expired [PS4/XB1] Red Dead Redemption 2 $55 Delivered @ Amazon AU


As the title said. $3 cheaper than the previous deal.

First-time poster. Longtime lurker. Please let me know if I make any mistake.

XB1: https://www.amazon.com.au/Rockstar-Games-5359054-Dead-Redemp...

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    wasn't it this price on release day?

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      I think it was $62 on release, that's what I ended up paying on my pre-order.


      GTA V was in the top 10 sales for over five years straight … RDR2 may do even better as far as sales due to more people gaming compared to 2013.

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        I think it’ll struggle to do that. Looks like it’s sold 24 million copies which puts it well behind GTA V on 110 million (and that title is still pushing units)


        GTA V likely benefited a lot from being rereleased on the next gen systems that lead to a lot of people double dipping. That and I think the GTA name simply carries broader appeal and recognition.

        Not to say RDR are anything less than impressive, just GTA V is basically in a league of it’s own.

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          They're still holding off on a PC release of RDR2. Odds are we will get it on the PS5/XB2 and PC with better graphics and some bonus content for that sweet double dip.


            @Agret: It wont be on PC like rdr1.


            @Agret: Could equally see GTA V on any future console too and there’s persisting rumours of a Switch port. Clearly has the user base there. That said, with both systems almost certainly being backwards compatible I'm not sure they'd actually re-release the titles. Maybe but I suspect the vast majority of gamers that don't own a Pro or X will get the optimisations out of RDR that comes with having more powerful hardware which would unlock the Pro + X optimisations and that'll be what we get.

            But yeah, any future releases is speculation and nearly 90 million units is a lot to catch up to GTA V and as I mentioned, GTA V still sells extremely well itself. Apparently is was the 11th highest seller of 2018, 5 years after release, which suggests to me it could very likely be outselling RDR2 at this point if RDR2 sales dropped to around 1 million for the Nov - May period (half the year that included the lucrative Xmas months). To get in the top 11 of 2018 GTA V must have been pulling well ahead of 1 million per 6 months.

            As above, not trying to be dismissing of RDR2 but GTA V's sales are astronomical. This article looks to put it in context


            as does this


            To put it simply there's a fair few 20million unit titles there, GTA V is one of three to ever pass 100 million and that includes PC titles so I wouldn't assume a potential PC port will nearly make a big enough dent. They'd need to add more sales than the 4th highest selling game of all time got to catch it (Wii Sports with 82 million, and that was a pack in title) while having GTA V sales halt in the mean time such is the sales gap right now.

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    Same price at Target if you want a local copy. 😎


    Haha found ya Lenny!


    Playing this game is like watching 2001 or listening to The Dark Side of the Moon - if you haven't done it, you're missing out.


    Quite good price. Thanks OP!

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    Is this game fully enjoyable offline? If so I'll buy later. Got so many games to play still lol

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      Yeah, the single player campaign is. Obviously the online multiplayer side of it won't be much good to you without a connection.


    10% with cashrewards or 12% with cashback also

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