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Menulog 35% off Hack (10% New Account and 25% SMS Voucher Stack)


This is more of a hack than a deal and requires a little bit of patience to get your ducks lined up in a row.

For new customers on Menulog you get a 10% discount.

After you have made an order with Menulog and have provided your mobile number (this is important) you will get a message several days later saying
"Welcome to Menulog! Enjoy 25% OFF your next order. Use code XXXX-XXXX by X/X/2019. Delivery + card orders only. Go to"

Heres where the magic happens.

Menulog does not ask you to confirm your email address through your email inbox when you join. It also doesnt scrutinise the email you enter into the registration section either. So just enter in any old email you like, perhaps your own with a few spelling mistakes and sign up.

Now that you have signed up again you get the 10% discount on your first order, which you can stack with the 25% off code that you recieved after your first original order.

This has worked for me about 4 times over the past month and I keep receiving 25% off discounts which I combine with the 10% off to get 35% off my meal.

TLDR; Sign up to menulog and order something 10% off. Get a 25% off code on your phone later. Sign up again with new email and stack your 25% off code with your 10% first order discount for 35% off your meal.

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  • As I sit here and watch the Uber Eats driver drive 12KM in the wrong direction rather than the 2KM from the restaurant to my house, I wish I'd seen your post sooner.

    • I had an UberEats cyclist bring an order to mine which was about 7mins drive by car. He dropped an order off on the way, and I ended up getting my pizza about 40mins after he picked it up. Obviously I got a full refund.
      He had a 73% rating. How he was still getting jobs I don't know.

    • Hey they gotta drop off the other 4 deliveries on the way to yours 😉🤦‍♂️

    • Legends say, to this day, the driver is still going the wrong way…

    • Reason they do that because some drivers works with all companies or work with 2 accounts (husband and wife ac). They accept sometime 2 pick up at one time and end up your food freaking cold. Should complain abt it to delivery company. You might get credit if delivery took way longer.

      • I hadn't thought of that but it's a valid point of them doing two jobs with different accounts. Yeah Ubereats were pretty quick to come back and give me a full refund and reminded me to give him a bad rating.

        On a plus note, I learnt that Paninoteca S.p.A in Coburg's chips can withstand 45 minutes in the back of a motorbike and remain crispy!!

  • Bro as if share this on ozb. Now there goes my cheap menulog meals….

  • please delete this now so us guys can get to use it :)

  • How do you get that first 10% discount?

  • +1 vote

    so do you need a new phone number every time to get another 25% code?

    • Yeah that's what I was thinking.

    • I dunno how OP is doing it but it will ask u for a new phone number everytime u register a new acc and it wont count a new account if u use the same phone number, unless u can. But I tried this ages ago and didnt work because they changed it so that u will need a new phone number for a new acc.

  • +5 votes

    so u have to wait several days for the 25% voucher comes along?? But I'm hungry now!!!!

  • I thought you couldn't use the same phone number?

  • Lol even if this worked it won't anymore now that its been posted.

  • So you need to make an order first?

  • +2 votes

    Don't forget cashback!

  • Legend, thanks OP

  • Interesting, though it doesn't make a huge difference, you get 10% off the meal, then 25% off the remainder of the meal cost and delivery.

    • though it doesn't make a huge difference

      Firstly some offer free delivery.
      I'm not getting your logic though - 35% off makes a huge difference to someone wanting to decide between say Uber Eats and Menulog.

      • I think their point is its not 35% discount but 32.5% as the 25% is taken off the remainder.

        • I was mostly just interested in how it was calculated and also that they give you the 25% discount off delivery, which is rare. I'm just weird.

  • This has worked for me about 4 times over the past month

    Same phone number? I think they stop sending the coupons to the same number after a while.

  • damn. you really sacrificed this.

  • Why would you post this? I didn't even know about it beforehand but still think it's stupid to post. Enjoy not being able to use it anymore.

