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Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN 2 Years - US $45 (~AU $64.96) | 3 Years - US $60 (~AU $86.62) @ StackSocial


Good price for this popular VPN.


  • Bypass censored & geographically blocked websites, apps and services
  • Enjoy a more intuitive & robust experience via the new VPN client
  • Protect your identity by masking your location & IP address
  • Block ads, trackers & malware w/ the new MACE feature
  • Surf at blazing speed on 10 devices simultaneously w/ unlimited bandwidth
  • Encrypt your data w/ the cryptographically secure Blowfish CBC algorithm
  • Includes SOCKS5 proxy
  • Block unwanted connections w/ an advanced firewall
  • Access more than 3,300+ servers in 32 countries

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  • +4 votes

    Any way to switch to this on existing subscriptions or new ones only?

    • I purchased it and it send a new login etc.. bummed out got 300 days left on my current subscription. Email customer service is appalling can't find it anywhere

    • I contacted them and here's what PIA support said to extend current subscription for existing customers:

      "If you take advantage of this deal please redeem it under the same email as your active account and provide us the 2 different pieces of verification I've placed below, one for your active account and one for the new purchase.

      Verification 1: Please provide us the seven or eight-digit PIA Order Number that you received in your payment confirmation email.

      (Note: this is NOT the same as the seven digits following the letter "p" from your PIA username.)
      Once I receive your order number, I will proceed with your request.

      Verification 2: After redeeming your new account on our site please provide the 16 digit License ID. It would look similar to "1234-5678-9012-3456."

      Once we receive these pieces of verification, we will be happy to proceed with your request."

      So you'll need your last renewal order number and extend it with this deal.

      • Any real world feedback yet on whether this works for getting the time added to a current PIA account?

        • I contacted PIA Support last night and they were able to stack my previous days on to my new 3 year amount. They were really helpful. :)

          • @Wonderstache: So did you do exactly as above?

            Should I be activating the new account first then ask them to merge or get in touch with support & give them all the above info for them to activate & stack?

            • @opposablethumbs: I followed the steps above but the support assistant didn't do it the same way. My account was quite old from 2015 so he had to create a new account with my newly stacked days.
              You could do either step first and I don't think it would matter, as he asked me to activate it first so he could link it to that email's account.

              • @Wonderstache: Just to confirm PIA support were able to stack with older subscription.

                Activated new account by using "redeem gift card".

                Used same email add. as old subscription, then got email with new account number.

                Clicked contact (account support) to make new ticket.

                Detailed account numbers of old & new subscriptions saying I wanted to merge.

                Got email asking for gift card 16 digit number.

                Sent that to them, then not too long after old account had extra time added :-).

                • @opposablethumbs: Glad to hear :) Thanks for sharing your steps with everyone!

                • @opposablethumbs: Thanks. Used this method and had support merge two StackSocial purchased accounts together into one and expiry date extended using the 16 digit licence number for each account stored on StackSocial and same email for each account.

                  Thank you for providing all of your verification information in your first message with us! This has allowed me to immediately proceed with the merge as you have requested!

                  As a result, your account(p1xxxXXX) was terminated, crediting account(p9xxXXX) with a 1095 day >subscription extension! This has moved your account(p9xxXXX)'s expiration date back to 2022-09-04!

                  Note: Expiry date is written in US format. MM/DD/YY in the app and verified extended through the PIA APP and web site.

  • +1 vote

    (profanity). Got ripped

    • Same (years ago). PIA are a Pain In The Ass anyway. Torguard provide better speeds.

      • +1 vote

        I haven't had any problems with the the past 2 years. Only reason why incur I just renewed a month ago for $140 @ 3 years.

        Would of saved $60 if I waited

        • You can usually get it and have them merged anyway.. Pretty sure I'm up to about 8 years of subscription left on mine.


            @Praeto: Not willing to take that risk. I'll wait till I have couple months left then hopefully a good deal comes up

  • +11 votes

    This vpn is based in five eyes if you are ultra concerned about privacy.

    • Do you recommend another one? I had Nord for a while and now on PIA. Looking to get something else.

      • +17 votes

        Their no logs policy have held up in court though. Unlike hidemyass.

      • If you're trying to hide from five eyes, changing VPN providers isn't going to help you. If you don't care about them, PIA is about the best option out there. Their claims about not keeping logs have at least been tested in court and found to be true.

        • Their claims about not keeping logs have at least been tested in court and found to be true.

          This is actually not true, though an oft-repeated selling point marketed by PIA.

