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[PC, Steam] Throne of Keys - One Free Game Every Hour @ Kinguin


Attention Kinguiners! Still looking for a new game to add to your gaming library? Look no more! Kinguin officially announces its first episode of "Crazy Free Weekends"!
Yes, you heard that right, lots of games will be given for free, so stay tuned!
Here's the deal: every hour a different game will be promoted, which you can grab for free! Just add it to your cart and finish the order, no worries, you don't have to pay anything!
That's it, grab your free game, tell your friends about it and have one really amazing gaming weekend!


What is the promotion about?
Every hour a new free game will be promoted. Grab your free game now or wait for the next one.

How long does the promotion last?
The promotion lasts from Friday 24.05 14:00 CET to Monday 27.05 18:00 CET.

How often will the games change?
Each full hour there will be one different game selected that can be claimed for free.

Can I get more than one game?
Each customer can claim one game during each hour of promotion.

All games have already been claimed. When will next games be available?
Each hour there is a limited number of available keys that are for free. If all keys have been given away already, please check the promotion in an hour to make sure you do not miss you free code. New games should be added every hour on the hour.

How can I claim my free game?
Simply click “Claim For Free” next to the game and login to your Kinguin account. If you do not have any account yet, make sure to register first. The game will be automatically added to your Kinguin Inventory. To reveal your key just click “Show CD-Key” and you may enjoy your free game!

I got the game but I'm not sure how to activate it. What should I do?
If you are not certain how to redeem your product, please check the Activation Details that are available on the product page or visit our FAQ page.You can also just click on the Activation Guide on the game card in your Inventory. If you are still unable to activate the game, please contact us via LiveChat or Create a Ticket.

Edit: Available again 31/5 11pm

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    • -3

      When I won my second game - Max Payne 3, it wouldn't let me claim as I had already claimed one game in the giveaway. Stupid system.

      • Why the hate downvotes? Anyway I wanted to delete this comment but it won't let me.

  • -1

    Will swap guac for killing floor

  • Oof. In between the captcha, the sign out and my potato internet I had no chance.

  • Chiming in as a first time poster - Saw Killing floor, clicked it, said it was already redeemed / promotion over

  • Stronghold Crusader

  • Stronghold Crusader HD Steam

  • +1

    Stronghold Crusader HD - missed it

  • Well that was sucky.
    Pressed promo button and didn't work (10:00:04) Then refreshed and I've just got a bouncing penguin

    Edit: wow 10/10 on Steam. Impressive.

  • wow, my thing logged out when i refreshed it

  • Stronghold Crusader, darn, missed it.

  • Annnnd the claim button still isn't working. I guess that's it for me.

  • +1

    This is bullshit. Got the promo button only for it to have logged me out after the last captcha. Then failed to load the login page 3-4 times. When it does log me in ask the games are gone. The people behind kinguin are clearly sadists.

  • Ridge Racer Unbounded

    • +3

      I was about to post the same thing.
      The site is broken, beyond belief.
      I could see the game and the button, which does nothing.

      I reckon I've got more chance of waking up next to a super-model than I do of grabbing a game now. The daft DDOS protection has broken everything.

      • Agreed. Disappointing, but at least we got something earlier on. :(

  • Ridge Racer Unbounded Steam CD Key

  • +3

    I think its changed, keeps telling me I've already claimed my free game, claim not possible, meh

  • ridge racer unbound steam

  • Claim button wouldn't work, then suddenly spammed that i already claimed it.. profanity kinguin they shoulda done the testing before going live

  • +2

    Yeah this is pretty awful now. I felt like it was 50/50 before, now it's impossible. GG

  • So it's back to on the hour now though right?

  • So did anyone actually manage to get Ridge Racer?

    If they fix the claim button let me know.

    • I got it…was running 0/7, this lifts my hopes again.

    • Got it. 3/4 this morning.

  • +1

    Does anyone want Spec Ops: The Line ?
    It's a good game, I finished it a while ago. Bit weird in places, but a fun shooter.

    First person to name a famous birthday today, wins :)
    (gotta have some fun)

    • Mike Myers!

      • We have a winner :)

        Probably the easiest of the names to type too !

        • Hey I learnt something thanks to you, Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) was born on this day also. So double thanks!

    • Mike Myers :)


      • Pipped by 1 second. Should have skipped the smiley. :)

        • +3

          that 1 second was 999999x longer than on Kinguin though!

        • Yeah probably haha

  • +3

    This time I was ready to go; logged in and already captcha'd. In the time it took me to refresh the page all the keys were already gone. I'd say less than 10 seconds to go from no deal to deal there but all keys claimed. Screw kinguin. If this was their idea of drumming up business it's backfired for me. No way I'd spend a cent with them now.

  • +16

    Since this give away has now become a bit shit, I thought I'd throw out here 20 spare Steam keys I have.
    To make it easy, the first person to reply with the game they want will get the PM.
    I've spent the last few minutes trying to think of something simple. I was going to get people to post a picture of their pet, but not everyone has one, and well… that requires uploading pictures.

