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Seagate 1TB Backup Plus Ultra Slim Platinum or Gold $55 Free Delivery @ JW Computers


Picked one of these up and thought it was a pretty good deal.

For the gold version:

It also comes with free shipping

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    The 2tb version was only $68 back in Nov '18, so this isn't a great deal especially with diving drive prices. also inb4 "can it be shucked?" - theres word it's soldered? I haven't done the research however others have previously mentioned here that it's soldered.

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      Was actually $60 the post had the pre checkout price attached. I would say there's a very good chance it's schuckable. Only a couple reports out of all that said they couldn't do it. But still a little risk.

    • Unless the 2tb version is still available at that price, I would say this is a good current deal.

      • No, it's just "current deal" not a "good deal". Otherwise by that logic everything can be "good current deal" even if the sale/discount is over.

        • Well if the sale/discount is over, then it's not currently a deal of any description.

          • @khrome: Well since you wish to go technical, a deal is to take part in commercial trading of a particular commodity. Good or bad are quantifiers of a deal. A deal isn't necessarily a bargain.

            Reference: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/deal

            • @freewhere: Haha I wasn't being technical. The 'deal' of the type I was referring to was what we are all on Ozbargain for. We want a good deal, meaning we want to get something cheaper than it usually is. Hence this HD is currently a good deal because there are no other cheaper options. If you want to live in the past and reminisce about the days something was cheaper, but no longer is that price, then that's fine.

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                @khrome: Ah! I see. I failed to realise that even at $55 it's still a few bucks short than general rate, making it a deal. My assumption was that $55 was the usual rate hence objection to the term "good current deal"

                • @freewhere: No dramas. Yeah it's hard to keep up with what's a good deal and what isn't as prices change so quickly.

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    Looks like an air mattress.

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    I can’t seem to find the free delivery option.

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    I can't find free delivery either.

  • price match at Officeworks, I saw 2 free months of Adobe creative cloud with it

    • I can't find these specific hard drives in Officeworks. Where did you see it?

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        Officeworks, Parafield SA

  • I think jb hifi are having the same deal.

    • Can you provide a link? I can't see that price on the JB site.

      • I think it's his wishful thinking. 😂

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