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Microfibre Throwover Car/Gym Seat Cover (Silicon Bead Backing) $40 (Was $60) or 2 for $70 Delivered @ SeatBibz



To Purchase this deal click on our ebay link - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/273749122703
$70 for a pair https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/273749122703 Free Postage
$40 for one activeseatcovers ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/273749126793

About SeatBibz:
We are 100% Australian Owned and Operated.

SeatBibz is the best Throw-over car seat cover on the market. There are dirt, grease, sweat and a multitude of other nasty stuff out there just waiting to get on your seat. Get real, be smart and protect your car seat with SeatBibz.

This plush microfiber cover is contoured to universally fit ANY car seat on the market in seconds. Not just for the car- take SeatBibz with you to the gym or the beach. The non-slip backing makes it perfect for gym benches or as a comfortable addition to your yoga mat.

The SeatBibz cleverly contoured hip cut will rest perfectly on your seat with minimal slip. To secure simply pull the underside elastic strap around the headrest or gym bench.

SeatBibz is a true seat companion for active individuals.

Check out our Feedback on eBay(ebay.com.au) and Facebook(facebook.com)!

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    This was half this price only 9 days ago! And now you come with full price?

    And that deal is still on!

    And are they worth $50 or $60? Or did your RRP magically change in 9 days?

    And you edited the old deal only 12hrs ago, changing the expiry from June to today so you could hit us up with this lousy deal.


      PVC beads vs silicon beads.
      apparently justifies double the price difference. They have it on sale so often that they might as well make this the standard price.
      got one from the previous "sale". in the mail.
      decent reviews from what I understand


      Well caught.
      Editing the old deal to kill it early and jack up the price is a totally dick move.
      This poster should cop a ban for their actions.


      they are completely different qualities of seat covers. both deals are still available. The silicon beads are better quality.


      2 different products - this is a new deal with a new improved microfiber and silicon beads.


    Website advertising at $49, but you claim a $20 discount. Also c'mon who takes a car seat cover to the gym, it looks ridiculous. Be one or the other, dont try be both. And I'm negging as it was much cheaper last week.


      the website is showing a reduced price of $49 but doing a better deal thru here :) both deals are still available ..


    Not the best deal available, much cheaper in previous deal.


      previous deal which is also still available is a different quality seat cover. This deal has is the new version with better quality silicon backing


        Where are the specification differences in the eBay listings? The only difference I can find in the two listings in this deal and your previous deal is the price.


          in the description it states Silicon beads on the more expensive newer style version. If you could see the 2 different styles in person you would be able to tell the difference and hence the reason in price difference. the cheaper version is still good however and many people have been very happy with this product, the cost to produce the other version with silicon beads was much more.

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