Free electricity for my Tesla at my Apartment

Okay bargain guys and gals, just wanted your input on this.

I bought a Telsa Model S (used) 3 months ago and live in a medium rise apartment with a carpark. In the carpark about every 2 car spaces is a standard (weatherproof version) power point. As of this point I haven't heard back from the Body Corporate in RE installing a Level 2 charger ( higher speed) at my own expense.

I have been charging every day (since I got it), with occasional trips to the supercharger when necessary but mostly using the 240 consumer grade power point by my carpark with no issues (caretaker even commented how cool it was). These powerpoints are def not metered to my individual apartment. It charges very slowly with the powerpoint but is enough to get me back and forth commuting.

If I was to charge from empty to full would probably take forever with a 85 kilowatt hour battery.

Should I feel any ethical quandaries about this? Is anyone else doing the same? I took the caretakers assent as tacit approval lol.

Update: Anyone else from Sydney have any tips for dealing with this? How did you go about it?


So I called the BC / Mgmt company today, and they haven't responded because of admin issues or something like that. BUT they did tell me some good news, they have been actually studying adding electric chargers anyways.

So good news is this, next month or so, they will be installing 2 generic three phase chargers, in two of the visitors bays ( have 10 in total) (they are never all in use anyways) with priority for residents who have EV. Those bays will be painted green to encourage people not to park there.

Apparently they will not be charging ( all pun intended) for this as it covered by some type of grant or something, and the electricity will remain free of charge for the time being for users. Not sure if anyone else has an EV but I haven't seen them.

I guess the good thing is if those bays are occupied somehow I still have my slow fallback charger.


  • Check with your strata. Someone pays the electricity bill and your additional usage..

    • Yes. The owners. So technically its STEALING FUEL/POWER!

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        If he's drawing from an accessible point in a common area, that's not stealing. It's just that the strata may not have ruled on such activity yet.

        If I was in your block I'd be very annoyed about subsidising you.

        • If you don't ask, they can't say "no" — words to live by.

        • It's not stealing but he will get higher owner corporation bill then others, most likely they will bring to attention in general meeting or complain corporation manager. They will compare past month bills and any extra bill will be charge to that unit owner who have electric car.

          • @Zonty: This is absolutely not the case…

            Impossible to justify that extra costs were for this reason alone and BC companies would not (and probably could not) tailor their systems to charge more or less to specific apartments on this basis

            • @ninjawarrior: They were charging different for my smaller apartment. But this decide in general meeting so better you go in that meeting.

              • @Zonty: Well yes, every owner will of course pay different amounts based on number of bedrooms or the sqm of the apartment.

                Are you saying that in your general meetings people vote to change the strata contributions for individual apartments? Because I would pay good money to observe that meeting with some popcorn in hand…

                • @ninjawarrior: Nope I am saying any cost connected particular unit pays by that owner. In my case I had not front footpath garden so I was paying less. In his case he using extra electricity so he would pay little more,

                  • @Zonty: It is difficult to tell without more information, but that sounds like a specific item you do not have access to. If I lived in an apartment block and could not use the pool or the gym, for example, I would also insist that I pay a smaller strata contribution.

                    OP's is a different situation with a common power point which anyone living in the block can access. How much of the power being used by that one power point should be paid by OP? 10%, 50%, 90%? Impossible to allocate.

        • That's the definition of strata! You pay for other people's problems and usage. In return, they pay for your problems and usage, why do you think most people dislike strata? It only benefits the unlucky, the irresponsible and the selfish.

      • Technically I am still paying so should be entitled to a certain percentage of common power.

        • I think so. It's no different to plugging in to use an electric garden tool or pressure washer.

          You car is probably costing them around $40 a month - chump change.

          Is there any solar on the complex?

        • But if the manager is somewhat competent (and if so, could you please send me their details?), they will identify the notable increase in the electricity account and may need to adjust the administrative rate contribution payable by lot owners as a result.

          Which I suppose is still a bargain — paying a percentage of the electricity usage increase for your car. Just an awful deal for everybody else in the building.

          • @QW3RTY: There is no way that it would get picked up, and even if it did they would not know why or suspect an EV to be causing the problem. Even if they did, they couldnt prove it, and getting someone to prove it would be nigh impossible.

            Any competent manager would ignore the rise on electricity and move on. It sounds like OP is in a high rise with underground car park with dozens of spots.

