This was posted 3 years 1 month 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 50GB Per Month for 12 Months @ Windscribe VPN


Sign up or login to your account. Apply the promo code to get 50gb per month access.

I was on the 20Gb plan and was able to upgrade to 50gb per month.

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        • Change it to, more secure.

      • Change dns to to access any websites and enable torrent encryption so that ISP cannot see the torrent traffic from the outside.
        If you care about privacy, just use a VPN.

      • Most torrent sites are only superficially blocked. Many have mirrors anyway. Mind you, I sold my soul by assigning my DNS servers to Google, now I don't get blocked from anything. Haven't been using a VPN myself but that said, I have just snagged this deal.

    • +1

      I use it when I'm on free wifi so my traffic would be encrypted and not open for everyone to see.

      • This - mostly for when travelling overseas and using hotel/free wifi and I need to do something like banking

      • Ah that's a good idea.

  • +1

    I joined a couple of years ago and only recently started using it again but it seems I'm already on a 50gb per month free plan!
    FYI when it comes to using US Netflix this isn't the best unless you pay for access to the premium servers unfortunately! You can get lucky but it's rare in my experience!
    How long ago did you guys with 30gb plans join?

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

  • I have always had 50gig free so looks like I stay with what I have. I’ve had it for years now.

  • Thank you OP. Unambiguously awesome post.

  • +3

    Logged in to upgrade and I am on a 60GB plan for past 2 years. Ozbargain what have you done!

  • Hi,

    Whats the 50gb?
    Sorry i havent use vpn before.

    • +2

      It's the amount of data you can use. Think mobile data plans, pretty much the same idea.

      • So they are going to provide you with sim card? How does it work? You have to have a medium to connect or something.
        And donu know if u can you use it overseas?

        Thank you for the reply btw.

        • May I ask you why you need this VPN service if you don't even know what it is?

        • So it looks like you don't know what a VPN is. I'll try and explain. It anonymises your internet traffic so your internet provider (think Optus, Telstra etc) doesn't know what you're doing. Some are faster than others, some are more privacy focused (i.e the VPN provider won't record your traffic). There are more detailed explanations out there, just Google "what is a VPN" and you'll get someone better than me. If you don't really know what one is, then you probably don't need to use one and can just ignore this deal.

          • @Zazer: @ zazer Ive been using vpn service over 5 yrs but dont get the 50gb thing honestly. My provider never mentioned any, n i onky use it for certain purpose.

            • @Mark365: Hmm. May I ask which VPN you've been using? Most reputable VPN's have some sort of limit of how much data they let you run through their servers, otherwise they wouldn't be able to sustain unlimited access without selling your data, they would just be throwing money away. As the adage goes, if it's 'free' then you're the product.

  • no Android APP?

  • How good is this free winscribe account for torrent?
    As some said, if it's free, then you're the product???

  • thanks! Upgraded my 20g to 50 now :)

  • Thank You OP

    Kombat Komplete

  • -1

    Hi just signed … but showing ONLY two (2) GB ?!?!?

    • +1

      Verify your email and it should change

      • Hi Thanks … I can NOT comment extensively since ..I had ONLY 2 GB and went over … therefore NO MORE Access ..but I was impressed by the arrays of choices to VPN …

    • WHY the Negatif comment , by a GUTLESS member … PLEASE expand on your NEG vote ???????

  • Thanks, OP!

  • +1

    In case anyone’s worried about the five eyes issue..

  • Thanks for this.

    However I probably won't use it, I just use the built in VPN in Opera Browser.. Its fast enough, free, simple to click on and unlimited.

    True that it is only in browser but that is where you need the VPN the most IMHO. The 50 gig is a great deal but I use approx 100 gig a month, so you know not quite enough for me.

    btw. I highly recommend the Opera Browser I switched to it about 4 months ago and I am loving it over the others.

    • actually i thought about it, you know what this is perfect for my android i use only around 20 gig a month through the phone…

    • Is that only local for the browser or does it route all your phone traffic? Example if I'm on hotel wifi and want to use my banking app instead of a browser

      • all phone internet traffic… Just a heads up though after using it for an hour, although it is stable, and a nice looking app, my speeds are so bad on my telstra 4g phone that it is probably not worth using. One minute to load simple search engine results for example!

  • I've used this for quite awhile, its serviceable enough. Speeds can be pretty variable

  • +1

    Sorry if this is dumb question, but when I do a speed test while using this VPN I get less then 1 mbps, compared to 25 mbps usual? I expected some drop in speed but not that much! Do I just have it set on "best location"? Thanks anyone.

    • +1

      On the free version, I set it on best and it found Hong Kong Victoria server for me. Couldn't even open Google. Then I manually picked USA and got about 15mbps on a 50mbps connection. This is not amazing but passable for basic streaming - and price is right. Beggars can't be choosers.

      • Thanks, yes I was connected to the same. I will try USA. Cheers.

  • I've bought this one a few months ago.

    Now free 50GB. Wow.

  • When you make a new Windscribe VPN account it offers to generate a random username and secure password which it copies to your clipboard. Haven't seen that before, nice idea for those who don't have password software.

  • Sweet as thanks OP!

  • Used it for an hour. My speed is more than 15 times slower. Ouch. It does appear stable at least. Just sloooooow. Took a full minute to load a simple search engine result.

    • +2

      try changing servers

      • I tried West Coast USA and it is better. Still pretty slow, 1.4 Mbps on my 4g connection. Just usable. Any server you recommend?

    • On which server? Obviously China would be much slower than an Australian or New Zealand server.

  • Thanks OP. Works fine with US Amazon Prime on IOS.

  • it doesnt give you ANZ servers, in this subscription you only get US, UK and some other european countries It is SLOW, I have used Nord and this is clearly a demo product not a paid one, as it is really slow. With Torrent it gets better, but no where close to line speed.

  • so, why use this over TORBrowser or the VPN built into Opera?

    • This particular VPN is built around no-logs, complete privacy. Not sure about Opera.

  • Thanks, just found that I have account with them before.

  • I installed today, thanks OP.

  • hi op
    i tried this today, says its invalid?. I had signed up and registered, did i do something wrong?

    • +1

      Probably expired, this deal is over a week old.

      • oh well, next time then haha

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