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½ Price Mr Chen’s Yum Cha Range 240-300g $3.75 @ Coles


Available in the following varieties:

Mr Chen's Frozen Ginger Prawn Dumpling 8 pack 240g
Mr.Chen's Frozen Steamed Prawn Roll 5 pack 300g
Mr Chen's Frozen Prawn Hargow Dumplings 12 pack 300g
Mr Chen's Frozen Vegetable Gyoza 12 pack 350g
Mr Chen's Frozen Steam Selection Dumplings 9 pack 240g
Mr Chen's Frozen Prawn & Lemongrass Dumplings 8 pack 240g

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    the har gau are pretty damn good

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    Love these!!


    I remember how this were sold out at Aldi and people like stacking up on their trolley.


    Alright so the hargow is good, anything else?

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      Personally, I like the Ginger Prawn Dumpling.

      You can try the Steam Selections which has 3x Prawn Hargow, 3x Ginger Prawns & 3x Shao Mai.

      The Chive & Prawn Wonton are nice too, if you add in a pack of instant noodle; unfortunately Coles doesn't stock them.

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        I agree - the Ginger Prawn is really good! I stock up a lot of this when they go on sale.

        This brand is 3-4x better than Crazy Dragon's dumplings. Inedible even at half price. I do buy the chicken karaage when it's half priced as it's easy to cook, but they stopped selling it.

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          Crazy Dragon taste horrible. Purchased them when they were half price, and have regretted it…


        Can these be cooked somehow in the microwave?

        I can do steamer maybe but I feel like the microwave is cheaper and more time efficient.


          They do make Microwave Steamers - here & here

          Alternatively, you can place the dumplings on a plate, add a little water and cover with a bowl. Then nuke it in the microwave for a few minutes. (Note: won't taste the best, but fast and simple)


            @RichardL: Nice I might give the plate and bowl cover a try as that looks much more convenient than pulling out the steamer for it.

            Didn't know they made microwave steamers that could be a good option also.

            Any idea how long I might have to microwave them for if say 800 to 1100 watt microwave just need some ballpark figures.


          I just boil them; cooks quicker than steam. When in office, I put the hargow in a bowl of water and microwave them. Works and taste fine.


            @tks1432: How long in a bowl of water in what power of a microwave?

            10 minutes at 1100 watts?

            13 minutes at 800 watts?


              @AlienC: Depends how many hargow though. I'm not too sure what's my office microwave wattage, but I cooked for about 7 mins. I suggest you do some test, better undercook first than to end up with mushy hargow skin.


    Made in Vietnam? China? Thailand?


    How are the prawn rolls? Equivalent to yum cha’s har churn?


    How are these compared to the ones from Costco?


      Not sure but how do they compare to the Costco ones?


      Costco sells the same brand, just a bigger pack.


        Pretty sure the Costco branded ones are "Chan's" not "Mr Chen's".

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          I believe they might have rebranded themselves from Chan's Yum Cha at Home to Mr Chen's.

          Products are almost identical.


          From Chen Foods LinkedIn Page

          Founded in 1982 by Peter Chen, Chen Foods is a family owned Australian business now run by daughters Lucy and Nancy Chen. While Mr Chen remains at the helm of the organisation, he has passed his legacy on to the next generation to run the operations. The company was renamed from Chenco Foods to Chen Foods and under the new business, Lucy and Nancy have continued to honour their family origins, naming their favourite & most popular brand after the one and only head of the house, Mr Chen.

          From Hospitality Directory

          Making an impression is easy with Chan's - our fresh and authentic range of quality Cantonese treats make a great impression every time. The Chenco Foods product range: Can's Yum Cha, Seafresh, Sailing Boat, Nile Foods & A1. We pride ourselves on making restaurant quality products that everyone will love, and that are easy to enjoy. And with over 50 varieties to choose from, it's easy to see why Chan's Yum Cha at Home is the preferred choice amongst catering companies and retailers alike.

          From my understanding, the daughters renamed the company from Chenco Foods to Chen Foods which led to the products being rebranded from "Chan's Yum Cha at Home" to "Mr Chen's".


            @RichardL: I can't seem to see anything on their actual websites indicating that Chan's Yum Cha is made by Chen foods.


            Both companies have existed for 30 years so it is possible the product is the same, but I can't find anything definitive.

            Interesting because whilst that Hospitality Directory does list the product range the product range on the actual website does not include Chan's Yum Cha whilst it does include the others

            The products and packaging do look similar so maybe they are one and the same.

            EDIT: These also were not half price today at my local Coles. Epping NSW.


              @Ghost47: I couldn't find anything concrete either. To my knowledge, Chan's Yum Cha was distributed through Tasman Foods and I'm assuming Chen Foods decided to distribute themselves, under the 'Mr Chen' Brand.

              I remember Chan's Yum Cha was phased out of super market with "New Packaging/Look" stickers, resulting in Mr Chen Replacing them.

              These also were not half price today at my local Coles. Epping NSW.

              Starts tomorrow (Wednesday).


    But made in Vietnam not Australian sources prawns…

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    Can you cook them in the microwave?

    Can't invest in a steamer atm and the cleanup and preparation time and noise it makes at home kind of is a downer for me (trying to find basically minimum cleanup/prepare/noise items).

    I know the microwave makes a lot of noise too but honestly the difference in time will probably be a bonus.


      Refer to above comment.

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        If possible can put $/kg for next post as that is one of the great identifiers to determine a great deal.

        For this one for different weights put a separate $/kg for each differing weight.

        I think for this deal it goes from $21/kg roughly to $31/kg roughly sorry on phone now so can't do quick copy paste and mathematics.


      Just boil them for like 10 mins and there you go!


    Currently no deal on site, but Mr Chen's prawn hargow slightly cheaper/100g at Woolies ($1.13/100g v $1.25/100g on this deal).
    Family size 750g $8.50

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