Targeted 6 Months of Google One for Local Guides (100GB) Free @ Google


Straight from the eMail:

As a Local Guide, you can try Google One for free.
We've got something special for top contributors like you - A free Google One membership for 6 Months

I'm a Level 4 LG. Got this email yesterday.

For new users only. Users with existing Google Drive paid storage plans are not eligible for this offer. You won't be charged until after your free trial ends. Redeem by January 31 2020.

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    A little warning for people going on this free trial…

    I'm a level 7 guide and got 100GB / 6 month trial which ended 30 May. Had filled up the quota with original size photos rather than the unlimited high quality option but then when the trial expired I was basically forced to delete everything because it was telling me I was over my original quote (17GB) but 100GB. Unlike OneDrive you basically have to delete it all because it uses Google Mail, Photos and Drive, so you won't be able to send/receive emails unless you delete it.

    In other words it's pretty useless unless you just want extra space for the trial period and not be able to access it later!


      Yep. It's about to disable email etc on my phone because my bonus quota will end. Luckily i use a separate gouge account for my phone. Best thing i ever did re: Google


      Temporary upgrades can bite if something on the Google end keeps going in and out of beta mode.

      Got caught the same way with a previous Google offer when it expired. Ended up deleting half my email archives and about 50GB photos trying to reduce the quota by 1GB. At that time Google Photos had reverted back to beta mode and you couldn't filter out the uncompressed images.

      Got the offer but not worth the risk.

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