expired AppGameKit: Easy Game Development - Free @ Steam (Was $139.95)


Update on Sunday 7PM AEST

The developer of the software has responded, stating that users were incorrectly gifted the wrong version of the software which resulted in it being distributed as a Trial rather than a fully licensed version of the software.


Hi, yes it would seem that the wrong build is being distributed by Steam. Sorry about this mistake, we will get it rectified with Valve on Monday when they are back working and everyone who selects the free version while it's on offer WILL get the full version, you have my word. Again, very sorry for this delivery mishap it was never our intention to mislead anyone.

EDIT: People are reporting that this is apparently the demo version. A little shifty by the devs because the store page clearly says it's free to keep until the 20th and shows that it was $139.95.

AppGameKit is a powerful game development engine, ideal for Hobbyist and Indie developers. Choose to code in the easy to learn AppGameKit BASIC or use our libraries in C++ & XCode. Write your code once and deploy easily to multiple mobile & desktop platforms.

Offer ends this weekend.

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    Is this just tutorial or game engine?

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      Given this emphasises it’s support for BASIC, so I’d say it’s a game engine aimed at beginners.

      So you’ll be able to create a simple game, but eventually hit limitations that will stop you doing anything complex. At this point you’ll want to move to something else or change to XCode or C++.

      The product will be to teach you about the basic game loop (e.g. Process Inputs, Update Simulation, Render World — and repeat).

    • -1 vote

      Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

  • +12 votes

    Reviews on steam seem to suggest its a trial only?

  • +9 votes

    Unfortunately, it turned out to be just a demo, so not really a bargain at all.


      Yep, had no idea. The page said that it was $139.95 so I expected it to be the full version. Very shifty by the devs and it should be reported to Valve.

      Updated my OP

  • +6 votes

    Yeah no Deal… Only a trial

  • +1 vote

    While I believe that free trials can be considered bargains, this one definitely can't.

    • +1 vote

      Free trials aren't bargains. It is essentially zero value to begin with.

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        It is essentially zero value to begin with.

        I disagree. It depends on what you get out of it.

        As a counter-example, I assure you that to people who don't know how to pirate things, and don't have an existing subscription to [whatever streaming service], the recent "Foxtel trial to watch GoT" post contained "value" for people.

        I just can't imagine anyone getting any value out of this AppGameKit.

        Not trying to be argumentative; genuinely curious here:

        What makes you suggest that free trials contain no value? Is it because they're free? Free things can contain value, else we should be opting for all freebies & similar to be removed from OzB. Is it that trials can't have value? Then, what separates a trial from not-a-trial? The time period attached? In which case, are discounted subscriptions (like "save x% off your first year of a VPN subscription") not a bargain?


          I mean if it's given away for free and it's only a demo. Then it has no purchase monetary value so it's worthless.

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    Very deceptive behaviour by the creator & Steam, as nothing on Steam eluded to this being a demo.


      Yep, had no idea. The page said that it was $139.95 so I expected it to be the full version. Very shifty by the devs and should be reported to Valve.

      Updated my OP.


        It looks like the full version is free until you add it to your library, and you notice the full version is still listed for buy for $. Definitely deceptive developer BS.

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    Was interested but being a demo And not being upfront about it is just deceptive


    I don't think this deal is actually a demo from what I can see.
    It has the option of downloading a demo (which would be handy if not on sale for $0).
    But it still looks like you can 'buy' the full version for $0.

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      But it still looks like you can 'buy' the full version for $0.

      And that, my friend, is their deception.

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        Fair enough. I didn't go any further than looking at the steam page.

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          To clarify, the reviews spell it out. See how there are 2 editions (one free -100%, one full price)? That's not how Steam does freebies, that's the publisher stealthily creating a whole new edition and hoping that people will think it's the real thing.

          What you get is, though it doesn't mention this, the "Steam Free Weekend Edition," which also prompts you to pay to upgrade, apparently among other things.

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    Dev updated and said everyone will get the full version after they fix the download issue.


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