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Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes - Smart 7 7000 $89, Genius 9000 "Sakura Gold LE" $139 Delivered @ Shaver Shop


I think the Smart 7 7000 may be the better deal, as it also has advanced features (6 brushing modes, lithium battery, bluetooth and a similar motor I believe) and is discounted by more. It comes with 2 brush heads.

The Sakura Gold Limited Edition of the Genius 9000 comes with 3 brush heads and a travel case.

Do not forget cashback to bring the price down even further.

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  • If you travel, the Genius 9000 might be worth the extra money for the charging case.

  • 7000 for $89 is great, cheapest I've seen 5000 was $80

    Same motor right, so basically just paying for a few features/travel case.

    I might have to snap one up!

    Anyone know how to get the best value out of eBay these days? Velocity points, QFF?

    • Yep if you don't travel much or don't need the convenience then not worth the extra at all. The case has been fantastic for me as I travel a lot, and easily worth the extra. Mind you, you could probably buy a similar case on the interwebs for less $$$ anyway.

  • How do these compare to the Oral-B Pro 2 2000?

    • Most of the differences are features (prob won't use) and what comes in the box.

      I believe the battery is different also, which was a deciding factor for me, the genius have lithium ion while 2000 has NiMh. Don't quote me though haha. Also battery indicator is better on 9000 as you get more warning.

      • That's not entirely right, though with the way they name their products I can't blame you.

        The "Pro 2000" has a NiMH battery. The "Pro 2 2000" has a Lithium Ion battery.

        I was actually after the "Pro 2 2000" (hot pink for my daughter), but given that it cost roughly the same as the Smart 7 7000, I figured the latter would be a much better choice. I think the Smart 7 has the same motor as the Genius 9000, but the "Pro 2 2000" has a different (slower) motor, only has 2 brush modes (not 6), does not have bluetooth, and comes with 1 brush head I think. The pro 2 2000 is more low-end.

        • Ah thanks mate. Yea I come from the 700 and the genius 9000 motor is an entirely different league, it feels like i've been to the dental hygienist haha. And the Lithium Ion is such a step up too, you get the full speed up until it dies rather than half strength brushes ugh. Although so many features I will never use, and the extra for the USB port on the travel case is also questionable. I got it for $130 from ebay not long ago so I'm not complaining, although if I could have saved money by getting the 7000 then I would have. Travel case is awesome, is it worth the extra….guess it's up the the use case.

  • +1 vote

    About the charging case, 1. its larger than i thought hence will not fit in the toiletries bag like the normal travel case. 2. it is not USB charging you will need to bring along the wall power pack, so therefore bringing the normal charging base will serve the same purpose and less foot print. (the usb port in pictures are output not input)

  • I have the old 5000 with LCD Smartguide. Would anyone know if this 7000 still works with my smartguide?

    • Brushing action wise the pro 5000 are not much different than the later high end model like -genius 8000 and 9000 and possibly this 7000.all the hype about lithium battery isn't worth much if you treat your brush well (aka don't put it on charge every time after brush or every 2 days). I used to have the 5000 then moved on to the 8000 and found i can get around nearly 2 weeks without charge which was amazing but seriously doesn't make much difference between 1 or 2 weeks, unless you do 1 week travel a lot and don't want to lug around the charger.
      The annoying bit about the later models is they have that led light ring near the brush head that light up every time you use it, you can change custom colour too but seriously who need that.

      • Isn't that light ring to warn you if you press too hard?
        For me, the lithium ion battery isn't just about longer overall battery life, but performance before it's completely flat. My gripe with the NiMH batteries is that they only really perform well for a few days. After that they get mediocre, and the last couple of days they appear to work at about half power. Is that the case with the Li-ion batteries?

        • the 5000 also have warning light if you press too hard, things is there's no option to turn that light off completely. Regarding performance the li-ion does perform at peak power until the very last day, so it is helpful in your case, I've been off my old NiMH for too long to remember.

          Also not sure about the 9000 but the one I have they went cheap not giving out the smartguide altogether, rather they give you a cheap mirror mount holder to take you phone out and open the app every time you go brush, seriously who want to do that. Was contemplating to put the holder in the car but turned out the swivel had very narrow operating angle so pretty much useless unless you're driving a truck or van

      • Thanks. The battery on my 5000 does not last beyond 4 brushings and I need to put it on the charger every couple of days. It goes from full charge (3 bars) -> 2 bars -> Dead. I've had it like 5 yrs now so I think it's probably time to get a replacement provided the new 7000 still works with the SmartGuide from the 5000.

  • Any opinions on the 7000 vs the 8000?

  • How is this different from the $35 Pro 100?
    Is the Pro 100 good enough if I just begin to use electric toothbrush?

    • 2D movement only, not 3D movement. Slower rotation, crappier motor, NiMH battery vs. Li-Ion. Basically, an inferior product for a lower price.

      You don't need to start cheap to "start using electric toothbrush". It does not require skill.
      Personally, given the cost of a dentist and that you would prefer to keep as many of your teeth as possible until you are old, I think it's worth investing in something decent.

  • If you need two, you might wanna look at costco if tou already have membership. I bought the dual pack smart 5 5000 for $129 (ces with 2handles and 1 charger). Works out to be $65 each. It has the same motor and battery as these more expensive options.

  • How do you get $89?
    It adds shipping, so it's $98.95
    Can anyone confirm the 7000/9000 have same motor?

  • I just saw $10 off after $30
    What's Shipster?

    Smart 7

    The 3D oscillating-rotating-pulsating cleaning system makes up to 10,500 oscillation/rotation movements per minute and up to 45,000 pulsations per minute for thorough cleaning

    Genius 9000

    The 3D oscillating-rotating-pulsating cleaning system makes up to 10,500 oscillation/rotation movements per minute and up to 48,000 pulsations per minute for thorough cleaning.

    It seems motors are similar

    • Shipster is a shipping service, if you don't have it for free by now or haven't heard don't worry, it's closing by the EOFY. Motors do seem similar.

      • I guess it's too late 😁😁😁

        Deal is still live, now I gotta decide which brush.

        • Only the smart 7 is on sale now, other one back up in price. RIP 9000 deal

          • @MilkDrinker: It's a great deal, basically the same motor and a saving of $50
            Just gotta get it over $100 for free postage unfortunately

            It's June mid year sale season soon, so I'm sure they'll have another sale on the Genius 9000

    • Oral-B is very creative with product bundling. Handle type 3765 is packaged/sold in a number of different retail packs. Possibly the cheapest way upgrade to lithium ion is via Statewide Services, 6-mode handles @$71 white or $74 black. In a retail pack with chargers and carry case the Smart 7 is a solid deal - I chose this route to upgrade from my battery-degraded NiMh versions. Next time you're in a Shaver Shop store check those handle type numbers, they're the key to the Braun Oral-B kingdom.

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