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15% off Eligible Items on eBay for eBay Plus Members, 10% off for Non Members ($120 Min Spend, $200 Max Discount)


Saw this popup while browsing ebay. Applicable for "Eligible Items" only.

"The offer entitles Plus Members to 15% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) and non Plus Members 10% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on all Eligible Items listed on www.ebay.com.au when you spend $120 or more in one transaction during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $200 per transaction."

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  • +28

    How rare to get more as a plus member

    • Well done ?

    • +5

      It's obviously an error lol

      • +67

        I'll go you one better. I just got an offer (perhaps targeted 😀 ) for $0 off, minimum spend $100, better be quick, expires tomorrow… I swear this is the worst "offer" ebay has ever done. Screen capture here.

        • +3

          Bahahaah I got that too

        • Terms and conditions apply

  • -2

    Not really doing the "Plus" members much of a deal when you need to spend $120 or more in one transaction.

    • +2

      In the Electronics and Computer categories, there is nothing under $500 that qualifies for discount anyway.

      • I just put in 3 data cards, total $150+, and then put the code in and it works for 15% off for (discontinued) eBay Plus members

  • +2

    Oh man was just about to buy something from ebay at a great price, then tried this and made it even better. THANKS!!!!

  • +4

    is there a search link for 'eligible items'

    • Eligible Items' means all items listed on eBay.com.au where these terms and conditions are found and the coupon redemption code PHOENIX is displayed in the item listing.

    • +4

      That assumes we know what the eligible items are.

  • +17

    Wouldnt that be good if a search link available from these ebay sales simply can be provided by them instead of customers digging the hell of it trying to find out what are eligible?

    • +9

      But that means the customers would actually save money instead of BS marketing? How dare you.

      • oops, that’s sounds about right. Smart u

  • +1

    Like the last time, not applicable for anything sitting in my cart. Is there actually a good amount of items on discount, or is this just a way to get publicity?

    • same situation with me… 15K retailers included apparently….

    • +1

      same here, ebay plus is the worst membership I've ever paid

    • There are plenty of deals, but as with many sale events, they won't be something for everyone.

  • Any expiry date? I just submitted an best offer, still waiting seller’s reply.

    • These new 'elligible items' deals don't have set expiry dates… Just whenever eBay feels like it

      • Expires 19/5/19 - these new ones have only lasted 1 week at time.

        • Ah good to know. 1 week isn't too bad actually

  • +10

    Not renewing my Plus membership come July.
    Died out bro

    Have a + OP

    • +3

      Yep, already put the cancellation request in for mine so it won't auto renew without me realising.

      • Just did the same. Stupid deals!

  • +1

    7 Different items in cart from various Au sellers over $500 worth.. "We can't apply this code until you reach the minimum order total."

    • Are all those items eligible?

    • Same

  • Did they actually remove the Plus Trial (90 day trial) for anyone even though they e-mailed saying they'd end it on the 7th (as it was a mistake to allow people to sign up for trial again)?

    • I got the email but they didnt remove it from my account and I was able to enjoy the free shipping for an order last week.

  • +2

    Looks to be the same conditions as other recent 10% off deals. Needs to be a seller who sells a reasonable amount and is in good standing.

    Terms also state it can be used 4 times.

  • hnnng not sure if I want to pull the trigger on OnePlus 6 or wait for release of 7 Pro. So tempting.

    • Better to wait for 7 pro if you don't mind paying more for the latest model.

      • Yeah I'm gonna wait for the launch but I think i'm set on the OP6 purely because I'm not a fan of the integrated fingerprint scanner as its still 1st gen. Not sure how I feel about the front facing camera but I'm happy to compromise depending on what I see there.

        • Got the OnePlus 6 on the last 15% off, Very very impressed with it.

  • +10

    I got this offer today

    Get $0* off Coupon code: BLOOM
    * Terms & Conditions apply

    That'll teach me to whinge about the measly 3% off coupon

    • +6

      Its OK, that new code will only work on vendors with a ZZ in their username & only on the 5th Tuesday of the month (minimum spend $5000)…

    • +1

      they should have used the coupon code GLOOM for that offer….

