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[Wii U] Clearance: Terraria, Kirby & The Rainbow Curse, Xenoblade Chronicles X $5. Zelda WW HD, Yoshi’s WW $10 + More @ JB Hi-Fi


Wii U games on clearance at JB. Seems to be nationwide but local stock will very much vary.

This is what I saw at my two locals. Will add more if people want to post their finds.

Game Price
Wii Nunchuck $5
Wii Fit Meter $5
Terraria $5
Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark $5
Darksiders 2 $5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 $5
Sonic Boom :Rise of Lyric $5
Sniper Elite V2 $5
Xenoblade Chronicles X $5
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse $5
Art Academy Atelier $5
Epic Mickey 2 $5
Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Bundle $10
Zelda Windwaker HD $10
Yoshi's Wooly World $10
Splatoon $10
Guitar Hero Bundle $10
Devil's Third $10
Star Fox Zero $14
Paper Mario Color Splash $15
Mario Party 10 $15
Mario Party 10 Amiibo Bundle $15
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash $15
Mario Kart 8 $15
Super Mario Maker Bundle $15

Ps3, Xbox 360 and 3ds had sales as well but didn't look like there was as much stock and the prices didn't seem quite as good. Could just be my stores though.

Happy hunting and don't broden it up.

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    What are your locals? hardly any wii U stuff in my two locals (both JBs in Maribyrnong). Would love to pick up Yoshi's Woolly World, Wind waker HD and splatoon…

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      Capalaba and Carindale in Brisbane. Capalaba had great variety, Carindale not so much

    • +1

      Worst JB's Ive ever been too.

      Try altona/brunswick

  • I've only seen Art academy at about 3 different stores personally.

    Anyone willing to help me out? My kids would love to play some of these games.

    • +1

      Mod your Wii U - unless you're a collector or want to resell not worth spending too much time trying to track down a cheap copy

    • Or if you don't want to risk bricking your console, EB may have Art Academy in thier 3 for $18 range with some other Wii U titles


      • +1

        Bricking is almost impossible unless you don't know how to read.

  • Thanks OP, heaps of great stock at my local.

  • Hey OP, are they new or pre-owned? Thanks!

    • New. Since the average store would barely have any preowned Wii U games nowadays.

      • +1

        You mean pre-owned, would they really still have new stock?

        EB only seem to have pre-owned (at new prices).

    • New. There was one pre owned game which was also discounted.

  • +1

    Belconnen, Canberra was pretty light on stock. A few of the less popular games you mentioned.

    They did have the wiiu cradle (comes stock with no ac adaptor) for $5.

    • Saved me a trip- thanks. I’m actually in Civic but I can’t return the favour I’m sorry 😖 it’s so far away and I have no time!

      • +1

        I checked Woden - mainly Devil’s Third, Art Academy, Mario Tennis, and Call of Duty.

        They had a fair few 3DS games reduced too. Pokémon Moon for $24 seemed to be the pick of the bunch.

  • Checked JB Hifi Pitt St - They had kirby for $5 and Devil's Third for $10. Otherwise, barely any Wii U stock.

  • Managed to grab kirby , Mario maker, wii u party $5, steam world $7.50

  • +1

    Unless something has happened literally overnight, the few Wii U games at Eastland, VIC, were 100% not reduced at all. Though they only had a few anyway, Art Atlier or whatever and Black Ops 2 are the only ones I remember. Most stores have long since cleared out Wii U stock AFAIK anyways, best of luck kiddies.

    Don't forget to download Wii U Helper if you can't find the game you want in store ;)

  • Yeah cheapest 3ds games are $40 for 2. Saw one $10 that's all.

    • Did you try to scan them or rely entirely on the sticker?

  • JB Burleigh don’t have any Wii U stuff ;(

    • They did two days ago. Someone must have scalped

      • I couldn’t see anything apart 4-5 pre owned ones

        I just wanted Kirby ;(

        • They had about 5 copies or more of Wind Waker under the Switch games when I was there the other day at $10 a pop from memory

        • I went back as a mate went there and found 2 boxes full

          Edit - picked up Kirby, paper Mario, Pokemon and xenoblade

  • -1

    I was surprised how excellent the Wii U emulator is. No need for the real system or to buy games!

