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Opal Scuffs - Chestnut - $32 Delivered (Was $90) @ UGG Australia


Went back to pick up another pair of slippers to send to the old man, the MUMS code is gone now but found they've listed the chestnut colour for $40 with a 20% off promo. Great for those after a more traditional Ugg colourway.

The listing is under their Men's category but they say Unisex in the description. If I remember correctly from the last deal the Men's/Women's are the same but with different sizing.

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  • I got these the other day in black. Best decision of my life.. next to marrying my wife of course..

  • Cool find. Cheers.

    • Same here… They're a good quality, would recommend.

      Website was nice to use as well, which is a bonus.

  • I see $40?

    Nm- see your code.

  • decent product but terrible customer service.

    they don't even acknowledge or reply to emails.

    • +3 votes

      They also state:
      “Ugg Australia® is the ONLY 100% Australian Made manufactured Ugg Boot”

      This is definitively false.

      There are plenty of small Australian-owned sheepskin factories making Ugg boots. Mortels for instance.

      They seem just as scammy as the American “UGG” brand.

      • We are the only Ugg boot manufacturer that owns a tannery in Australia. This means all other Ugg boot manufacturers are buying their raw materials from overseas. This is the reason we are the only 100% Australian made ugg brand.


          So Mortels don’t use Australian materials?

          That was just the first name I know off the top of my head, and I just checked, and they say their process uses 100% Australian sheepskin. Is this incorrect?

  • Got the Black Opal Scuffs too with Unicorn code. Chestnut pair & Opal pair delivered for $60

  • Thank you. Op. Bought one in black. $28 delivered

  • +3 votes

    Read previous reviews regarding quality: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/455194?page=1#comment

  • Just be aware theyre a pretty tight fit at the front i found. Hopefully itll break in though.

  • I still haven't received my order from the previous deal (2 weeks ago), not even a confirmation email that it was shipped. Wonder if i should start the paypal claim now.

    • Second this, they have the money and resources to sue small boot producers but not fulfilling orders! Poor form

    • I disputed this today.

      • Also disputed. In the time I realised I don't really need them 😂. Would be good if I had similar time for other impulse purchases.

    • Their will be a confirmation email of purchase order. Just reply asking for an update for your order. I did that and they said they had lot's of orders. The next day got confirmed my order been shipped. Just got the package today.

    • same here.

      I contacted them via email, but no reply either.

      • Very small company with few people working can’t blame them for little slow response considering they had thousands of orders and emails, if they purposely ignored emails they wouldn’t have replied to most.

    • Mine got delivered today (regional NSW).

      Oddly though I got an email and sms from Auspost at 7am saying to come collect them but then they got delivered a couple of hours later.

    • Funny, just got the confirmation today that it was shipped. Apparently they received a ton of orders last sale.

  • Also still waiting for delivery from the previous deal, have emailed regarding an update but no response.

  • i much prefer croc/sock combo.. i like the idea of cleaning both croc and sock

  • Nice quality

  • I wanted to return the 4 I order from the last sale, the quality isn’t that good compare to other brands which might cost 10dollars more, still haven’t reply to my email or Paypal yet been 4-5days

    • These are way better quality than OrignalUGg which are chinese, the ones sold posted are Australian made and owned.

      • Don’t know what pair you bought but the 4pairs I have just received is losing its wool already haven’t been worn and the original UGG has better looks,style and is comfortable but then it’s made in China with that said you will be paying 30% more in price. But I personally won’t buy these if they were anything over 20dollars I rather paid more and go another brand.

    • You should try EMU

      Hands down best quality UGG Boots

      • Well these are the worst pair I have ever purchased apart from it been australia made there’s no other reason to buy them at this price, still waiting for a reply from them been 1month now and I have tried a lot of other similar brands but the original seems to be best quality but price is a lot higher

        • I've managed to get a refund. They do finally respond to emails. You need to be persistent.

          For the price I suppose they are ok.

          I ended up paying an extra $20 with a 20% off coupon at Emu. My last pair lasted almost 4 years!

        • Yeah, I wasn't impressed at all

  • Adds 10 years to your age and lowers you IQ and socio economic standing the inverse amount.

  • Black are even cheaper!

  • Birthday gifts sorted. Thanks OP.

  • Really liking mine. Recommended. Although, they're quite high and I nearly rolled the ankle. Good slippers

  • Don't order I'd you actually want to receive your goods.

    I ordered on the 7th and am still waiting

  • Wouldn't recommend. Poor quality and no reply to emails. Also their warranty and returns policy are terrible.

  • Just got mine ddelivered today. Bargain!


    Code brings down the black pair to $28

  • I'm getting 404 not found..

  • been 2 weeks, have not received my previous order. no shipping confirmation, no email replies. pretty poor company. will give them 2 more weeks before paypal claim

  • Cheers, I ordered a pair - my current lambskin slippers(unbranded for Vic Market) have been shoe glued a number of times (in true ozbargain spirit) and have lasted more than 5 years. About time I got a new pair :)

  • The black pairs are $28 each with the code. Got 2 pairs one for me and one for the other half.

  • Bought last night, shipped today.

  • Recieved mine within 3 days from ordering !

  • I sent email asking if could change my size I ordered and they responded quickly…and positively.

    I'm a 10.5 UK (44 euro) and originally ordered the 12. Since I read a couple comments posted that they might be a bit tight fit. But I'm thinking that might be too big and once they squash in a bit more.

    How's everyone finding the sizing please?

  • Ordered 2 weeks ago and still havent received the, I think order still being processed or they just forgot.
    Might have to do a paypal charge back soon as they are not replying to my emails also.

  • Yeah,ordered 20/05,now 06/06

  • Worn mine for 4 weeks. Poor quality. Thin and wool coming off already.

    • Damn. You sending back for refund

      • I have worn them already. Won't send back but those who have yet to receive may want to consider cancelling their orders.

    • I've been wearing mine for 4 weeks and am very happy with them, wool is thick IMO and has moulded to the shape of my feet. I ordered before I posted the original post though so maybe they rushed productions when they were inundated with orders?

      Here's a photo of mine I just took…


      • Maybe it’s a hit and miss on these since some are happy and some unhappy unless we’ve different expectation.

  • Recieved today.
    The scuffs in a 12 are wayyyyy to big. The Opals in a 12 are a very snug fit.
    Should have orders an 11 in scuffs and a 13 in the ankle boots.
    On initial wear, I feel the centre top stitching on the scuffs on top of my feet.
    With the boots, the soles are very stuff and makes walking in them uncomfortable. There is no flex and I'm walking flat footed as there's no movement for the toes.
    Can't say I'm overly impressed…even at the price.

    • I had the same thing soles softened up after a couple days for me and am very happy with them now and I’m also super flat footed. This was for the Opal Scuffs though.