          What actually happened, as can be further gleaned from this post on PIA's official sub-Reddit, is that the FBI issued a formal subpoena to PIA, requesting the logs of a PIA subscriber who was charged with making bomb threats in Florida around 2015 and 2016 (court transcripts can be found here).

          PIA essentially responded to the subpoena in the negative via official correspondence and the FBI took their response at face value and decided to pursue other investigative avenues to acquire the data they were seeking.

          That's it. There was no presentation or examination of evidence in court to affirm PIA's statements about not keeping logs nor was there any transparent audit of PIA's infrastructure, encryption methods, security protocols, staff or other assets.

          As people on Reddit and on PIA's official forums have quite rightly pointed out, a mere response to a subpoena is not "proof" or "evidence" that PIA do not keep logs and while lying in official correspondence with the FBI could leave PIA criminally-liable if those statements were found to be untrue, they have a hugely-vested financial interest in maintaining their appearance of being a privacy-conscious VPN provider. Or the US Federal Government could have acquired logs from PIA anyway, through many legal (i.e. National Security/Anti-Terror laws) or less-than-legal methods (i.e. the NSA), and gagged PIA from publicly disclosed this fact and/or fabricated the subpoena to cover their tracks.

          PIA saying its privacy policy has been "tested" because they wrote the FBI a letter saying, in effect: "Oh sorry, don't have any logs for you Mr. G-Man, have a nice day" is incredibly disingenuous at best, or a down-right smokescreen at worst.

          PIA has also made some questionable decisions regarding hiring Mark Karpeles as their CTO in 2018, who was charged with embezzlement and fraud when he was CEO of Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox which went bankrupt in 2014 after 850,000 bitcoins went "missing" with a combined value of $450 million USD.

          Their forums and the PIA sub-Reddit routinely delete and censor posts of a unflattering or investigatory nature and their official forums were even entirely decommissioned for a period of time in the name of "improving customer support". Eventually they reneged on this due to a massive backlash from users.

    • Any suggestion for a non five eyes vpn?

      • Nord is good, but pricey when not on sale. Recent shopback deal made it great value.

        • I heard people saying their speeds have slowed down recently. Have you noticed anything like that?

          • @Dungeon Master: It's been fine for me. Speeds when browsing/ torrenting have been exactly the same as PIA. But I have issues when in games with the VPN on causing unusual latency (didn't have that issue with PIA). I can deal with it cause I just turn it off. Probably a fix for it. Do note I am using the OpenVPN client not the NordVPN client (as I wanted the VPN to go through my PiHole).

            • @fenix1: @L3K - do you have a tutorial on setting up NordVPN/OpenVPN and you PiHole?

              I'm going to sign up to NordVPN while they have 3-for-1 sale on, but don't want to bugger up my pihole, as it were. I'll hit up google after work for answers, but if you've got a guide handy, that'd be awesome.

              • @LaTerrible: Unfortunately, I found using OpenVPN caused ping issues for games I play, so I switched back to the NordVPN client. However the browsing speeds are fine. To route your connection through the Pi-Hole, you have to download OpenVPN GUI and a .ovpn configuration file from NordVPN for the country you want to connect to. Then you open the .ovpn file with notepad or any text editor and under line 17 (comp-lzo no) add: "dhcp-option DNS PIHOLEIP" without the quotes.

                • @fenix1: Awesome, thanks. I assumed it was pretty painless these days, so that's good to know.

                  Right then, will sort out some NordVPN tonight.

    • Probably good enough as a DCMA trashcan for TPB

  • Just a heads up it doesnt work for netflix

  • Still got about 4 months left. Good product, does what it says it sets out to do. Will renew later down track since it looks like you can't just extend.

  • Thank you, this is a great offer, PIA is reliable and fast for downloads (Not for US Netflix or Amazon though). I was wondering, is there an expiry to this promo code, I couldn't locate this information? Cheers

  • Is it torrent friendly?
    How does it compare to nordvpn?

    • Works well - had lots of connectivity issues with nordvpn on laptop and desktop. To their credit they refunded me no problems.

      • I had no problems on PIA. Recently moved to purevpn and most of their servers block torrents.

  • Just bought the 3 year for $99 USD two days ago…

    Does anyone know if I can request a refund for the three year subscription and then buy this three year?

  • Thanks OP! My current subscription expires in a couple of weeks, was actually looking for a deal a few days ago. :)

  • how does this compare to ExpressVPN? I'm not all that familiar with how everything works but am anxious about my privacy. Can these programs allow you to watch the likes of HBO, Hulu, Netlix and the sorts without having accounts with those streaming services?

    • Express VPN will work with video streaming services and is in a better jurisdiction, i.e. not five eyes. Both are fast and have AU Servers
      However, it is a premium service so you pay accordingly.

