make sure your console is enrolled in the Beta ring. There is a note that it might take up to 2 hours (although my enrolment was almost instant)

    • Realised i was allocated omega ring. You can only be beta as a level 5 or 3 months of enrolment.

      • level 5 or 3 months of enrolment.

        I think you need both, I just quickly leveled up to 5 and Beta was made available to me.

        • How do you level up? Or even know what your level is? I’ve been an insider for a while but that was only because I couldn’t find any other way to report game bugs to Xbox.

          I also only had the option to join omega

          I see now. I backed out of insider content. I’m a level 1 rookie with 10 months in the program, 0 exp, 0 quests, 0 surveys, 5 reports. Lol

          • @SlappersOnly: Start smashing them surveys!

            • @Raynes: Close. Got to level 4 before I ran out of surveys and quests

              • @SlappersOnly: same here. been in 8insider for more thanv3 years but only at level for 130 points. need 10 more points to reach level 5 but there's no tasks or survey available to do. any suggestions?

                • @sunnyday: Have you tried joining all game betas available and giving them a rating for 5 points?

                  • @SlappersOnly: good idea. will try. thanks mate

                  • @SlappersOnly: Thanks again. it works. you don't even need to download those beta games. after adding them you should be able to rate the games and receive more points. now I have enough points to upgrade to level 5.

                    Atter going through all the steps op provided, I have successfully got the game pass ultimate subscription.

                    Both of my current game pass ( expired November 2021) and my live gold ( expired May 2020) are automatically cancelled. Now my new xbox game pass ultimate expires on 12 May 2022 (3 years from now on). and the recurring billing charge will be still one buck.

                    • @sunnyday: Out of interest, did you join the Xbox Insiders program for the first time today?

                      • @guidedlight: No, I have been an 8insider for more than 3 years but had only 120 points this morning when I saw the post. answered a few surveys and rated two beta games to reach level 5 then I was able to see and join the beta ring. the ultimate is one of the test application only available for beta ring insider, that's my understanding. hope it helps.

  • I have 3 months left on Gold, I’m not currently with game pass

    What do I get?

  • Great deal. i hope Sony does the same shit

  • does it explain what happens to your stacked xbox live? i have 2 2/1 years still


    Thanks OP. Unfortunately my Gold subscription only had a few months left. But I had an offer on my Xbox dashboard for 3 months Games Pass for $1, so I got that first before upgrading it to Ultimate. Very cool.

  • Targeted Offer.

    The current Xbox One Update Preview rings are:

    • Alpha – Open on an “invite only” basis and receives updates at the earliest point in the preview window.

    • Beta – Open to Xbox Insiders with a Program tenure of 3 or more months and an Xbox Insider XP Level of 5 or higher. This ring receives updates shortly after Alpha.

    • Delta – Open to any Xbox Insider with a tenure of 1 or more months that has reached Xbox Insider Level 2 or higher. Depending on certain edge cases where further attention is required from Alpha or Beta rings, Delta Insiders may receive system updates before Beta, though this is not a common scenario. Additionally, while early system updates are not guaranteed across the Delta ring, all Delta Insiders will receive the update prior to GA.

    • Omega – Open to anyone and receives system updates shortly before the GA (General Availability) release.
  • Seems you can't join beta ring unless you have been using Xbox insider for at least 3 months… :-(

    Edit: …and beaten to post… Double sad face

    • Just level up to XP Level 5.

      • I've done all the available quests etc. And topped out at level 4. But I just joined… Won't I also have to wait 3 months? Or is that rule not enforced?

        • I have no idea sorry. I assumed you could level up, but if you’ve run out of quests at Level 4 then I’m not sure. Hopefully more quests will be available soon.

      • How can I get the point quickly? I am currently getting 90 out of 150…

    • FWIW I’m fairly sure I’ve never been in the Xbox program but I’m showing 1 year and 4 months of activity. I spent some time on the Windows 10 Insider Program so perhaps that contributes to the period?

  • Ah, thanks for the reminder! I saw this in the insider hub a little while ago and forgot! Both my gold and game pass were up in 2020, now game pass ultimate is until 2022! Hopefully we have real hover boards by then.

  • I got the full 36 months. Game Pass Ultimate is now paid until the 11th May 2022.

    • 11th May 2022 is exactly 36 months away. So you must have lost a bit of your subscription, regardless it’s still totally worthwhile.

      • Both my Game Pass and Gold subs were due to expire in September 2021. So I didn't lose anything, it was extended.

        • Oh perfect, then.

