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[PC] Rage 2 (AUS/NZ) AU $37.39 @ Cdkeys


Bethesda.net key, quite cheap considering the game only launched 2 weeks ago and much cheaper than steam. I have yet to find cheap steam keys and this is the cheapest I've seen it.

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  • damn that's dropped in price a lot.
    Decent game. Starts off slow, which is a problem, but does get better later on.

  • Is the game worth at this price considering its only 10 hours gameplay?

    • It's not 10 hours of gameplay. It's however many hours you want to make it (within reason). I haven't finished the story yet, but I'm about 18 hours in.
      On the flip side, I heard someone completed the story within 2 hours, rushing through everything.

    • I'm 14 hours in and still not finished the story. Open world games last what you make it last.

      • Same for many games, can wander back and forth checking out the scenery in many games.

        Giving a time value to the main campaign is quite a common way of measuring the time you'll spend on a game.

    • I did a moderate amount of side content (not very exhaustive, just getting the cool weapons and a few things I ran into randomly in the world) and it took me about 14 hours. I don't regret paying full price but if 12-15 hours sounds like not enough content for you, then don't grab it. There's plenty of huge enormous 60+ hour games out there if content per dollar is the main metric you're interested in.

  • Great game 100% worth the price. There's tonnes of content if you don't just rush the main story.

    • Agreed. Playing through on hardest, some areas are way to hard until you upgrade. Enjoying the leveling and upgrade path options.

  • It's an ok game, but really I'm waiting for doom eternal as the the end of the year. People that like mad Max may enjoy this one.

  • Dont think Steam version will get this cheap for a while (no keys anywhere), so might pick it up! Cheers OP

  • I heard it was a snore fest and the first one was terrible IMHO. I guess that’s why it’s dropped so fast.

  • I picked this game up from this store a week ago for $60AUD. Pretty bummed about the price drop. I'm very much enjoying it thus far, it feels like a mix of Doom (2016) and the Mad Max (2015) game.