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AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor $207.20 + $10 Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Futu Online eBay


Comes up $259 before 20% selected ebay sellers free postage with ebay plus, Cheapest available at the moment with ebay plus otherwise you have to pay $207.2 + $10 for delivery. Good luck everyone

Original 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • Nice price, been a dollar cheaper last year but that's it.

    However in light of AMD's recent announcement I'd hold off, the 3000 series looks to be insanely good value.

  • Should be 169.99 once Ryzen 3600 is out.

  • Not sure if this comes with the 2 free games (Division 2 + World War Z) like some other retailers.
    It's $20 more from here and comes with the games https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AMD-AM4-Ryzen-5-2600-Six-Core-3-...

  • Decent price, however if you guys are able to wait, Ryzen 3000 series are coming out very soon

  • ryzen 3000 looks sick
    not sure if people would still want ryzen 2000 after the 3000 comes out

    • Well, if somebody needs to build PC now it can be a good option since most motherboards will support next gen.
      It is a question though what to do with old processor, is there a market for used CPUs?

      • There's zero reason not to wait imo.

        If you've held out this long you shouldn't buy now.

      • i am not sure where the logic would be that if someone was to build a pc now with the ryzen 2000
        that suddenly on July 7, 2019 (ie approx 1 months time) they get the urge to upgrade to 3000

        if they were so desperate for a pc now
        then their need would be met now and there would not be a strong desire to just change the cpu so quickly..

        in regards to old processor, the ryzen 2000 is not that old
        so they can ebay it pretty easy
        how much money they can get for it is another matter.

      • is there a market for used CPUs

        Yes, you can probably sell it for more than this on eBay.

  • i'd wait for < $200 as others are saying

    • The difference is 2 cups of coffee and 5 months til Black Friday.
      Don't pass up this deal like you passed up Brienne

  • Have a brand new one of these sealed/ unopened from a build I was going to do but ended up not proceeding. I would like to sell for under this price Should I or can I advertise on ozbargain forums?

  • +2 votes

    You can buy it and then sell the AMD game bundle for $50-70. While people told me and a lot of others to wait, I took the gamble. And it was really risky considering Ryzen 3600 was expected to be 8 core a few weeks ago. Anyway, I sold my 1600, spire cooler,upgraded to 2700 and then sold the AMD game bundle. Overall = $40 profit lol. So, yeah, you are the one to make your decisions but do think and calculate… Good Luck :)

  • A 3600 is going to be probably $100 more expensive for ~20% more performance so this is still good.

    • 15% IPC improvement stated by AMD themselves. But only 3rd-Party reviews will tell us clearly. Even 10% will be great though.