        • Yeah, I got the same. I was paid up til Jan 2020 with Game Pass, and mid 2021 with Xbox Live. (Thanks Microsoft Rewards!)

        • Actually, you did lose out.

          September 2021 is 27 months away. You should have received 54 months.

          If you JUST had a gold subscription, it would have been converted to ultimate and expired in 27 months.

          A month of EACH subscription is worth a month of ultimate. e.g. if your Gold sub expired in 10 months and your Game Pass sub also expired in 10 months then after conversion your ultimate pass would have expired in 20 months.

          • @LlamaLlamaLamp: You're wrong. The maximum is 36 months. My subscriptions would have expired before that. It was extended for no cost. I'm chuffed.

            • @Ge3ks: ahhhh, yeah ok I see you're point of view. A more accurate statement would have been that you could have benefited more but you've still gained overall.

            • @Ge3ks: He's combined subscriptions would have exceeded 36 months so he didn't lose anything and individually they would have never come close to that date… So he was right the whole time

              • @Sammy Boi: huh?

                He could have received 54 months of Ultimate…he was capped at 36.

                • +2 votes

                  @LlamaLlamaLamp: Fair dinkum, read the terms mate. He could not have received 54 months. Period. He got the full 36 months that Microsoft were offering as per the terms. His subscriptions to Game Pass and Gold are now lasting him 8 months longer for no more cost. End of story.

                • @LlamaLlamaLamp: It's important to note that "Game Pass Ultimate" is essentially both subscriptions lumped into one.

                  He's basically had his 27 months transformed into 36 months, for both services. It's a win.

                  He might have been able to have ONE subscription running for 54 months, but not both consecutively for longer than 27 months.

                  I see the point you're trying to make, but it's a free 9 months of both services.

                  If someone had paid for both services for longer than 36 months, then that's the only situation they'd be actually losing out.

                  • @snoopydoop: agreed. My choice of words was poor.

                          • @Sammy Boi: Riczter is correct here, and it's the angle Llama was taking.

                            Yes, technically someone with 18 months of both is getting more value out of it than someone with 18 months + 19 months (assuming they have purchased those months). And you certainly wouldn't advise someone who has 18 months of both to go out and purchase an extra subscription right now.

                            At the end of the day, it's essentially a freebie, except for people who have more than 36 months of both subscriptions, who are losing out. But there are people who have spent less money in order to get the 36 months than others.

                            It's like someone buying something in a 10% off eBay sale, with a savings limit of $10. Someone who has spent $150 is getting less value out of the sale than someone spending $100, but doesn't mean it's not still a positive deal.

                              • @Sammy Boi: Well you seem very determined to aggressively prove this person wrong, so you're needing assistance to see it from his point of view. Neither person is wrong.
                                If you were to read both of our comments properly, you would see we're not repeating information from the OP, but presenting his point of view in a way that you're able to understand more easily.

                                It doesn't really matter the outcome of the discussion, but I don't understand why you're being so negative towards this person.

                        • @Riczter: That was exactly what I was trying to say, Riczter and snoopydoop. You certainly wrote it better than I did though :D

  • FYI you can do this on PC via the Xbox Insider App on the windows store and stack it with the previous 3 months for $1 game pass deal.

    Looks like there is also 1 month of gold for $1. So 5 months of Game Pass for PC users for a total of $3. Not a bad deal.

    • Whereabouts in the app do you do it? Couldn't see. I just joined though so level 1.

    • Is this something you can do if you're not previously signed up to insider?

      • Well from my understanding you had to be three months to get the beta ring but it looks like OP wasn't an insider before hand and he got it. Basically rate things and do all the surveys

  • Can I get this on the 360?

  • OzBargain mods will need to create a new "Related Product".

    …actually what's the procedure for that anyways?

  • I would suggest purchasing the three month game pass for a dollar on the Xbox or PC before hand.

    Basically got 14 months of game pass for three dollars

  • +5 votes

    Thanks OP, I am now subbed to Ultimate Game Pass until 2022.

  • Forgot to thank OP thanks buddy

  • Need you guys to help me maximise my investments here - from my perspective this is really 'two subscriptions for the price of one'.

    Currently have 15 months of Gold left, but never bothered with Game Pass as of yet.

    Gold transferred -> 15 months of Ultimate.

    Add a trial of Game Pass before transferring; 3 months for $1 -> additional 3 months of Ultimate.

    So the question is - where is the cheapest 12 months of EITHER Gold OR Game Pass, so I can maximise my benefits for (15+3+12 = 30) months of Ultimate??

