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[Twitch Prime] 1 Month Free RuneScape/OSRS Membership + More in-Game Loot @ Twitch


A Month of Free Membership

To get your adventure started:

  • 1 Month of FREE RuneScape membership
  • 1 Month of FREE Old School membership
  • Then THREE MONTHS of FREE RuneScape loot!

A different offer every month!

Month 1: May 16th - A whole month of FREE membership to RuneScape and Old School!
Month 2: June - 2 Umbral Chests (guaranteed super-rare prize)
Month 3: July - Free Umbral Pack! (Umbral Axe, Umbral Salawa Akh and Umbral Wings)
Month 4: August - Free Currency Pack! (200 RuneCoins, 15 Keys, 40 Hearts of Ice)

How to redeem

  1. Create or log in to your Twitch Prime account
  2. Claim your monthly RuneScape loot on Twitch
  3. Redeem your loot by linking your RuneScape or Old School account to Twitch
  4. Start playing to enjoy your loot and all the benefits of RuneScape membership!

Not a Twitch Prime member? Start your free trial today!

You must complete the redemption process to receive your rewards!

Referral Links

Referral:  neosushi or random (13)

Referrer gets 7 days free membership + XP points. Referee gets XP points.

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  • Woot.

  • Is it too late to sign up for amazon/twitch prime to redeem this, or can new customers still claim it?

    • New customers can claim it. It's kind of the whole point of promotions like this, to get people to sign up for twitch prime

  • Anyone got an old account they don't want and I can have? Lol. Can't remember my login details and can't remember the email I used 15 years ago haha

    • Grind grind grind.

      • I wish I had the time to grind lol. I also wish I remembered the log in details. Lvl ~90 mining too :(

        • Idk how up to date you are with Runescape but there is two versions now. Rs3 and Old school Runescape. OSRS is like the game from ten years ago RS3 is the main game that has evolved the most. If you plan on playing RS3 I'd just start from scratch that way you know what the heck is going on and it's incredibly easier these days to level up on that game version and is nowhere near as grindy as what it was.

  • RS used to be a fun, unique game. Shame what happened to it.

    • Well OSRS exists as an official Game, so the 2007 game you remember is still here.

      • I would have been interested if I could have used my existing account.
        After getting 126+11 combat & 2k+ total level, I wasn't interested in starting over.

        • I initially felt the same way when the oldschool game released in 2013, but I ended up giving it a go anyway - and was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed the process of going through all the old quests again and rebuilding from scratch. Revisiting those awesome iconic quests like monkey madness, desert treasure, underground pass… it had been years since I'd done those and it was awesome to see them again.

          What a lot of people find is that now that they're older and actually know what they're doing, progress comes much quicker and people tend to play much more efficiently. Within around 4 months of starting oldschool, I'd already surpassed 2-3 years worth of progress when I originally played in 2005-2007 as a kid. Now in hindsight, I don't think I would have even wanted my old stats back - I ended up enjoying the journey more than I thought I would.

  • Would this free month of OSRS still work if I've already had the one month trial on mobile?

  • Wish I didn't give away my party hats and crackers.


  • play an ironman character if you really wanna have fun. it's a grind but you will feel so much accomplishment.

    • ironman btw

    • Eh, I dunno, I'm not sure I'd recommend ironman for someone's first experience of playing the game. I'm actually playing one myself at the moment just to try something different since I maxed a couple of years ago and have had a hard time staying motivated to play my main ever since, but for most people, working towards a monetary goal to buy X to help you with Y is half the fun of playing the game.

      Half the reason I originally stayed motivated to train runecrafting on my main was because it would earn me so much cash to fund other skills or goals I wanted to work towards. A huge part of the noob experience is moneymaking to buy combat gear, or working towards buying a whip, etc. Although ironman mode is fun for its own reasons, I don't think I'd recommend it to a brand new player. because it kind of takes those things away.

      • yeah true, i guess my message was targeted towards a previous player that wanted to find some new spark again.

      • Currently doing a self-restricted no shop f2p ultimate ironman. Good bit of fun and costs nothing

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  • People cashing in without playing do waterfall quest first - its an easy quest with a guide and you will be at 30 strength and attack after finishing

  • Would of Jumped on this offer but im Burnt over Osrs. Possibly for the Last time. DHCB sitting in ma Bank waiting to be used.

  • free armor trimming!

  • Any one want to fight let me know :)