[VIC] Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard $50 (Was $127) @ Officeworks Pakenham


Key Features

Bright, Backlit Keys
By making typing easy even in the dark, this illuminated keyboard ensures your TV entertainment is fun and hassle-free

Integrated wireless keyboard with touchpad
There's a time and a place for a mouse, but it's not your knee or the arm of your couch. K830 makes navigation a whole lot more convenient by combining a wireless keyboard and touchpad into one device.

10 Metre Wireless Range with Dual Connectivity
Optimised Key Layout for HTPC:
Use K830 for password entry, search queries, status updates, browsing, blogging and more.
Type smoothly on soft-feel, low-profile keys.

Media Hot Keys and Shortcuts:
One-touch keys let you adjust the volume up or down, or mute.
Shortcut keys simplify navigation with Windows or Android.

Rechargeable: Use your keyboard for 10 days after only 3 hours of charge

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    Damn. These things are excellent.


    I picked one up a while ago to replace my K400 but the K400 wont die K830 sitting in cupboard for use oneday.

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      just use the K830 and sell the k400? I have both but the 830 is leaps and bounds ahead of the 400.

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      Don't let the K830 lithium battery die in the cupboard, or you'll be up for a replacement. Lithium batteries will not charge if they drop below a critical voltage. I had a pair of 3D TV glasses and a Fitbit Alta died because of this.


    I think there are 2 variants of this keyboard under the K830 Name, One Has Bluetooth and the Unifying Receiver and One that only has the receiver. Did you know what one this is? I think the function key on f12 on the Bluetooth variant has the Bluetooth logo instead of sleep


    Does this generally work with smart TVs via the unifying receiver? Or only Bluetooth ready TVs? Or even only computer based media boxes? (kodi, PC's, etc)


      Yes, it works with smart TVs via the unifying receiver.


      You don't need Bluetooth on your TV, but it needs to be 'smart' enough to recognise USB keyboards, and the receiver/dongle is required.

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    Will other shops price match it, how to know stock of it in other officeworks? Thank you :)

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    Bummer - I want one of these, but not on OW website?


    Didn't realise this needs to be recharged, as opposed to just putting new batteries in. 10 day battery life is a bit of a bummer.

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    Just an FYI that if you wish to use bluetooth and not the dongle, you can not quickly switch between devices like some other Logitech keyboards using bluetooth with easy switching tech. You have to forget the device and re-pair every time you want to change device. This is highly annoying if you wish to quickly switch from a media player and say a tablet, phone or laptop.

    Other than that it's a great keyboard, though I'm finding due to its size I'm not quickly reaching for it as a media player keyboard. You'd probably prefer one of those mini keyboard controllers.


    How good is this for a regular PC? Is the keyboard decent enough to type on? Is the trackpad smooth enough? Can it handle multiple finger gestures?

    I recently switched from Mac to Windows and have been struggling to find a good wireless trackpad that's on par with my old Apple Magic Touchpad.

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