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Oral B Pro 100 Rechargeable Toothbrush - $34.99 @ Chemist Warehouse


Oral B Pro 100 Toothbrush

$31.49 w/ShopBack

Very decent price on a brand name rechargeable electric toothbrush with a base.
Comes in black, white or pink handle colours
Base features wireless charging.
Built in timer

Free delivery over $50

Toothbrush, Case, Charger/Base & Toothbrush head

Compatible with a range of Oral B electric toothbrush heads to suit your mouth.
However there lots of aftermarket ones online for much cheaper as well that will work.

Don't forget an extra 10% cashback from ShopBack:

Alternatively if you registered before closing:
Buy 3 for $28.32ea Delivered with AMEX offer:

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    Pink colour same price too. Is it just the brush head that is different for those in pink, black and white handle?

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    Does anyone know the benefits over the ubiquitous base model one we all have (or have had?). Is it just the battery?


      those base model batteries are so bad
      makes me want to go back to using more expensive handles like this

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        How bad were the batteries? I have gotten at least a couple of years out of my base model, the battery is showing signs of fading and needs to be charged much more but I can still get two days between charges even if it slows a bit by the end of those two days. It is doing a good job, and I can live with the odd extra charge. I grabbed one of the Pros 100s a few days ago for when old one does finally die.

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      Can’t see whether Li-ion or Ni-Mh battery on this but either is much better than the base model with Ni-Cd battery which has memory effect and usually lasts only half as long.


        At best it will be ni-mh at this price point. You need to move into the "3d action" range before you see lithium, even then many are nimh.

        This model is also $35 at woolworths.


        Correct, this model has a 3701 base with a NiMH battery according to the manual. Not as great as lithium but as a device which charges nightly should work fine for a while to come. Especially at this price point.


          above comment may be incorrect as I cited info from an old online manual, it seems this is a newer model overall and *may have a lithium battery.


      Looks like you get a travel case for extra $15.. and different color..

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    Are online prices usually the same as in store?

    Also got an email today from shopback that “today only” there’s 10% cashback at chemist warehouse


      I grabbed mind instore for this price. I opted for white over the black handle. But do note it's more of a light grey that blends well with most modern bathroom asthetic.


    And a sneaky 10% shopback makes it even better.

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    I just picked one up thinking it would be better than the base model I already had but unfortunately it's exactly the same (bar the coloured handle and travel case). It has the same Ni-Cd battery and basically the same performance.

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      Yup, I can 2nd this - got my wife to grab the pink handled one to replace her older base model and sure enough it's Ni-Cd! Which I have to say for a $70rrp item in 2019 is a freaking disgrace!

      And this is clearly being deliberately done/hidden by Oral-B/Braun as I did my best to find out beforehand and there's no mention of anything on their website…..near identical looking, named and priced items in Europe are all Lithium powered and yet for Oz we get a circa 1980's Ni-Cd powered pos!

      No reason to buy this over the base model and it's very annoying they continue to take advantage of their market position by selling overpriced, out dated junk that they hide the specs of.

      I'll be returning mine unused to Woolworths on MON.


    shows as $55 now

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