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Razer Core X Thunderbolt 3 External Graphics Enclosure $351.95 Delivered @ Microsoft Store


Seems to be the cheapest ever price listed on OzBargain.

Give your compatible laptop the power of a full-gaming system with this plug-and-play graphics enclosure.

Game on the go
Level up your compatible laptop to rival full-gaming stations with Razer Core X. Whether you're designing a 3D world or defeating a final boss, this external graphics enclosure transforms your laptop into a VR-ready setup with desktop-class graphics. Plus, connections are speedy with a Thunderbolt 3 port.


Dimensions 12.99 x 6.29 x 2.35 in (329.94 x 159.76 x 59.69 mm)

System requirements
Windows 10, 64-bit RS1 or above with Thunderbolt 3 port

GPU support (graphics card not included)
GPU type: up to 3-slot wide, full-length PCIe-Express x16 graphics card
GPU max power support: 500 watts

Internal power supply 650 watts
Laptop power delivery Up to 100 watts via USB-C

Included cables
Power cable
Thunderbolt 3 cable

Weight 14.29 lbs (6.48 kg)

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    Caution, this version does not have USB or GigE ports. I almost made an expensive mistake!

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      But for anyone looking for 100% potential graphics performance, this is the one for you as using USB or Ethernet port simultaneously with eGPU connected will take up the total thunderbolt bandwidth.

      • Actually not for the Razer Cores! They use a seperate TB3 controller for the I/O ports so dont have to share bandwidth. So if you're looking for USB hub + eGPU together, the Razer Core Chroma is the one for you.

    • Thank you Sir. This is very important as I need one that serves as a dock too.

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    Got one of these last time they were cheap and I'm pretty happy with it.

    I've got it coupled with an Asus RX580.


    • I get 60fps on everything I've tried with it on ultra, I don't play multiplayer games so I'm perfectly happy with that. I have it couple with an old Apple 23" cinema display.
    • I can play AAA games on a 2016 Macbook
    • Mac support is really good - it's plug and play though I got less FPS with UNIGINE on MacOS than I get with Windows for some reason.


    • Thunderbolt cable is annoyingly short - I like having an organised desk as it has to sit awkwardly close to my laptop
    • The stock PSU is pretty noisey, a few people have done mods to try and silence it. I ended up modding the stock fans on RX580 and removing the case fan and it's now at least bearable.
    • Bootcamp/Windows support for Macs 2016/2017 Macs is a pain, you have to install EFI hacks to get it to run, you also have to disable one of the Thunderbolt ports for it to work. Also sleep doesn't work for me. This is probably my biggest gripe as I usually have to stuff around for 5 minutes getting it to boot in Windows before I can play anything.

    Overall I really recommend it for someone with a TB3 laptop who wants to play current games and doesn't want to invest in a gaming rig.

    • Did you find much temperature difference after removing the case fan?

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        Nill - but I replaced the stock RX580 fan with 2x pwm 92mm Noctua fans and I reapplied the thermal paste on the heat-sink. I idle at 25c and max out at out at 65c under load. Putting the fan back in makes no difference.

        • Thanks for reporting back. Think I might try this out.

  • Good deal but I find it insane that these things cost way more than a ATX case, power supply, and TB3 mobo put together.

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