  • +1

    Thanks, eBay Plus has really been working for me. It has more than paid for itself since I got it. Just bought a Leatherman which I was looking at yesterday.

  • When will be finished the discount?

    • +4

      Yoda, is that you?

  • Thanks OP. wish they would allow to use more than once.

  • Can I use eBay gift cards for this promotion?

    • sure can

  • +1

    Cheers mate

    Picked up Bosch WAW28460AU washing machine for $821.95. not the lowest its ever been but pretty damn good.

    • Hey mouseman99, I'm in the market for one of these. How did you get it for this price? Cheers.

      • bought it from Appliances Online Ebay store ($967 normally) and then signed up for the free Ebay Plus trail for a month.

  • What are "Eligible Items"? Are they from eBay Plus Sellers only or something? I wanna get a 3D Printer and from eBay Plus seller, with 15% discount, it's $1 cheaper than normal seller which the discount code won't work. Both of them are from Australia.

    TBH, I find the eBay Plus is so useless now and I'm not gonna renew it.

    • the discount code shows up on the listing for 'eligible items', at least on the desktop version

      • +1

        Unless it's less than $120, then its trial and error.

    • Are they from eBay Plus Sellers only or something?


      I wanna get a 3D Printer and from eBay Plus seller
      open the item, if it says take 15% of this item. the you are good. otherwise not

      There is no search. you open the item and it will show if it works or not.

      • Thanks, just saw that.

        • From non eBay Plus seller, it's $323
        • From eBay Plus seller, it's $379. Take away 15% off, it's $322.15. That is such a HUGE DISCOUNT for being eBay Plus member LOL.
        • weird, Max discount is $200

  • +5

    So over these stupid 'eligible items' codes. Not only does it severely limit what you can get a discount for, you have to stuff around for ages trying to work out what items are eligible! How about a simple store wide code? i have a a cart full of items that I can't/won't buy because they don't apply.

    • -1

      Just ignore all those 'stupid' codes then. They are under no obligation to provide any discounts at all to you. You can also exercise your right to completely ignore eBay and shop elsewhere. If they frustrate you so much, you really shouldn't give your money to them.

    • -2

      The sense of entitlement here is just astounding.

      • +1

        "Entitlement" might be a bit much. It seems quite valid to point out that making a bunch of random items eligible, without an easy way to list or search through them to see if they are appealing, is not the best way to attract sales. Codes are issued to attract customers, if they are too difficult to use or too abstract then it will attract criticism. Not the same thing as entitlement.

  • The empty threats on these eBay deals are entertaining, eBay doesn't care that you won't continue your initially free Plus subscription.

  • +2

    I am so glad I checked ozb this morning before I made my purchases.
    Saved me $120!

  • -1


  • +4

    Found a good deal.

    Seagate IronWolf 8TB 3.5" SATA Internal NAS Hard Drive HDD 7200RPM 256MB Cache

    From PC Byte

    $330.00 pre-discount.

    $280.50 post-discount (15% off for ebay plus members)


    It's cheaper than Computer Alliance's 20% off deal (which worked out to 295).

    Only 3 left atm though.

  • 10% off everyday now…

  • So is this 15% eBay.com.au wide? Does this means including electric scooters?

    • So is this 15% eBay.com.au wide?

      The answer is in the 3rd and 4th word of the title. :)
      There's no search link unfortunately, just look for the scooter you're after and see if any of them mention the discount ("Take 15% off this item").

      • Yeah I know it is illegible items, like what category am I looking at? I would not like to try every single item and trying a code.

        • Any category. As I said, just search for the item you're after. Then see if it has the "Take 15% off this item" text. I think it only appears on the desktop site.

  • So basically no discount on the second hand market anymore?

    • Not any anymore

    • Depends on the seller - high volume, reputable standing etc. New or used doesn't matter.

      Of course most used auctions is the random item from an occasional seller which is why it doesn't work.