            Also keep in mind the maximum draw from a 10A power point is 2400W. Thats equivalent to your average electric heater. If theres more than 20 units, which it sounds like there is if 2 whole spots are going to be dedicated to EVs, then no way there is less than 20 units, more like 60 to 100. Its a complete non issue.

        • as far no one will complain or bring extension to owner corporation meeting you will be fine. But if they find out then be prepare pay extra bill by corporation bill,

        • Yes you entitled for it. It can be solved in general meeting only where all owner must agree. Well you also owner so you bettter go that meeting if happen and you can oppose too. It's like little parliament lol and owners are ministers 😂😂😂

      • if electricity included in rent then I shouldn't worry.
        but if you are paying your own electricity then check with strata otherwise it can be as getting electricity from neighbour without their knowledge.

      • He is partially a free rider. But if strata is fine with it in principle, then that's not stealing.

        I didn't neg you btw, i do see where you're coming from.

  • Humble brag? Body corporate will be paying for it no doubt.

    • I have emailed them multiple times (it is a huge management agency) and they dont reply. I will go to the next general meeting and ask to install a quick charger at my expense….

      • Just keep charging slowly for free if you don't need to do full charges. It's obviously not bothering them, and 1 person out of 200? in the building would barely be a blip on the radar cost wise, especially if you aren't going far. May as well get something out of your body corp fees.

        • Yeah an grand extra in electricity costs per year wont be noticed or passed on to other residents lol

        • Why not take an electric razor down and shave down there

        • So almost everyone here is suggesting that OP should be theiving power.
          What a great bunch of contributors you lot are.
          Sorry but suggesting somebody steals power from somebody else is not a BARGAIN that we should be promoting here!

          • @Amayzingone: Reading not your strong suit? Op has tried to pay for the power, noone replies to him about it. The people saying to bring the shaver down are joking. This is not the bargains section, it's the forum. That should just about cover everything.

          • @Amayzingone: Well technically it is a Bargain, you can't get better than X% off! (based on how many units in the building).

          • @Amayzingone: Technically the building designers/developer has provided these power points to future proof the building, otherwise there wouldnt be one between two spots as OP described. What they likely havent done is wire them to individual meters as that would have been much more expensive, and required a power point for each unit. He is just using them like anyone else. He doesnt even have to ask permission.

            • @Jackson: If they were put there to recharge ecars then the appropriate power points would be there. Not a concentional one.
              Therein lies your answer!

              • @Amayzingone: Thats not true, every EV charges off 10A as thats the most common power in the world. If the building is pre 2014, and lets face it the likelihood that is the case is very high, then no one would have known what the standard was going to be. In actual fact there still is no standard, so even today if I was designing a building the best powerpoint to have available is a standard socket because it can still provide 10A units but has the capacity to legally provide up to 32A depeneding on how its wired.

                • @Jackson: Fair call
                  But the intention would not have been there to charge EVs.
                  If that was the case they would have installed an appropriate EV charging station

        • U saying people will not notice ? Well full charge cost $20.00 for 500 to 600 km well depend how many km he does do per year I bet there will be $500 extra electricity bill for coming year and it will be compare by electricity company says u paid same time that much last year. So manager of strata will notice. That bill goes to starta and In meeting they budget and devide cost to owner, so it's not 200 persons it number of units Will bear that cost.

      • If you actually want a response try calling them on the phone rather than emailing. That way they can't ignore you, and you can get the closure you seek

      • dont do multiple emails … just one email .. keep a record of the email .. then keep taking the elec for free.

        any issues, pull out the old email with no response.

    • I pay common area fees.

      • You pay a percentage of the elec.

        How would you feel if someone else did it and your body Corp fees went up to cover it,
        How would you feel if u had s flatmate and they did it, would you go halves

        I think it’s fair to use to say vacuum your car, but not to the extent you are

        But given they don’t reply I’m inclined to say do it anyway.

        P.s. the caretaker plays no role in this, they don’t pay the electric nor give a shit

        • How do you know someone else isn't charging all their power tools/ipads/latops/etc. down in their car parking spot? ;)

          Besides at a wall outlet kind of level, how much power is he really draining into his car?

          • @serpserpserp: They could indeed, but they would get stolen, if it’s an open car park eventually.

