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Canon EOS 3000D DSLR Camera $399 (Save $200) @ BIG W


$200 off at big w - seems like a good deal for a starter camera with lens
Use Woolies GC for extra 5% off - down to $379.05

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  • What about the 4000D, it's nine years newer than the 3000D, is 18MP instead of just 10MP, has larger ISO, it's lighter, has face detection, larger flash coverage, pixels are 100% larger, and it's $30 cheaper here apparently https://www.e-infin.com/au/item/3754/canon_eos_4000d_digital...

    • It's not 9 years newer. It's the same model.

      "The Canon EOS 4000D is an 18.0 megapixels digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) made by Canon.[1] It was announced on 25 February 2018 with a suggested retail price of €399 including an EF-S 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens. It is also known as the EOS 3000D in some parts of the Asia Pacific region[2] and the EOS Rebel T100 in North America.[3][4]"

      Via Wiki.

      Also, it's available for $322.05 shipped via TobyDeals.

      • Oh right, I think I was looking at the Nikon D3000. Toby is a much better price.

      • So the 4000D at Tobys is a better deal?

        • It's cheaper for the same camera but it's overseas grey stock. Up to you to decide whether the savings justify the inconvenience regarding returns and warranty.

      • In case anyone is still interested. I ordered on the 19/05/2019 from TobyDeals and it arrived 5 days later on the 24/05/2019.

        Very happy.

  • no stock near me..(3023)

  • Great find! No stock near me either, but I see Canberra's Civic store and Mittagong has some.

  • Going to Big W for a 'bargain' is like going to a brothel for a hug. Just ain't gonna happen!

  • I've got the 500d. Anyone know if it's worth upgrading?

  • Only Victorian stores with stock I could find were Geelong, Shepparton and Echuca. Stock showing for loads of stores in NSW, including Blacktown, Bonnyrigg, Campbelltown, Chullora, Katoomba, Merrylands, Mittagong, Narellan, Pagewood, Rouse Hill, Tamworth, Tuggerah and Winston Hills. Canberra Central is looking good if you're in the ACT. In SA try Gawler and Golden Grove. Kingsway, Joondalup and Whitfords are showing stock in WA. If you're in Queensland, after yesterday, you can look it up yourself.

  • Plastic lens mount. That's one cost they shouldn't have cut. Ditto no dioptre setting and a worse display than previous models.

    No thanks. Picked up the 600D for similar price a few years back. I'd rather use that.

    • 600d is a step up from this, the less 0s the better tier.

      • You also have to consider generations though.

        On the Nikon side I'd take a D3500 over a D70 any day of the week.

        • Somewhat, I'd still take an older X0 than a newer X00 just because of the controls. No idea about the Nikon side.

          • @brendanm: Would you take a 10D over a 600D?

            • @syousef: Lol, we were talking a single generation, not 8

              • @brendanm: I was making a point. Would you take a 40D then over a 600D?

                • @syousef: 40d, better controls, weather sealing, secondary LCD etc.

                  • @brendanm: Weather sealing is not something you can really rely on and unless you're out in the rain it won't make a difference.

                    Secondary LCD is definitely useful as are better controls. But if your subject is still and you have time to set up the shoot they don't matter much either.

                    What will make a huge difference to every shot is the noise response and dynamic range of your sensor. I'll take the newer camera.

                    • @syousef: I like to take my camera behind/around waterfalls and water, and in the rain, so weather sealing is fault important. Secondary LCD combined with the better controls requires much less menu diving.

                      600d and 40d have basically the same dynamic range, canon in general sucks for dynamic range. Noise is probably similar as well.

                      • @brendanm: I have Nikon and Canon cameras. Canon doesn't suck for dynamic range at all. If it did, the pro photo and particularly photo journalist world wouldn't be so divided between those 2 brands.

                        Canon are a bit odd in that they reused their sensors for a few generations.

                        • @syousef: From memory there was about a 2-3 stop difference between canon and Sony sensors. I think canon have bridged this a bit lately. There is more to a camera than sensors, lenses for example.

                          Canon are just lazy, people still buy their gear (me included), so they haven't seen the need to do any better.

                          • @brendanm: Yeah I remember canon stayed with the same (or almost the same) damn 16-18MP sensors for years with software tweaks and people were getting frustrated. I note that the 40D went to ISO 1600 native, 3200 expanded, while the 600D goes to 6400 native, 12800 expanded. I've seen 6400 on a 600D used well for wide field astro.

  • I picked up one of these the last Big W sale for a similar price.

    Not being a pro photographer it's my first dip into a DSLR camera. Honestly, if you're just starting out it's a great price for a DSLR - pretty much unbeatable. Yes, there are some downsides - plastic body and a display screen that is not so great to view in bright sunlight however I don't need the camera to have a metal body and feel heavier and also I use the view finder and pretty much never look at the screen.

    Overall its a good buy

  • I have a crazy, stupid-soft-spot for camera's, speakers, & big TV's (even though I never watch TV- lol).

    I got in on the deal a few years back now, on the Nikon D3300 (from $698 to $398 w/$100 rebate)! I price-matched it at TGG's.

    Great camera! I then got in on an OZB lens, Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro, for $99!

    I love OZB!


  • $339 on eBay with code PAPPY!



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