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15% off Sitewide (Free Shipping over $49) @ Sirui Australia


I was shopping for a Sirui travel tripod when I stumbled on Sirui's own website and found out they are doing a frenzy discount. For regular photographers you would know that Sirui is quite a reputable (and affordable) tripod brand and they use Arca-swiss compatible plates.

15% discount is applied at checkout and free delivery for orders over $49.
Sirui has a 6 year warranty for their tripods, monopods, heads and accessorries. 2 year warranty for filters, smartphone accessories, bags and backpacks.

Some notable mentions (prices after discount):

T-005SK Aluminium Tripod with B-00K Ball Head (5-section) - $143.65
T-004SK Aluminium Tripod with B-00K Ball Head (4-section) - $169.15
T-025SK Carbon Fibre Tripod with B-00K Ball Head (5-section) - $237.15
T-024SK Carbon Fibre Tripod with B-00K Ball Head (4-section) - $254.15
A-1005 Aluminium Tripod with Y-10 Ball Head with Convertible Monopod Leg (5-section) - $177.65
A-1205 Carbon Fibre Tripod with Y-11 Ball Head with Convertible Monopod Leg (5-section) - $279.65

I personally went with the T-025SK as it is only about 1.0KG (with the ball head) and folds really nicely. Perfect for travel. Note that the centre column is not collapsible although you can remove it for additional stability. There's also a centre hook for additional weights. If stability is an absolute must, then go for the T-004SK 4-section model which is just as light but won't fold as short.

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  • Their mini fluid heads are very nice. Ideal doe traveling.

  • This is pretty good value. I also have a T-025SK and it's perfect for travel. Folds small enough, very light, durable and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

  • I got rid of my Sirui tripod (T2205x +K10x, purchased in 2012) last year. I was very happy with it for a number of years but I founds something that suited my needs better in another brand. I did have a good friend get a Sirui recently and after a few sunrise sessions found that the little metal pins were rusting quite severely, I never had this problem and was really shocked to see this, maybe the quality has changed over the years.

    Also note that Sirui Arca Swiss compatibility is incompatible with RRS Lever releases. Not a big issue as RRS plates do work on the Sirui clamps, but worth knowing.

  • There's so much hype around the new Peak Design tripod but the T-005SK Aluminium one is actually lighter and shorter. For those interested here's a review that shows what it looks like in a Peak Design backpack: https://youtu.be/OylACa6nevQ

  • Thanks Davesday for the bargain. I ordered a Sirui B-00K Ball Head, was a bit worried it would be too small. It arrived (less than 24 hrs after ordering), and it seems very solid and well designed, exactly what I wanted. I imagine the rest of their products are equally good.