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Boost Mobile 6 Month Plan 150GB $170 @ Coles


Coles next week’s special - boost mobile 6 months -$170 for 150gb

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    Normally $200

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    Equivalent to 25Gb/month for $28.33/month.

  • How does this work for existing boost customers ?

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      Boost is prepaid… So instead of paying 20 or 30 for 28 days expiry on your next recharge you use this and get 6 months with 120gb

    • I had to get the online chat to swap me over to Anytime Plus first before I could use the long life recharges as I was on a grandfathered plan type. The Change Plan function in the app and also via #111# would keep throwing an error.

      • I remember trying to enable two services using that app. Is lacked sense. Maybe written by someone unfamiliar with the Art of navigating Telstra's service infrastructure chaos.

        Okay, so now the obvious question, how to credit this to an existing Boost account. The packet has no unique code, other than the POS barcode, and another one (32 numbers) printed on the outside of the packaging beside the expiry date (Jan 2021).

        Inside is a new sim card, and no other codes. Just instructions to insert the sim, goto the website to activate/port old number and register. Then use the app to recharge.

        To credit an existing account, can you just use the app and enter the 32 digit number? I can't try, as I got it for a family member and they aren't here. Does anyone know if this should work?

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    It would be an awesome deal if it's for 12 months

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      Yeah, at this price it's still worth sim slutting for me. If it was 12 months though…

      The last 99 dollar aldi sim pack worked out OK for me, just second simmed for data.

      • Do you port your main number every month? Or just activating packs for a second SIM?

        • I used to port, but all I do is second sim for data and gumtree adverts. I keep my main just for calls. The only annwthing is on my s8 I can't use data when I'm on a call, so that means I can't look stuff up as I'm talking.

          • @Robc: Thanks I port my main number each month between various Telstra network based service providers. Fortunately I haven’t had an issue yet with porting.

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    Rather have $15 off the $150/12mo option again

  • Thanks OP
    Optus contract ending soon and wanting to change

  • Anyone know is it possible if I buy this and activate $150 12 month package?

    • Even if it's possible (which I doubt), why would you want to spend $170 to activate a $150 plan?

      • $150 package is for 12 months

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          These "packages" is just a recharge voucher. My point is if you want the $150, just get a $150 recharge voucher.

          • @EVA-01: Ok now it make sense, I thought it's sim with balanve in it to activate any plan we like. Last time few people stacked up the $150 balance to have $300 plan.

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              @randomrandom: They would have bought two vouchers and saved the second one for 6 months time. You can't use two 6 month vouchers at once and receive 12 months.

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    still prefer the 12 month plan, but if u are data hungry,then this would be a greater deal

  • Can't we buy this as $200 credits and activate $150 plan? Balance $50 stays as credit to use which can be used to activate new plan before the $150 (12 months) plan expires.

    Say I top up another $100 after 11 months + use left over $50 credits and then activate another $150 plan for 2nd year.

    • interested to know

    • As I understand, no.
      Someone already explained somewhere in these forums that every voucher amount corresponds to a specific plan, so you buy a certain $ amount, recharge with it, and this effectively gives a specific plan (and corresponding duration).

  • interested to find out what the expiry date to actvate this……..

    curently on Boost and want to get this for $170

    and then n 6months time, activate 2nd "package" for 6 more months

    • all the recharge vouchers I've purchased in recent weeks have an expiry date 17/1/2021

  • I have just changed over to the $300 credit for 12 months @ 240Gb.
    SIM card expiry is 27 Aug 2020.
    $300 voucher expiry is 17 Jan 2021

    $300/240Gb plan is $1.25/Gb
    $170/150Gb plan is $1.13/Gb but then need to recharge with $200 effectively making it $370/300Gb over 12 months = $1.23/Gb
    If one takes a chance and buys 2 recharges now, and it works, then it's possible to save a few more dollars.

  • What happens at the end of the 6 month? Do you just run out of credit/data and your number stays active?

    At which point can you just recharge like other providers what amount you want with Boost so you can switch to say the 28 day prepaids by simply buying a recharge fora 28 day plan and it senses it?

    Alternatively in 6 months time or before your 6 months is up you can just port to another discounted offer? Say for example if they run the optus $50 12 month plan for $40 currently, I only need that closer to Feb 2020, so I could get this 6 month plan then just port out to another provider after 6 months?

    We won't lose our mobile number if we port across now and don't find a provider to switch out to at end of 6 months?

    Can you even buy your credit before the 6 months is over and it will stack on top? or does your new prepaid plan (say you switch to the 28 day boost plans) start as soon as you recharge it whilst your still in this 6 months plan?

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