    So, choose a game from this list. If you're first, you get it.
    Please redeem the game. Don't keep it to swap / trade.

    One game per person :)

    Dungeon Rushers
    Hiveswap: Act 1
    A Golden Wake
    ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal
    Dungeon Rushers: Crawler RPG
    Juanito Arcade Mayhem
    Diorama Worlds (VR Headset Required)
    Shadow Grounds
    Burnin' Rubber 5 HD
    Q-YO Blaster
    Rune Classic
    Forward to the Sky
    Wurm Unlimited
    She Remembers Catterpillars
    Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan
    Dungeon Rushers
    A Normal Lost Phone
    Kill The Bad Guy
    I'm not a Monster

    I have no doubt some of these games are good, and some…less so.
    Copy / paste, pick a game, it's yours.

    • +2

      Good on ya 👍

    • Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan if you could, would sweeten the blow from kinguin

      • It's yours.

        Please DO NOT PM me.

        Reply to the thread.
        I'll PM you the key.

        • if i could have dungeon rushers please that would be great :)

          • @smr23: Taken. Sorry.

            • @AuSlade: all good. is Wurm Unlimited taken?

              • @smr23: All yours.
                PM incoming.

                • @AuSlade: much appreciated. looking forward to playing this, thanks!

    • Juanito Arcade Mayhem please if possible. thanks

      • PM incoming.

    • Dungeon Rushers please.

      • +1

        PM sent

    • +1

      Forward to the Sky please :)
      Thank you for doing this giveaway (much better than kinguin)

      • PM sent.

    • Shadow grounds please if possible :) thanks

      • Incoming :)

        Edit: Can't PM you.
        The key is yours, need to enable PM's or send me a message.

        • I have enabled PMs now. Thanks for the generosity mate

    • Awesome! Burnin' Rubber 5 HD please

      • Incoming. Give me a second :P
        I only have 10 fingers :)

        • lol forgot to go to Kinguin on the hour for Postal 3 while looking at this!
          Thank you for the key.

    • Kill The Bad Guy, if its available please.

      • +1

        PM sent

        • Awsome cheers.

    • She Remembers Catterpillars please

      • PM sent

        • Thank you kindly.

    • -2

      Any of them you have to spare lol

      Edit 2: i don't know what's already taken so didn't want to be too late figuring it out

    • Q-YO Blaster plz

    • A Golden Wake


      • +1

        PM sent.

    • AuSlade - May I have 'I am not a Monster' please? Thank you!

      • I can't PM you, as you have a new account. Try sending me on. Happy to pass on the key.

        • I just changed the settings. Hopefully that worked.

    • Burning Rubber 5 HD please?

      • Gone already, sorry.
        I can't update the main post. No idea why.

        • What have you got left?

          Edit: Hiveswap seems still available I'll give that a shot please :)

    • +1

      That's awesome of you.

    • +1


      Hiveswap: Act 1 - taken
      Nihilumbra - taken
      Diorama Worlds (VR Headset Required)
      Rune Classic
      A Normal Lost Phone

      Be quick :)

      • Nihilumbra plZ

        • Sorry. Gone.

      • Rune Classic
        If left thank

    • Nihilumbra, is you've still got it?

      Thanks for being so generous to everyone!

      • All yours PM sent

        • I genuinely appreciate it!!

    • Edit: Never mind

    • A normal lost phone if still available.
      Thanks for the kindness.

      • +1

        PM sent.
        Enjoy the game.

        • Thank you!!!

    • I still have:

      ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal
      Diorama Worlds (VR Headset Required) - No one with a VR headset, huh?

      • Can I please have Diorama Worlds if available?

        edit: Oh, didn't know it was f2p

      • Diorama worlds is F2P :p

        • +2

          It is too.
          I didn't know that. It wasn't before :-/
          I guess they couldn't make enough money from the sales.
          I picked it up in a bundle, glad I didn't buy it outright.

          Ok. I'll remove that from the list.

          Is ZanZarah that crap a game ? :)

  • Postal 3 Steam CD Key

  • +1

    Postal 3 Steam, cannot get a single one, see but can't get, since very early this morning

  • Have been sleeping for the past 8 drops - are they still releasing them a few minutes after the hour or has it been on the hour exact?

    • +1

      On the hour - 2 mins after

    • back to on the hour but up for fractions of secs, now with captcha attacks and account sign outs and errors

  • +5

    Refresh #1 - All claimed!
    Refresh #2 - All claimed!
    Refresh #3 - Claim Postal 3 - you cannot claim

    Over in less than 30 seconds, and I estimate no more than 5 seconds between when it showed up on #3 and when it told me I couldn't claim it.

    I'm definitely not planning to spend any money with Kinguin

    • Don't refresh once the game pops. Hit the claim button a few times and if you get anything other than the green well played added to inventory notification, you've missed out.

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