This was posted 5 years 1 month 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Macro Cashew Kernels 500g $3 (Was $11.99) @ Woolworths (Online Only)


Greetings everyone, just saw this on Price Hipster. $6 Per Kg is an absolute bargain!

Online only so $30 min spend required, so either order a few or combine with other stuff.

As always, enjoy!

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    Great price. Ordered 10.

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    Thanks. Ordered 10

  • lol I thought I was the only one need 5 kg.

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    looks like price error

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    Thanks op

    Product of Vietnam
    Hope agent orange has dissipated by now

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      Last time I checked the USA still hadn't handed over maps for mined areas leaving thousands of victims to go on being maimed 50 years after the war.

      Just the USA breaking the Geneva Convention again in standard operating procedure while brainwashed people pretend it isn't.

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        No sure why your being down voted, maybe some Aussies feel guilty about taking part in another pointless Yankee war.

  • Thanks ordered 10

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    • Thank you.

  • Thanks OP. Got 6 packs of cashews.

  • Thanks ordered 10

  • Got 10 thanks heaps!

  • If I order 10 will they last me for 5 years?

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      Physically they will be there if you do not eat. Taste changes with time and they get even drier then usual. Open lot unless in air tight container also invites small insects somehow (just like keeping flour for longer after opening packet).

      Consume moderately as they also are known to increase blood cholesterol levels.

      • Consume moderately as they also are known to increase blood cholesterol levels.

        Lol. All plant produce is cholesterol-free. Even Coconut fat, which is extremely high in saturated fat has been trialed to show it’s LDL neutral.

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    This is nuts

    • Ba dum tss! ☺

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      The cashew is not a nut, it is a seed.

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    Will get some pimples soon :((

  • Please let Amazon match this so I can get free delivery!

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    Out of stock. Gave me credit refund

  • Error page now

  • Bought 10. Thanks.

  • Bought ten. Hopefully no refund

  • Thank you. Ordered mixed bags with almonds.

  • THANKS. ordered 10.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 10

  • Ordered 6 and then some Allen lollies to meet the $30 spend :)

  • Ordered 3 lots of 10 from different stores just incase some get cancelled

  • Any Stock for WA?

  • is site crashed?

  • thanks OP! ordered that and 2 of the St.Ives body lotion. Very rarely do they go on half price!…

  • Great price, Hope it's not close to expiration date sale

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    Combine with $9 Ben and Jerrys + $14 gift card.

    • Link?

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      Yeah, if Only that deal was posted earlier =(
      I Probably would have gone with that instead of grabbing 10 bags also.

      Ah well.
      Time to look up some cashew Icecream cake recipes..

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        You can amend your order within your account.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 10. The link didn't work and I have to go the site do it manually.

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    Chose to pick up tomorrow afternoon but have a feeling ot will be OzBargained when I get to the store to pick it up like the last Online 50% off sale.

    • I'm having the same feeling.

  • Ordered 10/ Thanks.. this is a great price

  • is it raw or salted or what?

  • Ordered 10 thanks! Don't forget Qantas Online Mall for extra points

    • -1

      Grrrrrrrrr, If I'm not getting mine I know who took it of me :/

  • Funny how the 250 grams are $5.79 lol… and the 500 grams for $3

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    Added 2 to my cart. By the time I went to checkout, it was out of stock. Thanks everyone for ordering 10!

    • +3

      Need to place a minimum order of $30 for online orders

    • Try some other stores nearby

  • Just got 10 2 mins ago .

  • Thanks. Ordered 4 plus a few other things. As tempting as 10 packs was, 5KG is a lot of cashews…

  • for me it says temporarily unavailable

    • changed the store.. was able to order.

  • Come to think of it, i hope the expired date is not too soon :)

  • Thanks, just ordered 10

  • can't get it picked up at my local wollies :(

  • The site is unreachable.

    • Got 6 cheers Op!

  • Thanks! Ordered 10 - hope it hasn't been ozbargained!

  • Cheers OP. Got 8 and couple of other items for pickup tomm. Woudn't want to delay pickup any longer as it might get cancelled.

  • Thank you, OP! Ordered 10.

  • OzBargained :(

  • ordered 20 including almond and ice cream in 2 separate orders!

