expired Sunbeam EM7100 Café Series Espresso Machine + Capsule for $558 Pickup ($7.95 Delivery) @ Harvey Norman


I've been hankering for a new coffee machine but am in a position where I can't pull the trigger at this point in time :( This is definitely on my short list of machines particularly since it takes pods (great for when you need decaf).

Also available at Amazon including delivery

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman



    Damn! This is a great idea. Was torn between the convenience of capsule and the taste of bean.. Now if only I could justify swapping up from $1 711 coffee.


      It's more for people who enjoy playing around with beans, different types, have more people than just themselves around…

      Average coffee serve from a machine like this is 25c-40c.


      I recently changed from pods to a Breville BES870 and was half expecting to be a bit put off by how much longer it takes to make a coffee. After a month or so I'm still enjoying the process and the much much better taste I'm getting from fresh ground beans is worthwhile imo.

      I just buy beans when they're half price so coffee cost is under 20c a cup compared to the 40-50c I was paying for pods.

      Just saw it takes pods too, cool feature for decaf like mentioned above.

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    If anyone else is confused (I was) this takes both fresh ground coffee and capsules. It has two different portafilters… https://www.sunbeam.com.au/Café-Series-Espresso-Machine-plus-Multi-Capsule-Handle.aspx

    Now… why you'd want capsules when you can have fresh ground coffee… - that's another question!

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    It's NOT a capsule machine. I have one of these and love them! I use mine with fresh beans. Definitely a great price OP.

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    Aldi has similar on sale today for half that price https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-25-...

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      similar in that its a coffee machine
      the similarities soon end after that ;)


        Both lack a boiler.
        How do you know they don't have the same cheap pump lurking inside?

        I've fixed loads of these consumer machines, there are lots that are designed for landfill. Picking which ones are can't be done without opening them up and looking inside, or at least looking at the long term reliability once they've been on the market for a while


    Do you need to buy a coffee bean grinder separately?

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    i own the previous model, the em7000, great machine if you want a thermoblock that can make coffee and steam at the same time. grinder i use is the breville smart grinder.

    the portafiler takes much more coffee than a capsule so you can make bigger coffees than a capsule machine eg mug of coffee.

    bing lee on ebay has the breville dual boiler on special …..bes920 ….

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