    • They seem to go for roughly $59 online. Game pass I would probably just do the three months for one dollar

    • Not the cheapest ever, but when you consider it's including gamepass too it's pretty good:

      CDKeys have Gold $65 for 12 months

      If you manage to attain it via Argentinian Xbox Store (complicated, I haven't figured it out, but is possible): ~$55 for 1 yr

    • Did also find the 50% off Game Pass renewal trick: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/450567

      So that's really 6 months for ~$18 when converting. Don't think I'll get better value than that!

  • So I've read through everything, and just to be clear:
    This is not possible to get, if you weren't already an Xbox Insider?

    Follow up questions:
    -My brother is an Xbox insider, but I have the accrued subscription. We have each of our other Xbox's set as our Home Xbox to game share. Any way to use this to benefit?

    -Someone mentioned PC insider can work too. Is there a way to sign up for this now, and attain any sort of benefit from this?

    This could potentially come to Xbox at any point, so I guess it could be worth having 36 months worth of cheap gamepass / gold (whichever you can get), for whenever this hits mainstream.

    • Even if you were an insider if you haven't been levelling up your insider account then you might not make it to level 5 in time in order to quality for beta ring. I'm trying now because I have been in the insider program for long enough to qualify, but im still only level 1 which means im stuck int he omega ring. 'm going to work through the rings now because each one lets me rate for a bit of extra xp.

  • Now we wait for Game Pass Ultimate to be added to Microsoft Rewards. Can't remember the last time I actually paid for 12 months of Gold.

  • Damn it, 5 xp points short of level 5. Joined over a year ago too. How often do new ways to get xp appear?

  • +11 votes

    Okay so here's what I did.

    I was not an existing subscriber for either.

    1 - Signed up for 3 month Game Pass trial for $1
    2 - Signed up Xbox Live Gold 1 month for $1
    3 - Bought 12 month code of CDkeys ($67) and while redeeming there's an option to turn on recurring billing and get an extra month free
    4 - Turned off recurring billing
    5 - Bought another 12 month code, and got an offer for an extra month free AGAIN for recurring billing
    6 - Signed up to ultimate pass for 1 month for $1

    Converted all subs to game pass ultimate.

    So from no active subscription to 31 months and 2 days subscription of Ultimate for $139.58 (134.58 24 months XBL Gold + $1 one month gold, $1 one month ultimate, $3 3 month game pass).

    Worked out 31 month sub for $139, or $4.50 a month for 31 months of game pass ultimate.
    Microsoft announced this pass at $15.95 AUD P/M for us aussies last month. So I essentially got 31 months at $4.50 instead of $15.95. Happy enough with that.

    • Great setup there, thanks for the detail! Just looking online and wondering if this could be cheaper, has some mixed reviews though looks like he replies and sorts it out? https://www.g2a.com/en-au/xbox-live-gold-subscription-card-x...

      $57.73 AUD per 12 months Plus Fee $5.78 AUD = $63.51 AUD minus (Looks like has 2.8% cashback?)
      reduced fee if you purchase 2 x 12 months
      2 x $57.73 per 12 months Plus Fee $9.31 = $124.77 minus (2.8% cashback) Could be $121.28 if my info is correct.

      • G2A is a higher risk retailer.

        • However, I'd say you are eliminating a little of the risk - as there are reports of people having their purchases revoked later on.

          This is less likely to happen since you are "converting" it to a different subscription, so technically there might be not anything to revoke.

          Obviously the risk of it not working immediately still stands. And perhaps this theory is flawed. Personally, I'd go with CDkeys however, not worth the risk for me.

        • yep just tried to get a 6 month sub off them and the code didn't work.. probably wont get my $ back either :(

      • I always buy from CDkeys because they deliver instantly and in the years I've used them I've never had a key not work, so it was just a matter of I don't mind paying more for the certainty. I saw G2a and a lot of those sellers had a heap of negative reviews. I figured I'm getting enough of a discount already :P

        G2A also add VAT at checkout so the price is misleading.

    • Wow, that is crazy. Thanks for the detail! :)

  • Ok, so I just joined. I'm at 95/140 exp. Assuming I can get another 10 exp each for taking surveys for the Minion Masters and Minecraft beats (need to add GamePass first for the Minecraft one), which would put me at 115 exp.

    Hopefully I can pick up another 35 (or 45) exp for more surveys / quests to get to level 5. And hopefully it works with level 5, but without the 3 months on the Insider Program!

  • It says on my subscriptions on xbox console, xbox game pass ultimate next charge Au$1 on 13/4/2020 so that's only next year :-)