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Fujifilm $100 - $700 Cashback on Cameras and Lenses


Choose your poison!!!

I chose the 23mm, really big cash back! Maybe they are announcing new version of the lens soon.

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  • I like the xf80 :)

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    I have such GAS for an X100F

    • It is a wonderful camera but I'm waiting for the next one. Lens is still the old one from the first x100.

      • Lens is still the old one from the first x100.


  • the best deal I've found so far is xf60 in digidirect's ebay store. $584.80 plus delivery with code "PAPPY". after cashback it'd be only $246.80 :)

    • Wow that’s a rip!!!

  • I chose the 23mm, really big cash back! Maybe they are announcing new version of the lens soon.

    I am also looking at it, what is the new version you are talking about?

    • Just guessing :). It’s because usually they only do $150 cashback for the 23mm 1.4, like the 56mm. Now it’s $350 cashback. They usually do this if there are new models, example XT2 was deeply discounted after announcement of XT3

      • What is the cheapest price you have found with the cashback factored in?

  • Can we still get the cashback if we buy from greymarket like ebay?

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    Just looked at some lenses on digidirect

    Eg: 35F1.4 $565 + $12 shipping less $100 cashback: $477

    8-16F2.8 $2,598 + $12 shipping less $150 cashback: $2,460

    56f1.2 964+12-150=826

    35f2 448+12-100= 360

    Xt3 1775+12-150= $1637

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      was waiting for their EOFY sale.
      Some lenses are +150 vs last year

  • XT3 is a great deal as well! I wish I have waited.

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      i'll just skip the xt3, waiting for the xt4/xpro with ibis

      • haha yeah i would want ibis ..but prob only on xpro

  • An eligible claimant is only permitted to submit a maximum of one (1) claim each per model of camera and lens included in section 9 of these Terms and Conditions purchased by the eligible claimant during the Promotion Period.

    If you buy more than one lens of different models, can you claim for both lenses or only for one item in total?

    • One “PER” model of lens.

  • Guys, check out CameraPro!!! They have further decreased the price, esp for the 23mm f2 and 35mm f2. I called up Ted’s camera to price match but they said they can’t.

    • i have a few items in cart but when i try and remove them it says select free gift and I can't remove items, stuck!

      • It’s a bug. Happened to me. Go back to their home page then check your cart.

    • Just purchased a 55-200mm from CameraPro. Not currently in stock, but more are due in about a week. Normally $829 (which seems about right looking at other stores), currently $730 at CameraPro, minus $300 for the cash back = $430. Bargain!

      edit: shipping is $10, or free pickup from their Queen St or Newstead stores in Brisbane.

  • to replied OP post - roadmap for 2019 - 2020 lens


    • Thanks, mate! So the 23mm is not to be replaced soon..

      • Each year Fuji AU offers huge cashback on some specific items, I think it depends on how low volume they were selling. I suspect the next cashback will have the 56mm f1.2 with good offer.

      • Can't see that happening even though 23mm f1.4 is getting a bit old in the tooth.

  • does anyone know if you can still claim the cashback if you buy the gear in a company name?

    • Not possible I think. The cashback is claimed from Fuji. Unless The invoice is in another name winkwink*

  • anyone have experience with how long the claim took last time?

    • from my memory, less than 2 weeks

      • Wow really? That’s pretty quick, awesome! bought a 23mm and 60mm so due for $700 :)

        • same here, also bought the similar to yours, 60 mm backorder at the moment

          my claim last time was for 16-55 and 50-140 with $250 each, now it is only $150 each

  • With digidirect 15% off at the moment, brings the X-T3 body to best price ever I think, from an authorised seller - $1528!

    • Super awesome price!

  • I bought 27mm f2.8 last year with cashback. anyone knows if i can get another cashback this time for 27mm f2.8?

  • I'm in a two day window where this cashback overlaps with my 60 day TRS period. Are there any decent deals on X-T3's out there? All the eligible retailers I've looked at have been more or less the same price.

    • Try Ted’s Ebay, they are on sale. Stack it with the 15% off coupon PASTA15

      • Since the coupon has a max discount of $200, it only brings it down to $1900. And since I'm not an eBay plus member and have used my free trial, it becomes more expensive than other options :(

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