  • I ordered ten to pick up Friday, they'll probably cancel.
    I don't like adding extra to make up to $30 'cause they'll cancel the stuff you wanted and expect you to make a special trip to get stuff you could've gotten easier elsewhere.

  • +1

    Ordered 7 and ben&jerry for pick up, never had raw cashew nuts before though, let alone so many.

    • I’ve had this pack specifically, and I don’t like them raw. They’re soft and chewy cashews. If that’s how you like them you will love these. I’m curious to hear back from you after you’ve tried them as well, as when I first tried them, I was kinda let down and now I know I love the roasted ones.

      • Oh yeah I've had these before too and you're right. I much prefer roasted and salted.

      • I got my order and tried them.. they're definitely good but yeah roasted are better. However at $6 a kilo, anything is amazing

      • Here is a tip.
        Store them in air lock container and pop them in the fridge.
        It becomes crisper than room temperature one.

      • oh now I am kinda of regret buying so many bags, didn't know they could be soft😂. You just reminded me the last time I bought a bag of sunflower seed expecting them to be crispy and they turned out to be soft, taste like you stored them inappropriately.

        I might try roasting the cashew nuts in the oven or pan fry them to see if they'd get crispy.

  • It's over peeps

  • +3

    Collected my order 3 hours ago; expiry 2021 so really good deal

    • Lucky you are.. mine got cancelled after receiving the SMS to pick the item :(

      • I knew the order would get cancelled if I wait, so collected same day ahah

        Good luck next time

  • Refunded boo

  • +1

    1 of mine got refunded, $3 back in paypal.
    9 out of ten aint bad :P

  • REFUNDED!! :(

  • Refunded. Sigh…..

  • I think if the expiry was known it would have not lasted 1 hour .

    • 10 out of 10 cancelled. Was worth a try :)

      • Did woolworths send you a giftcard in addition to the refund for cancelling your order? I remember during the last 50% freezer sale my order was cancelled and I got a giftcard for compensation.

  • +1

    Out of stock. Refunded!!!

    Woolies bait and switch lol

  • Got 3 out of 8 cancelled and refunded, not too bad, all things considered.

  • Ordered 6 and had to changed my store to one that had them in stock for local pickup. Today I get a message that my order for the 6 has been cancelled and a refund will be given. Didn't need the frozen duck and other items to make up the $30 minimum spend.

  • +1

    All 10 cancelled and refunded. I wasted a bit of time there!

  • +5

    When deals like this are announced the key is to select pickup in a few days to allow the store to replenish.
    I collected mine earlier this morning and while one of the ten I ordered was cancelled I took a walk around to the section and saw a full row of the nuts. I asked the girl who said orders get picked early morning and if stock not on the shelf at the time they mark it as out of stock.

    • +1

      Yeah either order for click&collect same day (like i did) or 3-4 days letter when they re-stock

    • +1

      I've delayed my pick-up day. Going to actually make sure they have stock on the shelf before I stop changing my pick-up day. I'm usually there 3 times a week anyway.

      • Can anyone confirm that delaying the pickup date works? I remember during the freezer sale some people had their order accidentally deleted when they tried to change the order date.

        • Can only answer from my experience - so far I have changed the date 3 times. I checked today and their shelf is completely empty. I’ve changed it to Fri 24th now. Going to check again during week and if still empty will keep changing it. They only let you go one week in advance

          • @thriftee: Finally collected today. Expiry Jan 2021. Wish I had bought 20 now.

    • Exactly what happened to me during the last freezer sale. You can get them price matched to your out of stock items though.

  • Just collected all 10 of mine at Braybrook :) thanks !!

  • +1

    Picked up mine this morning, ended up getting 5kg for $21.

    I ordered 10 packs to bring the total to $30 then received an email that they could only fulfill 7 packs and refunded me $9.

    Then when I picked them up I found that they'd only packed 3 500g packs and substituted the other 4 packs for 250g ones.

    So I complained and they ended up filling the whole order 5kg even though I'd received a partial refund.

  • All 10 cancelled and refunded. I wasted a bit of time there!

    Same only 40 , not 1 supplied .

  • Didn't know Woolies was in the same category as Harvey Norman , at less I know now :)

  • -2

    Got 5 - the expire date 19/10/19 …
    I retured all 5.

    • That's 5 months away. I can finish 5 packets in 5 days easy.

  • +1

    ordered 10. got 8.
    now, what do I do with them?

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