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Xioami Mi Air Purifier 2s $159 Plus Delivery from Kogan


Winter is coming!

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S features an ultra-clear OLED digital display that allows you to monitor the air quality of your home, including factors such as temperature and humidity.

Three-layered filtration, including activated charcoal
Monitor the air quality of your home via the Mi Home App
Three modes: favourite, sleeping and automatic
OLED digital display
Triple layered filtration

Rest assured knowing that the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S features a 3-layered filtration system: a primary filter net, H11 EPA net and a premium activated carbon layer. Together, these three layers combine to provide exceptional filtration that is capable of removing up to 99.99% of PM2.5 particles.

Automatic brightness adjustment

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S comes equipped with a built-in light sensor that detects changes in ambient lighting and automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED screen accordingly.

Stay in control

Enjoy the convenience offered by the Mi Home App, which allows you to control your Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S using your mobile phone. With this handy app you can monitor changes in air quality, select different modes and view temperature and humidity.

Here is a review from youtube:

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      • There may be less be smell but there will still be ammonia in the air. I do sometimes use baking soda but it's annoying to scoop out (my scoop has huge larger holes) and it doesn't get rid of all of the smell.

        • +1

          I keep the car litter in the laundry and use the baking soda. I got a scoop with smaller holes and have been happy with the results so far.

          • @RSmith: Yeah thanks but I'm not as concerned about the smell as I am the actual ammonia. Which baking soda can't get rid of.

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    Thanks OP. Just bought one.

  • +2

    94c more on ebay with PHOENIX

    • +1

      but shipping is $20 vs $9

      • +1

        Not sure what you mean by shipping cost comparison. Ebay deal has free shipping but koganhas delivery charges. Isn't kogan deal is more expensive?

        • whoops my bad for some reason free shipping didn't show up at the time but now it does

    • Thanks. Will buy from ebay with 10% off gift card bought from woolies

  • Just bought one. Hopefully it will arrive sometime next week.

  • +4

    I have one of these in my bedroom – but I use it as a white noise machine. I find the sound it produces on the higher settings to be really soothing and relaxing. Also good at drowning out other sounds like street noise.

  • Thanks got one too

  • How is this compared to the Philips one? Is anyone using Philips purifier?

    • +6

      I have a fancy Sharp one imported from Japan. The sensor the Sharp is stellar at detecting bad air. You literally fart 5m away and it will go into overdrive to clean the air. The xiaomi one I bought for parents is terrible at detecting bad air. I have to spray something very close to it or burn something for it to go into red. Doesn't mean the filter itself is bad though, prob should manually set the mode.

      • Which model? I have the Xiaomi but would be after one that is even better.

        • KC-E70W it has humidifier which is super useful for the dry winters here. Note it runs on 110v so I had to buy a transformer from a local mob.

          When I bought years ago air purifiers were not a thing and the Philips ones didn't exist in Australia. If I'm buying again I would get a Philips one locally. They rated really well when I did my research.

      • You literally fart 5m away and it will go into overdrive to clean the air.

        Probably activated by the fart sound.

      • +1

        The PM2.5 sensor works fine, but by default the PM2.5 level has to be reasonably high for it to increase the fan speed. You can fix this by making custom scenes in the Xiaomi Home app, to make it increase the fan speed, at a lower PM2.5 level.

    • I use the Philips with the PM2.5 defector. It’s bloody great.

  • How often you need to change filter? Mixed reviews in the comments above on its effectiveness. Not sure to buy or not.

  • Planning to get one mainly to try and reduce dust for child allergic to dust mites etc - will it help? Does the filter it come with as standard suffice?

    Can the filter be washed and used again or after 6-8 mths needs replacing?

    • You are better off spending money this towards a decent vacuum cleaner and dust mite covers for your bedding. Regular vacuuming will do a better job of reducing dust and dust mites than this filter.

