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Motorola Moto G7 Plus (Dual Sim 4G/3G, 6.24", 64GB/4GB) $399.80 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Allphones eBay


Nice phone - good price

Delivery about $12.60 (free with Ebay Plus)

Original PHONO 20% off Selected Seller on eBay Deal Post

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  • LG V30+ for $50 more makes this phone a tough sell. The LG is a genuine flagship, this a solid mid range phone.

    • It's a 2 year old flagship though.
      Some nicer features (inc. waterproofing, better screen), but a slower processor, and an older version of Android, amongst others)
      Might work for you - but not everyone.

      • LG's Snapdragon 835 is still way faster than the 636 in the Moto. The only thing in favour of the Moto is Android 9, but the V30 is gettng Android 9 in July.

        • Ah you're right - I messed up my numbers when searching for comparisons on speed.
          (I did the research out of curiosity, as I was thinking of buying the Moto, and open to new suggestions - I'll take the LG as a candidate!)

  • Bought it on the previous same deal, have the screen protector and case on already but still haven't used it yet. Good phone but wish I could wait for the pixel 3a.

    • Given that you haven't used the almost-new phone yet, is that second sentence more an observation on your own willpower in succumbing to an unnecessary purchase?

      • I have looked and tested both phones you mention above, and personally I feel the Moto G7 Plus is a great phone and pretty similar in quality, maybe even nicer form factor and build, with some points in favour for both.

        Just start using your Moto and enjoy it.

  • Looks like I missed out on a good deal.

    This would have been a perfect phone for my mum, with a large screen for her poor sight, but it's a good phone allround (I especially like the big battery).

    The 20% discount has expired, but there is a 10% discount on this phone until the 26th of May, making it around $450 plus delivery.

    The discount is applied by using the code POCKET10 in the eBay app (might be worth checking out the code on other eBay products I guess).