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Windscribe VPN: 2-Year Pro Subscription USD $44.25 (~AUD $64.13) @ StackSocial


Thanks to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/459267

I only use this for Netflix, so I am not sure about their policy for logs.

I have tried the Windflix servers using the "Build your own plan" where I was paying US$2 per month for 2 servers + 70GB Bandwith. Speed flutuates quite a bit but they have Windflix Japan which is what I need. This deal is for a PRO account with unlimtied bandwith and access to all servers

As a reference I used Windflix US on the first day and it was 90+Mbps but I am getting 35.25. Windflix JP was 30ish and I am getting 72.47Mbps at the time I am posting this.

Android TV app also works but it seems slower than the Desktop App.

Tried OpenVPN on the router using UDP but gets recongised by Netflix, TCP does not get detected but speed is too slow.

I am not an expert in networking so I gave up and just used their Android TV and Desktop app.

Seems like they used to do lifetime not too long ago but on reddit they have repeatedly stated that they are not going to offer lifetime anymore, so this might be the next best thing.

For anyone interested in using this for Netflix. I can see 4 servers from my list

Windflix US
Windflix UK
Windflix CA
Windflix JP

Side note: a lot of the stuff on Netflix JP does not have english subtitles.

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    Windscribe Lifetime Pro 18 months ago was USD$29.40 with coupon. So pays sometimes to sign up for lifetime. Sadly I missed that sweet deal so will sign up for this. Thanks!


      I missed that boat too…


      I got their lifetime license but I can tell you now their server has slown down quite a bit over the last few months.
      I am with TPG ADSL in Melbourne and I can't use their Australia server sometimes with Chrome plugins- Youtube keeps buffering and page won't load properly. I have to switch to NZ one to get it to work.

      I wonder if they start to oversell their service or put some speed limit on old users.


      That deal was 2 years ago, lifetime is no longer available for purchase and will not be going forward, one of their reps said on Reddit. So I would recommend signing up for this if you’re on the fence, it’s still a good price :)


        Last year they offered life time. As per comment below it was around Black Friday or whatever. I went with a three-year deal but life was definitely an option.


          Like I said, that deal was a while ago. One of their reps confirmed on Reddit, toward the end of last year that lifetime would cease to be sold shortly. At the start of this year, another rep confirmed that it would no longer be sold, and it has not been since. I'm aware that lifetime has been an option in the past, I'm on a lifetime plan that I purchased last year, but I was letting them know that it's not worth holding out for lifetime since it won't be coming back.

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    yeah i got 3 years for under $20 aus November 28th 2018

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    Yeah I use this VPN exclusively for Netflix. They currently have dedicated Windflix servers for the US, UK, Canada and Japan. Pretty impressive.


    I got 1 years subscription for $8 during black Friday sale.

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    u can just pay $2USD a month and cancel anytime ( eg: during holidays) if you just need 1 USA netflix VPN windscribe.
    You dont need all these other countries


    Thanks! Got a 2 year subscription. My experience is that this VPN is slightly better than Ivacy although speed can be better.. PIA doesn't really work on Netflix for me, and I'm too cheap to go ExpressVPN.

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