  • Thanks for the post. I was going to buy a washing machine during the the last Good Guys 10% VIP night, got the same thing cheaper with free delivery. Cheering!

  • For my own records, I am buying 3 dash cam cards (myself and friends). $150+ Getting the extra 5% off so ~$7.50 saving from eBay plus free trial, today.

    Thanks OP :)

  • I think I've learnt my lesson: don't pay anything during the weekend. If fomo, use buy it now and wait Monday 10am for the 10%/15% off…

  • Max $200 sux..

  • Where's all the cheap nvidia shield's gone? A mate wants one. Maybe clearing stock?

  • +1

    Currently in the process of furnishing an Airbnb. This deal + 10% off gift cards made appliances significantly cheaper than elsewhere. Happy days!

  • Max $200..too bad

  • +2

    LOL. Seller of the item I want has over 9000 feedback … but the item isn’t eligible, even though he sells via eBayplus. Great promo!!

    • +1

      Did you add it to the cart and check? If it's under the $120 limit it may not show in the listing. Code worked for a non-Plus seller for me, although I didn't buy anyway.

  • +2

    Managed to grab M365 Pro scooter for just under 630 bucks by combining this offer with Woolies gift card bonus.

  • For anyone who can’t find any eligible items , perhaps you can understand why from this link :

    • +3

      Is that why the code is PHOENIX?

  • Must the word "PHOENIX" be included in the 'Item Listing',
    ie. could any seller just say "Use ' PHOENIX ' to get 10% off", and eBay picks up this listing as an 'eligible item' ?

    or does it really have to be listed by an eBay Plus seller with "PHOENIX" in their item listing ?

  • I'm gonna throw an idea out here. do you think that they are looking at everyone's watch list, and anything that is popular gets excluded from these "eligible products" sales?

  • Just cancelled my mymobile order for a Snapdragon S10, re-made it using the 15% off code and my discounted woollies gift cards bought last week. Makes it $795 in total. bargain! would be even cheaper if you wanted an exynos version.

  • i have applied this code once yesterday. today when i applied the second time, it prompts me this voucher has been applied to an order and stop me to use again. i am a plus member and my workmate is not. they used the same code on my computer to order their stuff and used either their ebay accounts or check out as guest. anyone encounters the same issue as me? i thought ebay voucher is account specific not computer specific and this phoenix code can be applied 4 times. previous code can be used on multiple ebay accounts with multiple times with no problem. or maybe this code is different.

  • Can anyone recommend a decent, not too pricey, desktop PSU? I was looking at this one.

    I'm on the Ebayplus trial— does that = free shipping, as well? Or, does it only get free shipping if it has the "plus" logo in the listing?

    Otherwise, next best is this one.

    I'm open to other brands, just know Seasonic as good quality.


  • This is Mobileciti related. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on LG V30+ after my HTC10 starting to have an SOT of just 2 hours or so. Currently Mobileciti has three listings of the same phone with different pricing. Am I missing something here? Could somebody please enlighten me on this?
    * Option 1 Down to AU $465.80 - 15% off with PHOENIX
    * Option 2 Down to AU $479.20 - 20% off with code PHONO
    * Option 3 Down to AU $491.30 - 20% off with code PHONO

    • +2

      Price jacking at work.

  • This code can't be applied to your order.
    not WORKING now

  • -1

    eBay Australia

    0.00% Cashback

    "eBay is the world's online marketplace; a place for buyers and sellers to come together and trade almost anything!

    Special Terms


    Commencing 9 Dec 2018, eBay Australia has paused all activity with Australian Cashback partners.

    What does this mean to our valued members? There will be no Cashback on any eBay Australia purchases from 9 Dec 2018 until further notice.

    We acknowledge that whilst eBay's decision is untimely and unfortunate, we remain hopeful that it's only temporary.

    We'd like to thank you for your ongoing support and apologise for any inconvenience this change by eBay Australia may cause.

    The Team at CASHREWARDS"

    • Use QANTAS shopping mall or Virgin's Velocity

  • When it says expiring on 17/5/19

    Do they mean at 11.59PM ?

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