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Plantronics Backbeat GO 3 Wireless Headphones with Charge Case $49 (Was $169.95) @ Harvey Norman


On clearance at Hardly Normal!Credit to Pricehipster

Cheapest price to date!

If you dont want the charging case, you can get the head phones for $39

Reviews are mixed:

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Harvey Norman

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  • Thanks and ordered! I've been waiting for a deal on something like this to replace my current aging Plantronics wireless headphones (as the battery doesn't last quite as long anymore).

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    great deal! got a free shipster delivery, too!

  • free delivery via shipster

  • Great deal under $50, Thanks.

  • Comments from the previous deals when it was this price aren't good.

  • Birthday gift sorted for my brother. Cheers OP!

  • Honestly bought their backbeat sense and was really disappointed with the audio quality. Word of warning.

    • What's the problem with Bluetooth V3.0?

      • I'd also like to know why V3 is an issues.

      • It's for old people and very gender stereotypical. Version 5 is so hip right now.

        • BT5 is low power, longer range, reduced latency, double transfer speeds compared to BT4.2…but who's keeping score.

          • @ADGRM: In theory BT 5 sounds good, but as you would know both devices have to be compatible as well as both

            devices need to have certain software features/licence fees paid for features such as longer range

            and reduced power usage etc. from what I have read.

      • Not that it is a problem, but I would prefer adopting a more advanced technology if it is available.
        "For example, wireless headphones couldn’t communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy, so they had to use the more power-hungry Bluetooth classic standard instead. With Bluetooth 5.0, all audio devices communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy, which means reduced power usage and longer battery life. Many more types of devices will be able to communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy in the future."

  • Micro-usbbbbb

  • :(
    Not available for pickup anywhere around homebush nsw

  • These wireless headphones seem to have wires

  • WARNING I have bought 2 planttronic sports (on sale $99) and a plantronic go 1 on sale$50 and a plabtronic Pro 2.($180lish). All seem to work great at the beginning hence I bough so many for me and my family….. in around a few months to a year….. I have connection issues with most of them….. the pro 2 have being deteriorated in around 2 years use…. its a great deal, but yeah…. I am going to try a different brand next time my self :(

  • Not available to pick up in most of the stores. and Delivery is $14.95.

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    I still have my backbeat pro 2, works great, plugged in or wireless. but I could never get it to work flawlessly with 2 devices simultaneously (my pc and phone). great sound quality! another Plantronics product I had was backbeat go 2, that wasn't a happy story as they never sat comfortably in the ears, so I sold 'em. it looks like 3 is constructed better, I am keen to give them a go at this price.

  • Out of stuck

  • Version without the charge case still has stock for $39.

    Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 Wireless Headphones - Grey/Orange

  • These buds are so bad that it's the first ever that I called Plantronics to see if I can get it refunded. lol. There is basically no bass, and I've heard better $20 BT Buds than this.

  • If someone got one's and doesn't want them pm me. Thank you

  • Just got an email from Paypal saying my purchase has been refunded. No explanation or anything. Nice one Harvey Norman..

  • Just received an email from Harvey Norman advising that they've cancelled my order.

  • Picked up a pair this morning, seems to be DOA. No charge out of the box, and no change after 6 hours on a charger.

    Oh well…

    • I got mine today, one for myself and for partner. One pair works well but the other is DOA. The red light blinks when charging but doesn't turn on. Left it on overnight but nothing happened.

      • Mine appears to be DOA too. Red light blinking when plugged in but doesn't turn on.
        I note that the box is labelled 'jun-2016'. Presumably the lithium battery is cactus.

        What's the HN return process like?

        • Easy. Went to my closest one and explained the problem. Lady asked refund or exchange. Got money back since no more stock.

          • @design2last: Ok so I was about to return it but the headphones woke up and I got a blue light.

            Unfortunately only one side seems to work - the right side is almost completely dead (very quiet). Wtf? Anyone else had this?
            It's not my phone settings, it does the same when paired to my laptop.

    • Same problem here with DOA. Blinks red like it’s charging but never goes blue. Left it overnight.

      • After reading about people getting refunded due to no stock I decided to talk to Plantronics directly to try and organise a replacement. If you register the product on their website you can lodge a warranty claim there. Send if your old one and they supply a new one.

      • I've had mine charging for about 4 days and still no luck getting it to turn on… I guess we all know why they were clearing them out.