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Free Samsung S8/S8 Plus Silicone Case / Samsung Galaxy S9 $660, S9 Plus $720 (Free Delivery with Bank Transfer) @ Zoombiefone


Hello Ozbargain,

I'm back with another Samsung S9/S9 Plus offer in Ozbargain's favourite colour purple.

Samsung S9 Purple 64GB Telstra branded

Samsung S9 Plus Purple 64GB Telstra branded

Price is for bank transfer payment only with free shipping using Parcel Post with signature on delivery. PayPal will attract a 2% fees and no free shipping (sorry)

Pick up from our small shop is most welcome :)

You guys have been so good to me, I thought I give something back. I have a bunch of Samsung S8/S8 Plus clear cover that we give away for FREE. Not only it's free but we will pay for the shipping right to your door steep as well. No need to buy anything, just order it and we will ship it out next week!

FREE Samsung S8/S8 Plus cover Out of Stock

EDIT: The free covers will not be shipped out with express post, I see people selected that option but it will be standard post in an envelope :)

Edit 2: 15 more S8 case and 20 more S8 Plus added.

Edit 3: Sorry all the S8 case are gone. All 45 of them in about 45 mins as well. Have a few S8 Plus case left. Congratulations to those who got one. Sorry to those who miss out. Will ship them out from Monday. Cheers.

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  • Ozbargain's favourite colour purple - Really??

  • Cool grabbed an S8 case, thanks OP and hope you sell a bunch of phones!

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    OMG…you guys are a like bunch of seagulls and I'm the guy with the chips. Slow down!!!

    • Think you are in the wrong forum if you can't handle 2 questions + 1 comment in 24 mins time.

      • +14 votes

        I was referring to the speed which the free covers was being ordered! But that's Ozbargain :)

    • Downvoting OP for fairly innocuous comments when they're giving away free phone cases, sometimes this website is so weird.

      • +3 votes

        I was referring to the speed which the free covers was being ordered! But that's Ozbargain :)

    • why are all ur phones branded? ur last deal was branded too why i didnt buy. jb also always have branded phones for older models. why do they make so many branded phones when they are instant -$50 to -$100.

  • Just got myself a free S8 case, thanks OP!

  • bugger - looks like I just missed out on the s8 case while I was going through checkout

  • S8 plus case has 9 in stock

    Got any Note 8 cases OP? :)

  • Hi, OP. Thanks for case free giving. Is that possible to order some S10 models as well? I reckon Samsung is clearing their 4G stock this year according to the heavy discount on their EPP store.

  • S8 case all gone

  • An advise to u

    Stop thinking and saying you are a small guy
    If this thought is there you will always be a small guy

    Think big
    Dream big

    Wish u all the luck for you to grow soon

  • I got the S9+ in ZOOMBIEs last deal and everything about the transaction was flawless - shipped straight away with tracking updates and the price is still unmatched. Absolute winner of a seller keep it up mate

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      Thanks squeeze :)
      Appreciate the support.

      • I noticed in the last s9+ deal, you put the price up to $750 for the last ten or so units that you had in stock, instead of selling them at the deal price of $720. When inquiries were made as to why this happened, you said that once you reached your "quota" of units that you could sell at $720, you were forced to increase the price.

        Will you be doing the same thing this time?


          Every shop have a time/quota limit to the sale price. This is no different than if JB Hifi was to offer a sale for this week, when the sale expires, they will increase the price.
          The margin on this is so slim, we offer an x amount of unit at this price and when it reached that quota, we increase the price so we can increase the profit. We are a business after all.

          • @zoombie: Yep that's totally your call. It's your business after all. My question remains however…..currently it says there are 31 units left in stock. Most potential customers would assume (even if its perhaps wrongly) that it means you have 31 units left at $720.00.

            But can you confirm that this is not necessarily the case? And the price could go up at any moment?


              @PotPlant: There are 31 units at that price.

              • @zoombie: OK, thanks, that's good to know. My mum is after a phone!

                P.S Normally JB HiFi set an specific date for the expiry of their sales. Unless they run out of stock of the product on sale. This wasn't the case with you. Last time, you didn't run out of stock, you just put the price up, at some point, through the deal. Of course this is your prerogative, it just seemed weird.

  • Does parcel post plus signature on delivery cover loss in transit?

    • Used to be up to $100 if insurance not paid for

    • Ok, went to checkout and it seems I can select Express Post for an additional $11.00 but, as per Steptoe's comment, insurance cover is limited to $100 so my question to Zoombie is how can I add additional insurance cover?

      In case anyone is wondering I have just had a brief battle with Auspost over a missing Express Post item and I don't fancy doing it all again.


        It doesn’t cover loss in transit. You can pm me which model you aren’t after and I’ll get a quote tomorrow.

  • Lilac.

  • Hey OP. Do these come with an invoice for TRS?

  • Do you do credit card over the phone? (can't say I'm comfortable depositing money into a strangers acct)


      Sorry but we don't accept credit card over the phone (isn't this worse then depositing money into a stranger account?)
      You're welcome to use PayPal, it's a little bit more expensive but the pricing is still the cheapest.

  • This has to be the best "About" page I've ever come across!

    "Welcome to Zoombie, no we are not zombie the brain-eating undead. We are zoombie and we sell high quality affordable used mobile phones. We were in the brain-eating business, but that wasn’t profitable, so we’ve moved into the mobile phone business instead."

    Well played Zoombie!👌🏼

  • Is this S9 plus the single SIM or dual Sim model?

  • -1 vote

    Much better deals on GT with cash on pickup than the phones on that website. $1020 for a used XR lol, i have bought 2 new sealed brand new for $700 and $750 this year.

  • Got a notice today that postage as underpaid for this 'free' item and was advised by the post office I needed to pay $2.55 over the counter.

  • Haven't received my case