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[NSW, VIC, QLD] 500 Free Burgers @ Burger PROJECT (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)


Saw this on broadsheet:

"The most burgerlicious day of the year is almost upon us and, to celebrate, Neil Perry's excellent burger chain, Burger Project, is doing everyone a solid and giving away 500 of its Classic Cheese burgers.

There'll be 50 burgers handed out from 11am to 12pm at each of Burger Project's 10 locations across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Perry is promising that even though the burgs are free, there's no way he'll be skimping on quality. That means you'll be picking up burgers made with grass-fed Cape Grim beef, cheese, pickles, onion, mustard and secret sauce, all stacked in a milk bun."

NSW - Bondi Junction, Broadway Shopping Centre, Gateway at Circular Quay, the MLC Centre, World Square and Grosvenor Place plaza.
VIC - Bourke St, Collins Lane, Chadstone
QLD - Edward St

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  • Pretty expensive and average burgers. Will cost you $20 or more for a burger meal. There was one across my work at Parramatta that stayed open for less that a year before calling it quits.

    • Parramatta is still a bit welfare. The remaining locations are closer to their target demographic.

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        Parramatta is more of Sydney 2nd city now. But I agree the customer service is really bad, I wish the area would have more customer friendly and cool hangout places where we could also enjoy hearty meal and price should not be absorbent.

        • Parismatta has transformed since I first started work there in 2000. But it still has the feel of a cultural ghetto IMHO. Give it another five years and there will be attracting the higher-end discretionary spend.

        • [Insert Annecdotal Agreement]
          Yes, service is consistently horrible, always understaffed. My crystal ball indicates their demise within 24monthw - they occupy some large A- grade tennencies .. it's only private equity $keeping this creaky ship afloat (for now).

    • The one in Broadway near the city - Sydney and university is always empty… but been there for 2? years now? I think they over estimated the student budget…

  • Parramatta store has closed down… and rightfully so. Staff were rude, received a raw burger… overpriced crap.

  • If you're in Town Hall/World Square area, do yourself a favour and head to Down'n'Out instead.

  • I'm glad Macquarie Centre Burger Project has gone. It's only been replaced with Starbucks but at least they seem to care about their customers..

  • Doesn’t taste great, wouldn’t even get it for free

  • All gone in Brisbane, got one of the last few.

  • Yep they were gone in about 10 minutes in Melbourne. Honestly the burger was ok at best and tiny. Would have been incredibly disappointed if I paid $12 for it.