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Superdry Jackets for $99, Hoodies from $49 + Free Standard Shipping on Superdry.com.au


Lowest prices I've seen on Superdry in a long time. There's also $29 Tshirts, $59 trackpants, and there's even a backpack for $29.

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Superdry AU
Superdry AU

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    Beware the sizing if you haven't tried this brand before. I tried a couple of Superdry jackets on in Myer recently and they were tiny.

    • Correct, you need to up your sizing by 2, so if you normally wear a Medium jacket you would get a XL in superdry

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        not true, really depends on the item (yes Im not helping here)

        Im medium
        bought 2 jackets last month, one was Medium (perfect fit) the other one was Large (and even that was a bit of a stretch)

        • I agree. Superdry sizing is not consistent. They are all over place….
          Also note that Superdry takes forever to ship your order despite their website states "Orders placed before noon AEST on business days will normally be packed and dispatched on the same day" - It happens to me every time. Still waiting for an order from 31/5 to be posted….. Thinking about cancelling the order.

        • agree same with shirt sizing. i have medium and Large ones and all fit same.

      • Not entirely true. Depend on the range. I know some are limited edition and they are super small. Orange labels are true to size compare to other brands. I used to get a lot of them hoodies from the hut UK before. Some fits well some are too small

      • So im a XXXXL bugger!

      • Same goes for G-STAR RAW.

    • Yep. Size L for an Arctic windcheater fits like a straightjacket on me, and I'm skinny (T-shirt size M/L).

    • Quite right, for their standard windcheater jackets you need to size up. I am a size L despite being an S/M for most things.


      Top and jackets go 1 size up.

      Can't comment on pants as I only buy tops

  • Mediocre selection to be honest.

  • Superdry are a UK outlet who disguise themselves as Japanese so that Western buyers attribute Japanese quality/style to their brand. They’ve even admitted the Japanese characters printed on their clothes come from auto translate lol. They are middle of the road in terms of quality and considered tacky by anyone who cares.

    • This. Superdry is the go to brand for "chavs" in the UK.

    • I found their hoodies to be of high quality - very warm/cozy, haven't found anything comparable in this price range.
      Which brands would you recommend then?

      • As far as hoodies you want to pay attention to the weight of the fabric. As far as well priced heavyweight hoodies you can’t beat Champion’s Reverse Weave Line. I order mine from Mltd.com when they have a 30-40% off sale (about once a month).

        • I only have one of each, but the Superdry hoodie I bought from UK was much more thicker and warmer than the Champion Reverse weave from Urban Outfitters. Both ~$55

          • @aorusozbarg: Well you’ve got me there, I don’t own a Superdry hoodie so I’ll have to trust you. My general advice regarding weight still stands, however I wouldn’t go much over 18oz which is considered heavyweight for jeans. Champion Reverse Weave is 12oz. Couldn’t get any info on Superdry.

      • Here's a really great breakdown of what to look for in a hoodie and a rundown on various brands offerings from someone with a lot more knowledge than me - https://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/15v5ya/h...

      • It's polyester rubbish, how is that high quality?

    • ^^^ I thought so too, keen to know if there're other better ones.

    • Ah.. you've posted deals for ascolour & championusa, please. You have no clue whatsoever, sorry.

      • Ah, yeah… it’s a deals site buddy and those were deals. You’ve posted a deal for SurfStitch, should I assume all you wear is Volcom and Rusty?

        EDIT: Oh damn you also had a deal for City Beach unpublished 😂. Know where I can get any sweet deals on billabong hats bro?

    • I’ve seen heaps of Asians wear it

    • 100% agree. I don't understand who would buy this brand. 'Ugly sweaters' look less ugly than Superdry clothes if I'm honest.

  • What are other brand that comparable to SuperDry jackets line?

  • Just my experience but a lot of their designs and lettering can be felt on the inside of the shirt and can be quite annoying.

  • Be aware that transactions made on their .com.au website are deemed as international transactions by Aussie banks.

    Make sure you use that international fee free bank card for purchases.

  • Wow $39 for a T shirt. After sale. Need a sportsdirect Slazenger sale again to keep things real.

    Also, IIRC wasn't there a superdry eBay sale selling jackets for $70-80 not too long ago?

    • Yeah from Superdry UK ebay store, which was like a year ago

      • Ah right. Didn't realize it's been that long. Think I'll wait to see if they are doing that again. I still have bunch of eBay giftcard to use.

  • will there be international transaction fee if I use paypal?

  • Wish they can tone the F down with the Superdry logo randomly slapped all over their range.

    I see people wear this brand, looks like a walking advertisement.

    • I agree. However, I do like their fit and sizing compared to lots of other hoodies I've tried and it's so hard to find a subtle one that doesn't scream look at me.

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    Crap sale, hoodies and jackets are over priced. Slim pickings due to available sizes

  • I like Superdry but it is mega overpriced for what it is - it is a good sale but i think it is a bit out of my budget happy hunting guys!

  • At $99 the windcheater jacket is decent. It's quite warm and gets me through winter. Just beware I usually wear M/L and the XL here barely fits.

  • I can't find their return policy!?

    Is it 30 days free return? Thx

  • Tracksuits good, everything else not so good, in my experience. I'll buy the hoodies and zip hoods, but not the jackets.

  • Part of my order has been delivered already after ordering Tuesday,and the rest is on the way.

    I normally get L to XL, and ordered L for a jacket and a long sleeve top. Both look about right. I based sizing off their chart and what size their models were wearing.

    Quality seems fine for the price, in that the price after discount was ok, and the quality appears good. Won't know until I wear them a few times.

    All made in China, but then what isn't these days.

  • havent recieved my order yet, Got an email from their support team asking for details like my postcode, last 4 digits of card used, amount on purchase….weird. replied knowing email is legitimate…Hoping I wont get scammed.
    so far got no reply….will call them this monday.

    has this happened to anyone here?