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Boost Mobile: $30/Month | 20GB Data (+ Extra 15GB First 5 Recharges) | Unlimited Calls & Texts | Data Rollover | International


Couldn't see this posted anywhere, so thought I'd share it with you as it's the exact plan I'm on. Great value, especially with free AFL/NRL, data rollover, data-free Apple Music streaming etc. Utilises Telstra's 4G network. Critical information summary here. Enjoy :)

Note: Pricing is for 28 days, but choosing auto-recharge provides full month as recharge is set for the same day of each month.

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  • Thanks TA, saw this "15GB bonus data on $30, $40 $50, $70: For Boost customers only who activate or swap to Boost Anytime Plus from 14 May 2019. First recharge by 8 July 2019, with remaining four recharges by 31 October 2019." below

  • oooh damn.
    I've still got many months left on my 80gb 12 month recharge

  • Unless its changed, Data Rollover only applies to the next month. So it's not data banking like is offered on many other plans.

    • Thank you for the heads up :)
      If this is the case, then the Telstra data banking is still quite enticing given you can retain the the residual balance as long as you have an active recharge

      • But Boost gives more data for the same recharge amount. Depends on actual usage and if there's any seasonality.

  • Says next extra data for next 5 recharges, but also says, before 31/10
    I'm out of Telstra contract begin of July, so I'll only get 3 recharges before 31sf Oct

  • If I’m an existing boost customer, do I have to buy another sim ? Or just recharge for $30 on my phone ?

    • Make sure you are on the Anytime Plus offer then recharge $30. If you're an existing customer you won't receive the bonus 15GB only the 20GB.

  • I'm tempted, I've been on koganmobiles cheapest plan for ages but it's expiring in 13 days and I've just started a new job and coverage sucks, does anyone know if I order it now does it activate straight away or when I get the sim I activate it then.

    • From memory, you need to manually activate it, so when you get the sim

    • I recently switched from Optus to Boost late last month on this same offer. During my switch, I had to call them as the online portal didn't allow me to transfer my Optus number to Boost. The call centre sorted that issue and I was ported over to Boost on the new sim card in less than 10 minutes.
      when my wife switched over on the following week, she was able to use the online portal to transfer her number across and she was able to use the Boost sim card within 10 minutes.
      Basically to answer your question, the sim card will activate with a new number once you placed the sim card in. If you do not wish to use the new number provided by Boost, you will need to go to the online portal like we did and begin the transfer of your own number.

  • Is $300 240Gb for a year a better deal?


    • At $25/mth and the same amount of data over 12 months, I'd say the yearly recharge is the way to go.

    • Depends how much data you want, that's only 20GB/month instead of 35GB/month for 5 months then 20GB/month for the next 7. $25/month instead of $30.

      What kills your suggestion is the 12 month commitment, that's a long time in the prepaid world.

    • The $300 240Gb for a year plan gives you $25 for 20GB per month, or you could go for the
      $30 for 35GB per 28 days (or monthly 30/31 days when you auto recharge) for the first 5 recharges.
      What many people don't realise is that the 28 day plans become monthly plans
      if you auto recharge adding an extra 2 or 3 days to your plan at no extra charge!!
      It's worth paying on time, the other advantage is your plan will always finish on the same day of the month,
      therefore you're more likely to remember how long you need your data to last for.

  • is has free AFL/NRL? i'm on the exact plan, how to i access it?

  • Signed up my partner to this. The only equivalent plan I found was with Belong but this one won because of included international calls, in our case.

  • I am on the fence, this or aldi as both use Telstra. being able to call UAE like I do now on vodafail would be an advantage.

    • Boost utilises the full telstra network. Aldi is on the telstra wholesale network which doesn't have as good coverage.

      • full Telstra network includes 5G according to early reports. Budget prepaid on 5G is amazing

  • Does Boost come with A-League access as well?

  • Apple Music is unmetered but you still need to have a paid subscription.

  • $100 for 6 months x 60 gigs will have afl/nrl subscription ?

  • would like to know as well. I'm assuming so.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, Telstra seems to have the same plan on its website.

  • Nice - Where’s does it say free NRL streaming?
    And Apple Music isn’t free - just the data you use is free.. might wanna change that OP.

    • It is not advertised but does work in practice. Could change but knowing Telstra I doubt it

    • AFL, AFL Women's, NRL, My Football and Netball Live apps think you are a Telstra customer so you get the Live Pass for free. I have not tested to see if they stream data-free. So far I watched one game over wi-fi.
      Some of the auto SMS and MMS messages have actually come from Telstra instead of Boost so the level of separation between the two companies isn't clear.

  • +2 votes

    240GB $300 365 day plan will be better value for those who are willing to pay upfront for a 1 year plan

  • Hmmm… $30/m is a lot in 2019. Especially for professional bargain hunters.

  • Anyone know if current boost customers can upgrade to this for free?

  • Even if you sign up tomorrow you'll only get 4 of the 5 recharges though yeah?

  • thanks TA,
    looks like the first Telstra bargain in a while. Clicking on crit info reveals also 2 viable 12 months offers.
    Leaves Coles 12mo for dead. To be honest their data counter is way slow so got about double the data out of them so not that bad. O'seas roaming is dismal.

    Currently on Telechoice but yuck it is really castrated, requires prefix input to even dial a local number. Zero O'seas roam.

  • Does Boost get access to the same speeds as Telstra post paid?

    • I just spoke to Boost’s 24x7 chat and they assured me the speeds are not restricted in any way. Not sure if that’s true or not, but I’ve saved the chatlog in case the performance sucks.

  • My wife and I are both coming out of contract with Telstra tomorrow after being with them for about 16 years. I hit them up on chat for a decent retention deal and they just pointed me to the standard plans, which are not competitive at all… So is this the best option on the Telstra network for this level of data? I don't care about overseas stuff, just unlimited calls/texts in Aus, and a decent amount of data.

  • Can you port from TPG prepaid to this if I purchase the prepaid Boost sim online or over the counter?