            I doubt anyone with an ounce of Morals or pride would do this, I would have assumed chargin a car all night is more,draining than an iPad anyway. I think you would have to be a poor **** to charge portable items on your b.c. Power points. Where are we headed here, it’s akin to the tight ass who wheeled his kitchen shit to the public bbq to save money, or the gronk who drove from Adelaide to Sydney with his air con off.

            But given this guys b.c. Has failed to reply and that the item isn’t portable, they deserve it anyway, as he has requested to install a power point metered to him

            • @Donaldhump:

              it’s an open car park

              It is a car park in an apartment building. A lot of these generally have cages built into them, particularly if you are assigned two car parks for your apartment (one becomes the "garage").

              I doubt anyone with an ounce of Morals or pride would do this,

              I have seen countless threads on this site about people taking their electronics to work to charge them for use at home, one thread was about one guy have a Ryobi/Ortiz charger under his desk or something like that. People are massive tight arses in this world. Even when proven that all the charging at the office isn't really going to save you a lot of money (although, power tool & power bank capacity batteries are getting bigger by the day…)

              akin to the tight ass who wheeled his kitchen shit to the public bbq to save money

              My favourite troll thread of all time on this site.

          • @serpserpserp: A domestic outlet can supply 10A comfortably. That's 2400 watts, 2.4kW. Do that for an hour (2.4kWh) at a cost of say 20c/kWh, that's nearly 50c. 24 hrs a day = $12. That's $84/week. Not an unsubstantial amount.

            • @endotherm: If op was charging his car 24 hours a day, he'd only need to charge it once wouldn't he.

              If op drives 20km round trip (probably quite high if he is near the cbd CBD), at an approximate rate of 5km per kWh, that is 4kkh. So about 80c at your rate of 20c per kWh. $300 per year if op drives every single day.

              • @brendanm: It was more in response to the potential power used if someone (presumably a tradie or similar) used it for charging power tools and laptops etc., and the quantity a power point could supply.

                • @endotherm: Are they constantly swapping and using batteries 24/7? Also to use 10 amps at 240v constantly they are going to need to have a lot of batteries charging at once It's a silly point, there is basically nothing that will use 2400 watts constantly, except maybe a bar heater with no thermostat.

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                    Also to use 10 amps at 240v constantly they are going to need to have a lot of batteries charging at once

                    You mean kinda like an electric car?

                    The charger will do pretty close 10A, it's meant to charge the car as quickly as practical. It won't be running at that rate 24/7 though, as OP will be driving the car sometimes (and/or the battery will get full).

                    • @abb: Congratulations, you've restated what I stated earlier, and proved my point. It will not be running 24/7, as the car won't be there to charge.

                      Also, if you'd like to read the post I was replying to, you'd see the poster was talking about charging tools/laptops etc.

              • @brendanm:

                If op drives 20km round trip (probably quite high if he is near the cbd CBD)

                Op shouldn't be driving stoned. That is also illegal


              • @brendanm: hashtagMath or is it hashtagMaths ???? :/

            • @endotherm: Maybe he should get his Telsa buddies to come over and use the guest parking slots to charge their cars for $50 a week ;)

        • Its the common area though. The same point could be made of:

          How would you feel if someone else used the elevator more than you and your body Corp fees went up to cover it?

          How would you feel if someone else used the swimming pool more than you and your body Corp fees went up to cover it?

          I think hes done the correct thing though. If they make a big stink about it he at least has the paper trail to say he tried to contact them about it

      • Should be able to find a tap somewhere in the common area and use it to fill buckets for running a bath and your washing machine.

      • If I were your neighbor, would you mind if I ran some mining rigs out of my boot 24/7 to fund my retirement? I also pay for the common area anyway…

        • Depends, how much power do your mining rigs suck and how many cents per week do you make for yourself?

        • This isn't a bad idea!

        • Your example is completely different. If someone deliberately moved items to where they didn't belong in order to access a public power point, that is unethical.

          Here the OP is parking his own car in his own car parking spot. There is no other available option for them to charge their car, and they have tried to be upfront and check if it is ok.

          Do you complain anytime anyone uses anything in the common area? Technically they are all "stealing" your money!

          • @AndrewCh:

            Do you complain anytime anyone uses anything in the common area? Technically they are all "stealing" your money!

            Nah, I rent so couldn't give a shit.

            Here the OP is parking his own car in his own car parking spot.

            What if my car is just where I happen to have my mining rigs installed, (using the car battery as a UPS) and there just happens to be a powerpoint nearby?