expired Garmin Drive LM51 5" GPS with Lifetime Maps $126 (Was $179) @ Harvey Norman


Definitely for those who want the maps in the car, separate from your mobile and network. Also for any P platers out there…

Bought this during the recent Sparesbox deal for $143.16, except got the "out of stock" days later :(

It's $126 at Amazon AU - except delivery in July!

The Garmin Drive 51 LM GPS Navigator provides you with real-time directions and other important information to help you conveniently make your way in both familiar and unfamiliar surroundings.
Key Features

  • The Garmin Drive 51 LM GPS Navigator features a voice guide in the form of Garmin Real Directions, which provides you real-time directions and other information such as recognisable buildings, landmarks, and traffic lights.
  • With a 5-inch dual orientation display, the Garmin LM GPS navigator can be used on a landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Preloaded with New Zealand and Australian maps, the Garmin Drive navigator lets you easily find your destination with a minimum of fuss.
  • For added safety, the Garmin Drive navigator's driver alerts notify you of animal crossings, dangerous curves, speed changes, and more.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Q the dinosaur tech / why not waze gmaps / P platers restriction, comments


      Genuine question, why use one of these in 2019?

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        They're just more convenient. Whack it on the windscreen, go. No mucking about with dodgy phone mounts, worries about battery life, app notifications popping up. I've also found dedicated nav units have screens more easily readable in sunlight and the touch responsiveness better than a phone screen.
        Plus leaves phone screen free for YouTube.

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        my tomtom is 9 years and counting, left it baking under direct sun

        not sure about your phone

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        • screen has more vertical real estate = easier to use
        • don't have to keep taking it on and off again
        • more feature rich than non-dedicated GPS devices
        • privacy - don't have to be connected to the google botnet

        well I have saved all the rest areas north and south betwwen brisbane and canberra 13.5 hours I include if they have proper toilets and childrens playground.That way I can plan my stops better. But even with the latest maps on the Garmin I find Waze to be far more accurate with distance and speed restrictions


        Android Auto and Apple CarPlay fixes most of these concerns. Obviously your not going to buy a new car just for it, but I still think long term dedicated GPSs are doomed.


      Not sure bout waze but this can tell you speed limit and speed camera. Other than that, I mostly use gmaps.


    want to buy one to swap old TomTom
    which one is better?

    Garmin Drive 51 LM GPS Navigator
    TomTom Via 52 GPS Navigator


      My recent purchase was a Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-S with built in camera.
      Much pricier but I feel the video protection is worth it.
      Lots of features I haven't played with yet but the handfree phone works well too.


      try them out

      they have different UI

      different ways in entering address

      different navigation visual

      all depends on your preference


    Can you load maps for other countries easily?


    The new tomtom's are garbage. Total garbage. Our 6200 was amazing, then the network thing made it redundant. Got 50% off offer from tomtom on any new device.

    Can't stand it, constant battle keeping phone data connected for any live traffic.

    In the market for something else.

    What to buy it?


    Thanks OP. Been waiting for a GPS deal since both of my P plater boys stole mine for their car.


    GPS devices are under the same restriction as mobile phones. You can't touch them when driving or stopped in traffic. Mobile phones have google assistant or siri voice so you can adjust your navigation using voice. Not sure these provide similar features?


      You're not allowed to "use" them, does voice control count or not?
      And irrelevant, but wondering if you are allowed to touch air conditioning or radio whilst driving


      I've contacted tmr queensland recently, and they said P1 drivers cannot use their mobile phones in any way, including being mounted on a cradle for GPS purposes even without touching the phone. However, they said car GPS device is fine as long as you don't touch it whilst driving.