      • Paying is not the problem, If it means better privacy, I'm all for it. And so you're saying that with something like Express VPN, I can access those streaming services without having an account with them? Like I can access HBO without already being registered with Foxtel?

      • ExpressVPN has a nice app for ios (and Android?) which cuts out any real setup

      • i thought PIA was a premium service ?

    • @swimmingtoad: You can't watch Netflix without an existing subscription. A VPN merely allows you to access their alternate libraries in different countries.

  • Just out of curiousity, what do you guys use VPN services for?
    Would the average joe get any noticeable benefits from using a VPN?

    • I primarily use a VPN to access Netflix in other countries. Windscribe is great for that, but recently it became a bit expensive if you missed the discounted 3 year, 5 year or Lifetime subs.

      Currently SaferVPN can be had cheap and that's good for getting US and UK Netflix, too.

    • Increased privacy.

    • Torrenting tv shows/movies. I gave up on paying for multiple streaming services.

      If you're asking that question, you probably don't need a vpn.

    • Telling the aus authorities it's not their business what I look at on the net and that sadly I more trust a foreign corp to treat that information properly.

  • Was waiting for this but picked up free 50GB a month free from windscribe not sure I will bother paying again.

  • This is very good. I get 94mbps speed test with this turned on. Windscribe would give me like 15.

  • and if your a new user on Stack should be a prompt somewhere to enter your email for a 10% code ….

  • Bypass censored & geographically blocked websites, apps and services

    Except Netflix, Amazon, etc. PIA have no interest in even touching on this topic for those concerned. I switched to Nord and I've found it easier to use and has more functionality.

  • IvacyVPN? convince me


      What do you want it for? Not great for speed, but seem to be reliable. Their split tunnel vpn is great, you can channel an app via the vpn and normal internet for the rest. I use it for bbc, i can download/stream shows & then Chromecast when playing.

      • its life time , somone else here said its the Bees knees ……….. the short answer everything


          I grabbed a lifetime deal about 2.5yrs ago for $30 i use 3 other providers as well. (I like testing them out).

          Basically i use ivacy as a backup/for bbc. The split tunnel stuff works a treat. Speeds aren't great. But IMHO it was $30 well spent even if it fell over tomorrow.

    • IvacyVPN just won the best speed category at the proprivacy awards. I bought a lifetime sub with them a couple of months ago. Based in Singapore, and they have an excellent all round service. I reckon their PC and Android apps are terrific. Very user-friendly. Get a lifetime sub before they go premium.

      • is it torrent friendly?
        is it Netflix streaming friendly?

      • They also probably paid for that "award" - essentially, it's advertising.

        Check out "That One Privacy Guy". He summarises it here:

        Do you think there is a way to combat the problem of “native advertising?”

        TOPG: The best way of handling the problem of native advertising is two-fold. First, education. Many people, if not most, don’t understand what it is (in a nutshell, native advertising is a way of disguising advertising to look like legitimate content – a review, top 10 list, blog post, article, etc).

        • Yeah maybe. There are so many BS VPN review sites. I prefer to do my own testing or get feedback from users on Reddit, Whirlpool and here at Oz Bargain.

  • Just spend $60 / 1yr on auto-renewal 4 days ago.

  • The deal is pretty decent and much better comparatively speaking to their Black Friday sales in November.

    I'm somewhat tempted to move from my $29USD yearly to the $60USD (3yrs). But only use PIA selectively as I prefer ExpressVPN especially when it comes to UK, USA Netflix/Prime Video as PIA doesn't work when it comes to streaming video as their IP addresses have been blocked.

    Neither VPN services work to access local AU Netflix so you have to disconnect to watch AU Netflix (not a huge deal, but might be a deal breaker for those who like to keep their meta data away from the government).

    Both have great speeds and easy to use clients however ExpressVPN is the gold standard hence why you pay 3x the price compared to PIA.

    I did a trial of NordVPN and their speeds are considerably slower when compared to ExpressVPN and PIA (local AU servers). Although access to video streaming to USA Netflix/Prime Video did work for which PIA can't do.

    • +3 votes

      be careful, you have a cheap year subscription (they don't increase your price). This deal is one off, in 3 year you will have to: 1) pay wherever price is at that moment or 2) hope for another of these deals.

      this is what I got from a PIA rep:

      "Unfortunately, these gift card accounts are not renewable as there is no payment method attached to them. These cards are sold through a third party vendor and are heavily discounted. When the account nears the end of the subscription, you can either look for another deal similar to this deal, or purchase an account directly through PIA."