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Macro Cashew Kernels 500g $3 (Was $11.99) @ Woolworths (Online Only)


Greetings everyone, just saw this on Price Hipster. $6 Per Kg is an absolute bargain!

Online only so $30 min spend required, so either order a few or combine with other stuff.

As always, enjoy!

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  • Just received out of stock email when they were picking my order. Hopefully it's a legit out of stock and not pricing error.

  • Out of stock for me too:(

  • Have just picked up 6 and got $12 refunded. And they all expire on January 2021. Thanks, OP. ☺

    • I got the refund in the store but it doesn't not show on my card. Did you put the refund on your card as well, if yes, does it reflect in your online view?

  • Just received my order. I ordered 5 cashews, Ben & Jerrys and some soda. At first I thought they made a mistake and provided me with an extra pack of nuts only to realise that two packs were 250g rather than 500g. They must have run out of the 500g ones and provided a substitute. Nice!

  • I ordered 4 only able to get 2. :(

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    My order got cancelled.

  • FU Woolies - am tired of so many refunded orders😠 No cashews😢
    Have been a loyal Woolies shopper for years, but promotions without enough stock has finally driven me away.

    • If you think about it from their side, It's completely out of their hand to cancel orders when they are met with (8470 clicks = ~4000+ orders) of 6+ packets each to be collected on the same day.

      • Woolies rarely stocks many of these on their shelves. So having them as part of their 50% off online sale shows poor judgement. That leads to customer frustration. So I'm out.

  • got 3/3 packs @ Weston Creek woolies :D

  • my cashews order was cancelled as out of stock with refund but still had to go into the store to pick up the items i added to get to $30.

  • Got none - all to be refunded ( pick up was today evening ) (WA)

  • I ordered for this arvo, my store is fulfilling my order on Monday when they will have more stock. I'm happy with that.

    I don't like woolworths service. Wasted time and petrol.
    What a service!

    • Mine all got cancelled, I like woolies service, 9/10 people here got a absolute steal, it’s no wonder there is some stock issues, it got ozbargajned. Why can’t people understand this?

  • I got an email to contact Your Woolworths Online Team
    1800 000 610 urgently, because The store unfortunately does not have stock and we would like to move this order to 22/05/2019.
    Next day got an email for refund because out of stocks. Is it an AD to get people joining to buy online? That is so bad for PR. I never to shop in WW. Aldi is much cheaper.

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    Got the roasted one substituted for all 10. Delicious.

  • Screw you Woolie. All refunded except one item that I didn’t want but added to make it $30. If stocks aren’t enough why accepted the order!!


    Ask for a raincheck if cancelled :)

    • Just called them, was advised that a rain-check is not possible for online orders as per their terms and conditions.

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        :( sorry! We’ve been giving out rainchecks to everyone that came in to pick up their orders

        • I went to town hall store and the guy was absolutely uncooperative. He didn't even tell me about the raincheck. Can I go again and show the cancellation email and ask for raincheck?

  • Same here, order cancelled, just had to go get my two other things that totalled up to $30. No mention of anything in way of replacements or rain checks.

  • 1st order 10 from 10 …. me 1 Woolies 0

    2nd order got cancelled but got an sms saying it was ready. Tried my luck and had 3 earn and learn stickers waiting in the empty green crates that was meant to have cashews.
    Twisted way of seeking revenge… Woolies 1 me 0

  • Mine got cancelled too. I know Coles do rainchecks. Can anyone confirm if Woolworths do too? Was keen to try these cashews. Maybe not 6 packets but at least a couple.

  • Hilton SA Woolworths did not give me with a raincheck when I asked due to being online order :-(

  • Ordered 10, got 0. Out of stock :(

    Wish I knew about this rain-check option.

  • Out of stock . Cashews and Almonds/

  • WOW didn't know there are those many Ozbargainers in my area… Was talking to the lady at my local woolies and she said they had to cancel 40 different orders they received of these cashews

  • Thanks OP. I got my 10 on Monday when my store had stock again. I roasted my first bag last night in coconut oil in the air fryer, so delicious.

  • I picked mine up today and they scammed me. They substituted 3 packs of the 500g cashews for 3 packs of 250g cashews. At first I thought they would give me 2 of the 250g packs for every 500g pack but they didn't.

    Make sure you count your packs before leaving the store.

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    Ordered 8.
    Got an email saying only 1 in stock
    Just went to pick up my 1 of 8.
    The service person apologized for the lack of stock and said the store manager had approved a $25 gift card.
    Server then said she'd check to see if they had stock.
    They had stock and they honoured the original price.

    7 x 500gram @ $3 - $25 voucher (plus 1 pack they had in stock) = profit + free cashews. nice !!!!

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