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[XB1, PC, PS4] Overwatch Free to Play from 22nd - 29th May


Don't miss your shot, [Insert Username].

Assemble your friends and get ready to clash on the battlefields of tomorrow—for a limited time, you can play Overwatch free! Choose from 30 unique heroes, each with their own awe-inspiring abilities. Battle across a wide assortment of maps with varied objectives set around the world and lead your team to victory.

The free trial is live now and ends on 29 May at 6:59 p.m. AEDT / 8:59 p.m. NZDT. Call the shots when you play the ultimate team-based shooter.

Also available on PS4/XB1 on the respective stores.

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  • Fantastic! A week of hackers.

    • Do hackers exist on PS4? I was considering trying it out - as I played it a few times a few weeks ago, and actually enjoyed the limited time I did play, but I cbf taking it up if it's full of hackers. As far as I know with other games, they rarely exist on PS4, but always on PC

      • Not sure. Was talking PC. Overwatch is usually very clean, but every time there is a free weekend there is a spike in hackers for sure. Good thing is they dont make it far in the rankings.

      • Nah, hackers are rare on console, when I mean rare, maybe 1 every 200 games. I've been playing on PS4/PC for 2.5yrs and you're more likely to get kids screaming than hackers, but the mute and report tool really helps.

  • Will they follow CSGO's footsteps? lol

  • How is this game going?
    Dieing, growing or stagnant?

    • None of them tbh.

      It's certainly not dying or stagnant, but I don't think it's exactly growing a considerable amount either.

  • Time to try it…

  • The only game I play on PC and have for the last 2 years. Play competition mainly and it has become hard to rank up as people do their own thing rather than play as a team, it can be frustrating. The game is a nice mix of fps and strategy, even if you are not a skilled shooter you can rank up and even the best players can be beaten when they come across a team that voice communicate and stay close together.

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