  • This guy reminds me of Mr Banned from Woolworths

  • I had my first order with menulog on May 5th. I didn’t get the 25% off SMS. This isn’t an offer that all new customers get.

  • But do you need new emails to get 10% discount? Once you used email that email will be no longer able get10% off.

  • I've only briefly read this, but it sounds like you are just using different email addresses to signup in order to get a new voucher code, correct?

    In that case, you guys should look at

    Here's how it works. You create a Bulc.Club account, let's call it Bob. Your Bulc.Club address will be "". This address will then forward all emails to your actual email account, e.g. [email protected].

    Using the Bulc.Club address, you can create dynamic and random email forwarders. So in this case, I can create something lke this:

    [email protected] -> forwards to [email protected]
    [email protected] -> forwards to [email protected]
    [email protected] -> forwards to [email protected]
    [email protected] -> forwards to [email protected]
    [email protected] -> forwards to [email protected]

    No need to create 5 separate Gmail accounts. Just use the same one. I've used this trick on so many different sites/services already. There are other benefits to using this too. E.g. if somehow Groupon sends an email to [email protected], then you know that Menulog has sold your email information to Groupon, otherwise how did Groupon know this email?

    Basically, for each of the daily-deal type emails from 1-Day, Groupon, Stacksocial, etc, I create an email forwarder for each. This helps separate them easily and you can block incoming emails by going to your Bulc.Club account to manage them. It's super useful.

    And you don't need to do anything extra in order to create the email forwarders.

      • I know about that trick. But you're just exposing your real email address. It's never a good idea to use your actual email for signing up. Based on the pattern, you can easily guess what the real email is and that's how your information gets leaked/sold to 3rd parties.

        Imagine if I get a hold of your actual email and I want to do malicious things to it. I could sign it up on porn sites, newsletters (daily deals, university newsletters, beta services/apps signups, etc). There's no way for you to block and filter them easily. You'd have to add a bunch of Gmail filters and probably set up a Google Apps Script to automatically delete emails based on the labels applied by the Gmail filters. Worse case scenario, you'll probably delete your old Gmail account and create a new one.

        Whereas with Bulc.Club, you can control which email forwarders can send to you. You can block by address, or domain. The ratings are also based on a the public's concensus of whether an email address, or the domain, is legit or not. It's like Web of Trust in a way.

        Also, some sites prevent the use of the Gmail aliases during signup, but email forwarders on the other hand are mostly not.

        Of course, I'm not saying you should use an email forwarder for EVERYTHING. I personally only use it for daily deal sites, forums, etc. For services that are data sensitive, like Paypal or banking related sites, you still need to use your real email.

        • BTW, not all sites or forums allow the use of [email protected] They may detect the + operator and prevent you from doing that. A good example would be signups to freebies, where the site may allow only 1 item to be redeemed per person. Or, say you've got a referral link, the site will prevent infinite self-referrals to stack the welcome credits.

          Whereas if you use Bulc.Club, that is usually treated as a legit address.

    • If you don't want to go through all this trouble, just use [email protected].
      Then go to and access that email account.

      • Mailinator or any temp-disposable email services provide public inboxes though, which means anyone can access your emails and you might not want that. If you want a layer of privacy and security, you still need something different.

        And it's not that much better. You still need to login to those sites to access your emails. With Bulc.Club, you signup an account only once and that's it. You do not need to login to create email forwarders.

    • Hey thanks so much for this, I've been looking for a service like this and bluc club is perfect. On a side note, do you know what their revenue stream is or are they doing it completely non-profit

      • They are non-profit. Their support is amazing and you can read their blogs and FAQs to get an understanding of their vision/goals for their service. I've looked at many alternatives and none of them are as good as Bulc Club and they aren't even free.

        I would suggest not to use it for anything that involves a credit card / Paypal / etc. This just helps filter a lot of those semi-spam / semi-junk newsletter emails and at the same time protects your real email address.

  • why is it expired? does it not work anymore?