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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 WINDFORCE 6GB Gaming Graphics Card - $489.60 Delivered @ Shopping Express eBay


Hi Guys
1st ever post so go gentle. Stumbled across this deal on ebay and snapped it up quick. Shopping express had this discounted already but with ebay plus membership you can score yourself a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 WINDFORCE 6GB Gaming Graphics Card for $489.60 delivered. UPDATE i did not realise you needed to post the quantity on positing there were 11 available.. just checked.. As at 20:30WST 18/5/19 the seller now only has 3 available.

This version has just over 15hz increase in core clock speed compared to the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 OC version they are also selling, both around the same price. Good price considering MSY/PLE are selling this model for around $569/$609 at present.
For those interested the RTX2060 is basically on par with GTX1070ti / GTX1080 FPS in games, with the added bonus of ray tracing for future games.

Original 15% off on eBay for eBay Plus Members, 10% off for Non Members eBay Deal Post

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  • how about this 2060 for $483?

    Also the delivery says $50 even though I have Ebay+

    • Yep that was the one i referenced in my above description "15hz increase in core clock speed compared to the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 OC version they are also selling".. i figured for $6 more might as well go the Windforce edition.
      My final price through checkout was $489.60 for metro Perth standard delivery, no postage charge. So i am not sure why you are seeing $50 postage. Unless there was a glitch with mine? But 100% no postage cost when i went through checkout, $489.60 was my final price.

      • Which one has the better cooler, windforce?

        • Both utilise the same fan design, Windforce 2. The only difference (in relation to the cooling) from what i can tell was down to the heat pipes design. But i think there would be virtually no difference between the 2 in temps. Windforce OC is slightly longer than the standard OC card along with the slightly higher core clock hz. Thats about it..

    • Delivery coming up free for me, and I think OP mentioned that this GPU was clocked a tad higher than the other one as well. It's just preference at this price difference to be honest, but this one does come with a free 'high speed!' HDMI cable :)

    • No idea why companies waste shelf space and their own margins by selling virtually identical products like this. I bet they OC to exactly the same speed, it's the same cooler.

      • It actually looks like a different cooler. Looking at the images, the heatpipes are different. Which probably makes it worse, in that they made another design for such a small difference.

    • Comes down to fan noise at load.

    • I will second delivery $50 with ebay plus

  • Good price but the temps on these dual fan gigabyte models are very disappointing. Especially since the 2060 doesn't even get that hot.

    • eBay Plus is in the Title i Guess don't click on the deal…

    • CerealJay.. OzBargain is a site to post deals, this a deal for those with ebay plus. It is in the title, therefore skip it if this deal does not appeal to you/not an ebay plus member. Ozbargain is catering for all people out there.

      And pray tell "often found around this price". Currently you cannot find a GB Windforce RTX2060 for $489 delivered. Knock yourself out going for a crappy Galax or some other cheapo made card. At this point in time it is a deal hence the post.

      FYI - referencing non ebay stores also puts the pricing into perspective given it is the cheapest price on ebay at present and we are all aware GFX on ebay without % sales are above MSY/PLE prices for the most part. Even if they are on par better off buying from MSY/PLE for warranty issues, no need to post back to an ebay seller.. some people like myself may need a card right now as our old one died..

      Cheapest on ebay at present is $595 delivered (from a newbie seller mind you, not a massive seller like shoppingexpress) for this model. So apparently a $100+ saving isnt great in your book.. good work..

    • How about posting better deals yourself instead of whinging.

  • Thanks OP. Finally bought a Gigabyte 1660 Ti for $397 with this deal. I think it's time to put my GTX 680 to pasture.