      1. If you want to pirate, it's already possible with the real system.
      2. The emulator can be used to play your legitimately dumped games.
      3. To okay online with Cemu, you need a real console to dump your unique account.dat file
      4. A lot of games are still not fully playable on Cemu yet.

      But yes, with a good pc, Cemu provides a much better experience for games line TLOZ.

  • +1

    Bundall store had Lego Batman3 $10, Lego Batman2 $5, Lego Jurassic world $10, Lego Hobit, Lego Star wars and a few other titles. I picked up Kirby, Yoshi Wooly world, Scibblenauts, Nintendo Land, Mickey 2, Splatoon, Hello Kitty, AnimalCrossing Bithday's sorted Thanks OP

  • I also found in castle hill Jb the following 3ds & wii u titles reduced.

    mario star party amiibo pack $24
    Hyrle warriors with compass $24
    Fire emblem with amiibo $24

    xenoblade chronicles wii u $5
    kirby and the rainbow paintbrush $5

    • +1

      How many Xenoblade Chronicles left?

      • +1

        they had 3 when I was there

        • Cheers mate.

  • +1

    Limited stock in Geelong; lots of star fox and mario tennis copies plus a few mario party amiibo boxes for wii u and 3ds

    Picked up Amiibo Mario Party Wii U pack to play with the kids

  • +4

    Perfect for those who purchased a refurbished Wii U from EB Games eBay Store (Here and Here).

  • Anyone go the greensborough jb?

    • Quite a few Starfox, Art Academy… plenty of Animal Crossing with Amibo. Not much else.. :)

      • Yeah I stopped by there a couple of hours ago I managed to get myself darksiders 2 and a couple of 3ds games. otherwise there really wasn't much.

  • jb brunswick = shovelware

  • Just looked at Knox. 1 copy of art academy, a few cod ghosts and black ops 2, and lots of star fox. I was looking for Mario maker, Kirby, Tiago and Mario party for my son for his birthday. If anyone in eastern suburbs of Vic sees them please let me know :)

    • it might be best to call other stores in your area.

  • Thanks - Got a nice bundle to add to the collection from the Joondalup Home Superstore. Still a few titles left at 1:00 today when I left. Not much at the Joondalup shops store. Mostly Animal Crossing Amibo packs. Happy hunting! :) Thx OP.

  • +1

    Just checked jb Kedron and chermside. Not much there unfortunately. Kedron has lots of copies of splatoon and kirby and some Mario party, chermside has 1x copy of the animal crossing amiibo pack left for anyone who's interested.
    Was looking for xenoblade, windwaker or Mario maker but no luck :(

  • +1

    JB at Kawana has plenty of stock. Mario kart 8, super smash bros ($10), yoshi woolly world, mario maker, splatoon, xenoblade, kirby etc…. surprised how much they had.

    Maroochydore's two stores not worth visiting.

  • JB Ballarat had 1 copy of Blops and two copies of some shovelware crap left.

    • +4

      honestly the effort to flog these off is hardly worth it, especially with how simple it is for Wii U's to have homebrew etc installed on

      • First party titles would do okay at EB Games with a trade offer, but that’s about it.

        • sniper elite a pretty hard to find title surprised a store would have a copy let along 6 copies

  • Amiibo festival and Star Fox are honestly still too expensive at those prices. Terrible games the both of them.

    Wouldn't mind Xenoblade Chronicles X though, but I highly doubt any stock in my local JB's. Last time they had a clearance I went into a few and found absolutely nothing in any of my local stores.

  • I’d be interested in a copy of Woolly World if anyone picks up a spare…DM me.

    I spoke to someone in games and they said there is one copy in Port Macquarie and Central Coast.

  • Bourke St, Melbourne had very little stock!

  • for those who bought the Wii U on sale recently @ EB games . The Wii U gamepad cradle and stand is $5 @ JB . I picked up two today

  • Belrose store has little left.

    However still one copy of Mario Maker $15 (I took other)

    Few copies of Hyrule Warriors and Paper Mario.

    And some other games but didn't take note as was just looking for kiddie games.

    They also had a box filled with shitty accessories which seemed to all be listed at $5. I got a battery extender for Wii gamepad, gamepad care kit and a couple of Wii fit pedometers for kiddies.

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