      I have this filter and it doesn’t do much if the air is already clean which is the case for most of Australia. You get more bang for buck in polluted major cities like in China or India.

      The app interface isn’t great either. I can’t have the filter on the same server as my other Xiaomi devices which is annoying. It take ages to figure out how to get the app working with the filter too.

      The machine itself is a nice design. It doesn’t do much in the auto setting or in night mode but it very quiet. To be honest I think it’s more of a placebo than making massive reductions in airborne dust loads.

      • Comments like these stop me from buying ..lol. I am confused. Does it work for people with block nose during winter or not.

      • Agree. This machine makes little to no difference here in Oz. The fan is not strong enough to lift dust particles off the ground. And it runs in the background wasting electricity. Just vacuum your room regularly and you'll feel the difference.

  • +2

    The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S features an ultra-clear OLED digital display

    OLED, nice

    and automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED screen accordingly.

    LED? I thought it was OLED

    Enjoy the convenience offered by the Mi Home App, which allows you to control your Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S using your mobile phone.

    So after all that I don't even need to use the screen?

  • +1

    thanks! bought one.

  • +1

    Has anyone used these for dog allergies?

    Have a relative who is allergic and wondering if I run this in a particular room whether it will help or not?

    • I would doubt it. The allergic response would largely come from contact with dander, not fine particles.

      • I read that the allergic response is also caused by the finer particles of pet dander i.e 2.5 microns.

        So I guess I have to keep looking

    • Nope but I got my Sharp air purifier for my sneezing cat. Worked wonders.

  • Tempted by this cause its a xiaomi. Just not sure how expense is to replace filters compared to competition. Anyone crunched the numbers?

  • +4

    $159.94 with free delivery @ Dick Smith Ebay if you have Ebay Plus - use code PHOENIX https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Xiaomi-Mi-Air-Purifier-2S/192665... Was posted above but delivery fee now free.

    • Thats what @onhunt said above. I am going ahead with ebay purchase.

      • +1

        I think Dick Smith Ebay had a $19.95 delivery fee yesterday but now free.

  • Or just buy indoor plants totally silent and do just as good if not better job

    • +3

      Yes but they suddenly standup and talking to people sometimes.

  • Any one have any info on how much more effective the much larger pro version of this is?

  • It's funny, all of these things chewing electricity burning coal and adding to the problem they are trying to solve. I guess if China can flog enough of these we really will develop an air quality problem lol.

    • better than those things only chewing electricity but dont purify the air, like the computer you are using now.

      • It's a good thing i didnt buy my computer to purify air then.

        • but you do use your computer to pollute the air

          • @coolbzk: How so? I work remotely on the computer which eliminates a few tons of emissions and pollution a year due to no daily commute. I've got a large solar array powering the computer which feeds more electricity back to the grid than i consume. And i own acres of land with natural bushland and large trees that you know… actually contributes to increasing air quality.

            But whatever, enjoy your Xiaomi fan!

  • Any proof that air purifiers work?

  • +4

    For anyone doubting. I own one. I think the sensor quite accurate, usually sit at 1. It goes up when the household is doing heavy cooking (usually 5-50 depends on cooking, steaming has no effect while pan frying will turn up the numbers), there is smog from bush fire in the summer or heavy pollen during early morning. I had a smoking oven that cause it to read up over 500 pm2.5 and it took nearly 2 hours to clear up at max speed.

    • right, considering how many times the smog from bush fire polluted Sydney per year, i do need one.

  • Filters are available for $39 at the moment with free delivery using code "ZIPFREE"

  • +1

    Mine just arrived today.
    Plugged mine in in the bedroom and the reading was 025. About 15 mins on the max setting and it's dropped to 003.

  • I received mine today and it's a foreign plug

    • +1

      Mine came with a second delivery that was an Aussie cable

  • Any one find it weird or know why the dust sensor is at the back of the unit. Doesn't make sense when it would be close to a wall?

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