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Canon EF-S 55-250mm F4-5.6 IS STM Lens $199 @ Big W


Price usually hovers around $500

Lens is decent and can produce stunning images ,google for more

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    hmm I bought mine for $183 (minus some discount code) end of 2017 off ebay, local stock, brand new.

    the lens is really good, actually, when paired with something like 80d or 7d. works wonders on lower end bodies in good lighting conditions, too.

  • I have cannon 80d body.. how good it will be if i use the combination with lenses?? Preferably clicking photos of nature and looking for wide angle or land scape… not portrait!! And price at ccwarehouse is cheaper https://www.cccwarehouse.com.au/xcart/pc/nviewPrd.asp?idProd... !! Suggestions welcome.

    • Plus postage, as much as I hate to say it I think Big W would be a more reliable supplier. Although it seems to be in-store only

    • If you want wide angle, should consider 18-135mm. 50mm is not really wide on cropped body 80D.

      • If you want to do landscape photography, canon 10 to 18mm is the one you want on a cropped sensor


          yes. there are different kinds of landscapes, though, every focus length is good, but for wide angle 10-18 stm is the best, on full frame the equivalents cost 3 times more at least.

    • Although it's true that a wide angle like the 10-18 will give you great shots, I wouldn't dismiss the telephoto zoom for landscapes. The compression really helps to bring a unique perspective. It's also an "easier" lens to use than a wide angle, which requires more careful composition to keep the shot interesting.
      The telephoto zoom is an essential part of a lens kit and you'd be missing out on the potential of your camera by not having one. Then which one you buy first is up to you.

    • I wouldn't get this on a crop body if you want to shoot landscape. You'll be shooting at 88mm at the widest point.

      Get this if you just want a cheap zoom lens.

  • $155 free postage here


    Though this isn't the STM version rather than the II

    • Whats the difference between STM & II version ??

      • Im not really into EFS lens, so I could be wrong, but the II version should have a micro-motor instead of a STM.

    • There is a big difference in image quality and focussing performance between the two models. I had them both. The STM is a clear winner.

  • Big W has camera lenses?!?

  • was about to downvote but then realised it is an actual camera lens, not the $10 mug.

  • Just grabbed one from Merrylands Stockland. Still have a few more. Call before you come.
    I have been watching this lens for a while on ebay, normally ~ $200 for whitebox. The same price for local store, retail box is a good deal.
    Save further 5% when using egift card.
    Thanks @nikpik

  • One left at Browns Plains, QLD last I checked an hour or two ago. Marked as regular price on the shelf though.

    Catchoftheday has also dropped their price