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PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset $79 @JB Hi-Fi in-Store Only


Not sure about the stock level. Says in store only on JB website. EB is selling it for $210.
Which you think is better? This one or the 2018 gold headset?

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  • Can you connect this to tv or laptop?

    • use this for my pc, works well

    • Works wirelessly with the USB dongle on my laptop.

  • Reviews say this one. I would get one but don't live near a JB and doubtful of nearby stock.

    • Only at full price, when there's ten bucks difference you grab the Platinum. They're a better product.

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    No stores have it

  • +1

    Band on this one looks a little bit thinker than the Gold. Does anyone know if it still fits under the VR headset OK?

    • Fits perfectly. Feels like it was designed for PSVR.

  • The hinges are flimsy and break easily. At least the were on the older model

    • +2

      Platinum has a completely different design. It's sturdy.

    • can confirm the hinges on the old models broke. Mine broke after 2 and a half years, but I was using them everyday and angrily chucking around during intense gaming sessions. These ones however aren't plastic like the old ones if I am correct.

  • I have the gold and they are good but if you play for a long period (like me) you will just end up with a cord still.

  • Doesn't work with PSVR, right?

    • I was looking at getting a headset for this reason. Just had a look and it seems that directional audio on PSVR only works with the 3.5mm jack on the cable. Classic Sony.

    • It fits perfectly over the PSVR but yeah gotta use the 3.5mm cable to get directional audio. Wireless will just output audio like it normally does.

  • +1

    Stores most certainly have stock.
    Melbourne Central had 3, they now have 1 :)

    Just scans at $79, no dramas.

    Nice Deal for a $210+ headset

  • Link not working?

  • -1

    Thanks. Grabbed 2 from jb hifi strand arca and galeries Victoria (all in Sydney CBD, strand arca has 1 left, Westfield Sydney also has 1 left now, confirmed with sales

    • Thanks, just grabbed the last one from the strand!

    • +2

      i took bus for 1.5h, and finally got there, didnt make it, no stock. sigh

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        That sad mate =(

      • +2

        Respect for the effort. Don't worry, plenty of bargains in the sea

    • Can you please post the receipt?

  • This is better than Gold.

    It supports 3D sound, though not many games use it.

  • Got one too. Don't know if the platinum headsets were also updated in 2018 like the gold ones were but if so, this isn't an updated version.

    • +1

      They were not

  • It disappeared from the web

  • Think this might have been a price error??

    • Just got the last one at Hoppers Crossing, definitely not a price error. Scanned as $79, no issues.

      • Can you please post receipt?

        • I don't know how to post pics, sorry

      • It’s a pricing error just like the G29 steering wheel deal

        • How much was that?

      • +1

        It was a price error. The Gold headsets were the ones supposed to be advertised at $79 (the staff showed me this on their scanners). I nabbed one just in time, it disappeared from the website and scanned at $199 at the counter. I mentioned the website said it was $79, so the staff checked on their PDA and it was still scanning at $79 there so got it in the end.

    • +4

      Apparently system is now showing $199 when they scan it. Suggest you get in quick before stores get sent a memo like for the G29 deal.

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    this is what i know from reviewers (no first hand experience).

    gold hs v1 and platinum had hinges design that was flimsy and won’t last that long
    gold v2 has a flexi band and no fingerprint magnet design and other improvements.
    platinum has 3d audio that is supported on some first party ps4 titles.
    they both work on pc
    both are comfortable to wear for long periods.
    gold has 7-8 hours battery vs platinum has 10 hour battery.

    hope this helps.

    • knowing all this, i just bought v2 gold
    • +1

      Thanks for that info, I long missed this deal but I was looking for info on the differences for the Amazon deal.

      This helped me settle on the v2 gold as well :)

    • +2

      I have used the Platinum for a couple of years and it's a decent headset but way overpriced for the RRP. The 3D audio has no support and the sound quality, while good, is closer to a $150 headset rather than a $250 one. The headband can be a bit uncomfortable too as I find I need to adjust it after an hour or so. The battery life is excellent though, I get 8-10 hours with it easily. It's a good headset but it is overpriced and the V2 Gold is not that much of a downgrade from it (mostly just lose the 3D audio and some sound quality).

  • I found one in store and as I put it on hold they received a note of a catalogue error!! Now scans as 199! Spewin.

    • Ok. Is it a price error?

      • Yes

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    So sad I have to work today. No time to buy one for myself. According to the comments it is price error so i missed it.

    • +2

      Your selflessness is commendable

  • -1

    Got 2 from Hornsby Westfield

    • D'OH!!!

  • Got the last one at Parramatta. They recognize the error on the website but as I put it on hold before they changed it, they keep them at $79.

  • Thanks heaps OP jumped on it straight away this morning and got them to hold it at my local for $79. Just picked them up.

    For those wondering I’ve had the new v2 gold headset for a year now and they are a fantastic option if you don’t need the 3D audio. Only downside is the mic quality can be a bit funny sometimes as my friends have stated while in party chat.

    If you want a good alternative to the gold v2 then the Astro a10 when on sale for around the $70 mark are awesome! My mate has them and mic quality is top notch but there are only stereo and wired (plug into controller).

  • $69 Gold headset (the newer one) from Amazon is still decent. Does everything the Platinum does just without the 3D audio and slightly downgraded sound quality. Still an excellent price at $69 considering you can't get much at that price point and it's natively supported on the PS4.

  • I just visited my local JB and they honoured this! Picked up platinum for $79! Thanks OP!

    • Can you please share the receipt.

  • Anyone that bought a pair and doesn't want to keep, please reach out to me:)

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